Would you like that your house was more efficient?

Caring for the planet must be our priority at this time. And that is that every little step we take is key to improving the situation on Earth.

Climate change is real and if we do nothing to prevent it, it will eventually erase everything.

That is why we present to you 4 types of renewable energy that you can install in your home and take a step towards a more efficient life.

Do we see them?

Photovoltaic solar energy

We’re guessing. The first thing you thought about when we talked to you about renewable energy is solar panels to fill your house with energy that comes directly from the sun.

And really, we want to talk to you about them first.

Solar panels are responsible for generating photovoltaic solar energy and they are the most accessible and understandable source of renewable energy.

It is one of the most important cheap and more depreciating in a short period of time and work from solar radiation. So, they need solar radiation, not heat.

The best thing about it? It is so versatile that you can install it anywhere in the world.

You can choose panels with or without batteries. The difference is that with batteries it becomes a way to become independent from the public network, while without them it is just a measure of savings.

And to make matters worse, governments are trying to encourage and reward some grants.

Photovoltaic solar energy for the home

Thermal solar energy

We can confuse this renewable energy with the previous one, because the types of panels can be confused from afar, but the reality is that they are very different.

In this case, the panels are collectors for turn the sun’s heat into hot water.

A solar thermal installation is a great system that uses solar radiation and turn it into heat.

And it serves not only for sustainable hot water, but also for starting heating and including cooling.

This clean energy will save you a lot of money and energy with its use, but you have to keep in mind that for this the installation must be efficient, well designed, executed and work perfectly.

If this is the case, an installation in good condition can eliminate a large percentage of the conventional energy you normally use.

In numbers? You can save between 70 – 80% in hot water consumption, 40% in underfloor heating and 15% in conventional heating.

Come on, that’s to think about it.

How to install solar thermal energy at home

Low wind energy

If there is one thing that characterizes travel through the English Channel, it is the rows and rows of windmills we find through the landscape.

A way to take advantage of the wind and get clean energy in a space like the plains in the interior of Spain.

Well then and you can use the wind to your advantage.

While the mills you will use will not be the size of the ones you will find there, it is true that there is the possibility of using mini-wind energy to light your home.

His the use is very similar to the use of photovoltaic solar energy because it serves to insulate from the network or to save energy.

Of course, you need to locate it in areas with minimal wind required. If not, you will be left with a desire.

What undoubtedly attracts our attention the most is that in a country like Spain, where we have regular wind regimes, this type of energy it is a very little used resource.

So, you know, if you want to be a visionary and be ahead of time, mini wind power is for you.

In addition, it can be supplemented with solar panels, which we have already mentioned.

Renewable source, without emissions, which can be used day and night at any time of the year, quiet, and also has no visual impact.

What’s more, and how interesting would your house be with a gear on the roof? That is priceless.

Yes you can: Mini wind energy for your home

Biomass for heating your home

Finally, we want to talk to you about biomass, which, although it has a superhero name, it is renewable source for domestic use.

And, contrary to what happens in the previous options, here the device that will generate heat in the house will not be available to everyone.

Biomass can be used through several calderaI know they work thanks forest residues, wood, pellets or other organic materials.

That is, it has the same functionality as solar thermal energy, but without so many limitations.

The price per useful energy produced is much cheaper than the fossil fuels you use your whole life.

And since it is fed from renewable sources, you do not need an environmentally harmful extractive industry.

In addition, if you seem a little responsible only for heat production, there are also microcogeneration applications that cause these boilers to produce electricity.

The power of biomass to heat your home

Was it interesting to you? Which of these renewable energies would you use on a daily basis?

Tell us in the comments, we look forward to hearing you. Would you add any to the list?


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