A lot has been written all over the Internet how to clean stains on walls; It is said that vinegar and water can remove certain stains, for others the best paste is water and bicarbonate, others tell us that the walls cannot be washed, and others assure that the magic eraser works on everything, and others …

Given so many suggestions, we took the most prominent solutions, the ones that are most recurring on the internet, and tested them to see if they really work, and we have to say that the 3 we chose they worked perfectly, removing all stains from the wall. These 3 ways are:

1. Pasta made from bicarbonate and water:

Pour a small amount of water into a small bowl and add the bicarbonate until it becomes a paste.

This paste is rubbed with a clean cloth on the wall stain or stains until the stain is removed.

2. with toothpaste and brush:

The toothpaste is added to the toothbrush just as we went to brush our teeth.

We rub the brush against the wall stain until it disappears.

Remove the remaining toothpaste with a clean cloth dampened in water.

3. with eraser or magic cleaner:

Take a magic eraser and soak it in water, then drain it until the drop falls.

We rub the stains on the walls with the white part of the eraser until they disappear.

You can buy the Magic Eraser here on Amazon. It is very cheap and works very well. Not only on the walls, but also on the doors, window frames, sockets and switches, furniture, base, etc.

These three ways to clean stains on walls work perfectly. It should be noted that before anything we have to do, we have to test the solution on the part of the wall that cannot be seen whether that solution leaves a mark or not, because the medicine can be worse than the disease.

Here is a video that shows the effectiveness of each of them 3 ways to clean stains on walls. We used them Homemade tricks to clean wall stains from food, grease, scratches, hands and scratches, and all stains are removed.

And you, how do you clean stains on the walls? Have you tried any of these formulas? What tricks do you use and recommend for cleaning walls?

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