Paint the hallway in two colors or two tones This is not always a good idea because it is not only necessary to consider the color of the walls, but also the color of the door, and sometimes when adding two colors to walls in a relatively small space, plus the tone of the door, it creates dissonant spaces, without harmony and in a way chaotic or full energy.

But if you are determined to paint your hallway this way, these 25 examples are a great source of inspiration to see. how to paint a hallway in two colors, with a fantastic result.

Keep in mind that we have started.

Hallway painted in two colors

Design by Dmitri Schuka

In pink and white. Hallway with decoration and successful colors, as white combined with pink extends to the floor, doors and floor coverings. Even a mural with other shades of color has its place.

Hallway painted black and mustard

In black and mustard. It’s not the first color combination for a hallway I’d recommend far from it, but it’s also true that it worked in this case.

The hallway has natural lighting, the doors are black and are well combined with other materials and colors so they look fantastic.

Remember. There is no ugly color, but it is poorly combined. <- Tweet this tip.

Hallway painted in two colors beige and white

Design and photography room for Tuesday Instagram @romfortuesday

In earth tones and white. In this other beautiful hallway, the floor slab is painted in soft earth tones on the lower part, including up to the door, something that was very good in this case, and the rest in white, with an emphasis of the same color on the ceiling.

Two bright colors and one of them pleasant, which resulted in the most elegant and beautiful hallway, right?

Hallway painted gray and ivory

In light gray and vanilla. Light gray from below in the form of a pedestal, and vanilla or ivory, from above a bright and radiant color. This is an easy way to paint a hallway.

Hallway painted in two colors with a dark blue plinth

Photo by Heidi Lau Instagram @heidilauphoto

Navy blue and white. As we can see, many hallways that have two colors are applied in the form of plinths, and this decorative format allows us to apply two colors, without burdening the space.

Let me explain: If the whole wall was painted dark blue in the upstairs hallway, so dark, it would fill up and “turn off” the hallway. However, when applied in this way, one enjoys an elegant combination of the two colors without straining or darkening the hallway.

In soft orange and red. In this case, the walls that define the width of the hallway are painted in a soft orange tone, like peach, and the back of the hallway in a reddish tone.

Hallway painted in two colors

Photo by Dkorinteriors

In turquoise and white. As I said before, we have to consider the door when we want to paint the hallway in two colors.

In this example, the door and the lower part of the walls were used to add turquoise, and the rest of the walls, door frames and moldings to apply white paint, with excellent results.

Hallway painted in two colors

Photo by Whitney Lyons

Striped blue and white. In that sense, in one of the lines, we have endless possibilities for creating different combinations.

The one we see above these lines, white and pale blue, is successful for a narrow hallway.

Hallway painted in two colors

Design and Photography Strawberry Architecture

In red and white. Another distinctive hallway that allows us to apply a color as strong as red, with a satin finish, without burdening the space thanks to the open hallway.

Hallway decorated with dark blue-green color and wallpaper

Photo @houselust of House Lust

In dark greenish blue and wallpaper. It would be bad of me not to recommend wallpaper to you, apart from painting, if you want to decorate your hallway.

As with painting, wallpapers are a world full of possibilities for themselves thanks to their patterns, colors and textures.

The fan to decorate your hallway has been greatly expanded.

Hallway painted gray-white

Photo @myhandsomehome

In gray and white. Another combination that usually fails and that also combines great with wood tones: white and gray, two neutral colors to paint the hallway and then adding any other color as an accent.

Hallway painted in two colors, navy blue and beige

Photo and photo Little House of Four Instagram @littlehouseoffour

In anthracite gray and light gray. We can also apply two colors as they did in Little House four, one on the front of the hallway, better dark and light on the long walls that make up the hallway.

Hallway painted in two colors

Photo Our house is your house

In dark blue and white. A successful color combination. In this case, the white color is arranged at the bottom on a wooden stand, and the blue at the top.

Hallway painted in two colors

In earthy tones. The picture quality is not very good, but it is enough to see how two earth tones, dark below, brown and light above, soft earth tone, work very well in a narrow hallway. with white doors and bright wooden floor.

Hallway painted sky blue-white

Photo by Liz Marie Blog Instagram @lizmariegalvan

In sky blue and white. True, very American, a la Martha’s Vineyard, but this beautiful hallway gives us a good idea to use two colors we haven’t seen before, sky blue and white.

Two bright colors that we can apply in the form of a plinth, striped or in almost any other way, because there is no danger, or at least not much, of filling the hallway.

Hallway painted in two colors, blue and white

Photo of Happy Housie at Homedepot

In blue and white. Another very similar way of applying the same or similar shades, soft blue and white, but this time with the largest white base.

Although the base is made of wood, if you like these colors, you can apply them as they are without wood. That is, creating a paint stand.

Hallway painted in two colors

Design and photography by Noah Architects

Pistachio green and light gray. Pistachio green is applied with color, while medium gray is a very elegant wallpaper with artificial weave with a texture that creates an interesting contrast to the strong green color of pistachios.

Hallway with yellow ceiling

White and yellow. I’m sorry for the poor picture quality, but we can still appreciate how, despite the very narrow hallway, the two colors were ingeniously applied. White on the walls and yellow on the ceiling. Fantastic.

Hallway painted with a blue mosaic wall

Imdetec Photography

In blue and white. You may more or less like the color or geometric pattern outlined in this second hallway painted in two colors, but you won’t deny me that it’s not a great idea.

Customize it to your colors and shapes, but if you have a hallway with this structure, you can use that front wall to create an accent wall.

You can even use wallpaper instead of paint.

Rotate. Yes you can get a great idea.

Hallway painted in two colors with geometric shapes

Photography and design Interiors Melanie Lissack

In blue and earth tones. Following this line of geometric shapes and colors for hallways, as I said before, the limit is in your imagination.

If you want, you can create a pattern or geometric shapes that decorate all the walls in the hallway using two colors, three or four, although the more you use, the more cluttered the space will be.

Hallway painted gray-white horizontal stripes

A photo of a girl with freckles

Striped gray and white. Many years ago, in a rented apartment where I lived, I painted the hallway this way. Gray-white horizontal gray stripes.

The intention, in addition to decorating, was to visually look longer, and this is obviously the result, as the horizontal stripes in the hallway create this impression.

Too bad he doesn’t keep photos of that floor.

Hallway painted in two colors with beige and white stripes

Canoodle Photography

Striped beige and white. If your gray is cold and muted, as it is neutral, you can make stripes in beige or another color that is in a warm color range to create a more comfortable atmosphere.

If you have smooth hallway walls, it will be better than if you have them with a hotel, but even with a hotel on the walls you can do it without any problems.

By the way, if you have hotels on the walls, here you can see ideas for painting hotel walls. Don’t let the hotel stop you, you can even decorate the walls very well.

Hallway with brick and dark blue paint

Photo: Kylie M. Interiors

Brick and navy blue. It is true that it is not a color, but as I already mentioned about wallpaper, you also have a lot of materials or imitations of materials for decorating your hallway that you cannot ignore.

Look carefully at stone, brick, wood or wallpaper, you will surely find something you love.

In addition, it is not even necessary to use clean materials. Today, there are very successful imitations that are easy to install so you don’t have to use large resources. Here on Amazon you can buy very simple white brick imitation boards.

If after seeing these 25 hallways painted in two colors you still have doubts about applying paint or paints, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer. But check out this second article with 50 ideas for painting and decorating a narrow hallway that is sure to find more inspiration.


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