Decorate and furnish a dormitory or shared children’s room it is a more complex task than when it comes to a single child room.

But not much more. You need to pull ingenuity, inspiration and good ideas, like the ones that have them 23 charming common rooms for boys and girls which we shall see next.

We started.

Shared room for boy and girl

Shared bedroom for a boy and a girl

The whole of La Redoute

Minimalist, sober and calm design.

Walls and furniture in neutral tones, and the only difference is in the bedding, personalized for each of them.

As you can see, only by changing the bedding can you achieve a great effect.

Move on.

Common room for girls in neutral tones

Shared dormitory with two beds for girls

Design and photography North South Blonde

In addition to the tones used to decorate and furnish this other common children’s room, the elegance of her style lies in simplicity. No overload or unnecessary noise.

The beds face each other

Shared children's bedroom with two beds

Design and photo Hadas y Cuscus Instagram @hadasycuscus

Another solution for the distribution of the children’s bedroom is as the talented Carla Botín did, in this beautiful children’s bedroom, placing two beds, one in front of the other, and creating a beautiful accent wall with charming deer and star wallpaper. .

Full color and bunk beds

Shared children's bedroom with bunk bed

Lay Baby Design and Photography Instagram @laybabylay

If you prefer to put paint in the children’s bedroom, which is always a suitable space for her, above these lines you have a good example, designed by Joni from Lay Baby Lay.

On a pink background a touch of yellow, mint green, turquoise and white and minimalist children’s wallpaper to avoid saturation of the children’s bedroom divided by a bunk bed KURA from IKEA.

In black and white

Shared children's bedroom with two black and white beds

Design and photography Happy Home Fairy

While children’s spaces are the ones that benefit the most from color and where a large dose can best be added, it is by no means necessary to show a children’s bedroom full of style, like the one we see above these lines, designed by Julie by Happy Home Fairy, with two beds, one on each side of the window and all decorated in black and white.

From the black triangle-shaped stickers on the white wall, to the clothes that line the beds, to the other elements that make up the bedroom.

Taken away by pastel colors

Shared children's bedroom with two beds for girls in green green

Lay Baby Design and Photography Instagram @laybabylay

The enveloping and sweet atmosphere in this second shared children’s bedroom, thanks to the pastel shades of mint green and pale pink that adorn it, was created by Joni from Lay Baby Lay.

And not just on the walls. Even the frame of the bed is in mint green.

Relaxing tones of lilac

Shared bedroom with two beds painted lilac

A blog for lazy moms about design and photography

A very gentle lilac color coats the walls of this second common room, from the Lazy Moms blog, with two beds separated by a white nightstand, in keeping with the structure of the bed and the headboard. And, above this, a shelf full of cute pictures with children’s pictures.

With unicorns

Shared children's bedroom with two beds and a unicorn headboard

Design and photography by Sharlene Home

They are cute, kind and decorative. Unicorns beautifully dress a children’s space, whether on vinyl, wallpaper or as original headboards.

Put vinyl with his name on it

Stickers with the names of the children to be put on the bed

Dolce Vinyl Vinyl

Personalize your space with simple colored vinyl that adds decoration, placing it above your bed.


Shared children's room for children

Design and photography by Anonymous Craftsmen

Painting and decorating a striped wall is one of the most effective and cost-effective ways to create the right accent wall for any space.

In this case, in blue tones, for a shared boy’s bedroom.

With custom bunk beds

Shared room with bunk bed

Design and photography by Chris Loves Julia Instagram @Chrislovesjulia

For construction or carpentry, custom-made furniture is the most efficient solution for utilizing available space. It’s a slightly more expensive investment than a traditional bunk bed, but we’ll get meters and optimize space.

With Nordic style

Shared children's room with two beds with Ferm Living wallpaper

Design and photography by My Colorful Life

The classic Half Moon children’s paper by Ferm Living, which you can buy here, presiding over a shared bedroom with two wooden beds, separated by an IKEA white wardrobe from the PS.

Use two wooden pallets

Shared children's room with two beds with wooden pallet headboards

Seen on Pinterest

If added with a certain style and in harmony with the children’s space, classics and wooden pallets can become the most prominent element of a children’s bedroom.

All in pink

Common room with two beds painted in pink

Photograph of Evgezmesi

Pale pink combined with white is one of the sweetest and most suitable colors for a child’s bedroom, creating a sweet and soft atmosphere.

Minimalist cut

Bedroom in decorated neutral tones, gray, black and white

Photograph of Evgezmesi

Straight lines, gray tones, black accents and children’s decorative accessories for a more minimalist aesthetic, but equally appropriate.

Swivel and comfortable

Common children's room with two beds decorated with salmon tones with letters on the wall

Photography Creating creativity

In addition to the delicate shade of salmon used in textiles and a vertical striped wall, illuminated vintage metal letters create a very modern bedroom.

Vertical headboards

Shared children's room with high headboards

Photography Creating creativity

If you find a nice fabric, lift the headboard and highlight it. As if it were a tapestry, it will decorate the bedroom with great taste. You will hardly need more.

Totally chic

Shared children's room with two beds in shades of gray and lilac

Neutral tones, an elegant origami quilted front grille and elegant headboards to complete this charming bedroom.

Very floral

Shared children's room with two beds with wallpaper on the headboard wall

Design by Diana White Interiors

Add a beautiful, floral and colorful wallpaper to the headboard and combine it with matching bedding textiles for a balanced look.

With a heavenly bed

Shared double room with sky bed and wallpapers

Design and photography Dear Lillie Studio

We cannot forget the charming heavenly sky that gives children style and presence.

Everything to measure

Custom common room

Design Domum architecture

If the space is small and we can afford it, custom furniture is the best solution to use it and decorate it.

Small but cute

Small shared children's room with two beds

Design by Domum Architecture

With one headboard so as not to overload the space, two beds of light structure, and the rest in neutral tones that are lighter.

To add decoration, black and white striped carpet and wallpaper with a pattern that is also light, that dresses and does not burden the space.

With musical notes

Shared children's room with two beds

Photography Creating creativity

On the wall, paint the note in the desired colors, yours, someone else’s or imaginary. But let it be decorative.

Here you can see 15 color combinations for a children’s bedroom.

With L-shaped beds

Shared children's room with two L beds

Another layout we haven’t seen so far and if there’s enough space, it’s effective to leave the center of the bedroom free, using the walls to connect the beds.

And now, do you have anything clearer how to arrange a common room?

And if you wanted more, now take a look at this second article where we see 15 ideas for decorating children’s walls.

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