There are many ways to paint the bedroom but, no doubt, the most logical and practical is to paint it with a relaxing color, since the bedroom is a room where we relax and rest and we have to create a favorable environment for it. Don’t you think so?

Fortunately, by taking a look at the color wheel we can see exactly which colors relax and which don’t.

The colors in the cold part relax, and the ones in the hot part are not. Or at least not everyone.

If you want to see more details about the chromatic circuit and what it tells us about colors, you can do so here, and if not, follow me and discover these 22 most relaxing colors for painting the bedroom I have prepared.

We started!


The bedroom is painted blue.  Relaxing color

Photography and design Enter my attic

Medium blue shade. Blue is the most relaxing color with which we can paint the bedroom. We could look at the wheel and the shades in the color wheel, choose any of them with our eyes closed to paint the bedroom and still paint the room with a relaxing color. If you like this shade of natural blue, Bruguer has the perfect shade, which is Natural Mediterranean Blue, which you can buy here.

Although the wide range of blues relaxes, I chose five shades of blue. See the first above these lines.

Let’s move on to the next one.

The bedroom is painted in a relaxing blue color

HomebySoph Photography

Light blue. Almost relaxing from the previous one, and if combined with white, it is also great.

The bedroom is painted in a gray-blue, relaxing color

Grayish blue tone. In addition to relaxing, this color has a calmer and more elegant shade, thanks to the gray color. It’s not as vivid as the other blues, which is why I chose it.

Relaxing bedroom painted in electric blue

Etsy Photography

Electric blue tone. Stronger and more energetic, but very relaxing, electric blue is one of the most popular and popular colors. If the same thing happens to you and you are looking for a relaxing bedroom, you can use it without any problems.

Relaxing bedroom painted in dark blue

Photo of the Happy Interior blog

Dark blue tone. If you are looking for a blue color with a higher presence, this is yours.

As I said before, it doesn’t matter which shade of blue we choose to achieve a relaxing environment. Almost all of them are worth it.

If you like it, here you can see 10 colors that best combine with blue, to combine them properly, or these 15 bedrooms painted in blue for inspiration.

Let’s move on to the next color or color range.

Green color

The bedroom is painted in relaxing colors

Photograph of furniture

Medium green tone. Another relaxing color, almost parallel to blue, is green.

Practically like blue, green is in almost all its tones and shades a relaxing, cool color; perfect for achieving a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom or anywhere else.

If you like this color for your relaxing bedroom, the Bruguer brand has Natural Amazon green in its catalog, which you can buy here.

Especially these 5 shades of green that I chose. Starting with the first, which is above these paragraphs.

The bedroom is painted in relaxing colors

Dulux photography

Light olive green tone.

The bedroom is painted in relaxing colors

Photo roomin | Interior Kim Daenen Photo: Stephanie Duval

Grayish green tone.

Bedroom painted in green-green.  Relaxing color

Retro photography and Ranch renovation

Bluish green tone.

Relaxing gray-green painted bedroom

Design and photography by Juniper Home

Grayish green. As with blue, green is even more elegant and serene in its grayish tones. All successful.

Elegant, serene and full of life, green is another color that makes it easier for us to achieve a relaxing bedroom as we have seen.

Now let’s move on to the next color.

Turquoise color

The bedroom is painted in relaxing colors

Photo ShutterStock

Turquoise is a mixture or combination of green and blue; so it is without a doubt another relaxing color to paint the bedroom.

It is true that, since it is a semi-saturated color, it gives a lot of energy, and varnishing can be stressful, but well added, it creates spaces, without a doubt, very relaxing.

Above these lines we see an example.

Move on.

Color lilac, lilac or lavender

Relaxing bedroom painted in lilac, soothing colors

Photo by @eliza_rose

The purple color is made from a mixture of red and blue. (Here you can see how to make colors).

And as I said before, blue is a relaxing color (the cold part of the circle), while red is not a relaxing warm color (the hot part of the circle); So, the most familiar purple tones are those in which there is more blue pigmentation in the mixture of blue and red, resulting in tones of lilac, lilac or lavender, very relaxing colors.

Especially if they are combined with white, as we see above these lines. Although not mandatory, as we see below.

If you like this color, Bruguer Japan shade is available, which you can buy here. Soft, relaxing and radiant purple tone.

The color is combined with golden tones that are not particularly relaxing, and yet the bedroom has a very relaxing atmosphere.


Relaxing bedroom painted in light lavender color

Photo by Edith and Evelyn Vintage

In this case, in addition to the relaxing color of lavender, it is combined with white and blue. To give the bedroom warmth, tones of natural linen, wood and plant fibers have been added, so that a relaxing bedroom is obtained, but also comfortable.

Let’s move on to the next color.


Relaxing gray bedroom

Design and photography by Decor Aid

Gray is an anti-color or neutral color par excellence. It does not express much, leaving neutral finishing layers.

To take advantage of this color and make it relaxing, we need to support it or combine it with the right colors; especially white.

If combined with white, we can add virtually any shade of gray, which will create not only a relaxing bedroom, but also sophisticated and very modern.

Like the one we see above this passage or the one we can see below.

Medium gray

Relaxing bedroom, painted in a relaxing gray

Medium gray is a very elegant color that fits perfectly and combines with all materials and other colors. And it has more presence than light gray. If you like this color, the tone of Bruguer Natural Pearl that you can buy here is perfect. Medium / elevated gray tone that does not clutter the space and is extremely elegant.

High gray tone

Relaxing bedroom painted in gray

Photography and decoration Dear Lillie

It is true that the more we raise the tone, the gray must be darker and better combined.

If you don’t want to take a risk, a pastel gray tone, like the first bedroom we saw, is a sure color.

Let’s see more colors.

Pale pink

Bedroom painted in relaxing colors, pink

Photography and project Deleite Design

The pale pink color, although very delicate and has little saturation, is not in itself a relaxing color. But it creates an atmosphere that envelops me so, soft and pleasant, that I had to put it on this list of the most relaxing colors for the bedroom.

See: 7 colors for painting walls and reducing stress

The colors we just saw are relaxing because, as I said before, they are in the cold part of the color wheel (other than pink), not because I said so.

The Chromatic Circle is a magnificent guide for interpreting colors for any project we need.

Obviously there are many other colors that create a serene and peaceful environment, such as sand, beige and brown; but they are not in the cold part of the circle, but in the hot part, which tells us about them, that they are obviously warm colors.

This does not mean that they cannot be painted and achieve a relaxing atmosphere, but they are not the most effective.

The relaxing colors for the bedroom, are the ones we just saw; or, at least, a good portion of them.

Do you have any doubts or suggestions? Would you add any more color? I read you in the comments.

Now, if you are looking for more colors, you can take a look at these trendy colors to color your house.


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