After such a complicated 2020 as the one we had, I don’t know about you, but I’m not here anymore economic surprises.

It is once funny that one day a pandemic is coming and taking away our economic security.

There are no excuses from now on. I clearly doubt that 2021 can surprise you in the same way as 2020.

So what if we start by putting it on check and starting to save for what might happen?

6 months: this is the emergency fund you need to live peacefully

According to the latest SEPE survey, The average person in Spain takes 5.8 months to get his job back because he loses it.

That is, almost half a year.

The problem is that 50% of workers in Spain suffer by the end of the month, which creates a real cataclysm in case they lose their jobs.

Since he barely saved as much as he could, facing the very difficult months ahead.

Therefore, we already have a clear goal that we must meet: to save those six months in order to guarantee insurance in the event that what we do not want happens.

That’s why I’m struggling with Christmas commitments to bring you one of those posts that I know will help you have them 2021. from another galaxy.

No, we don’t save everything we can

Many times we think so, but the reality is quite different.

There are always small expenses that we don’t pay attention to (or don’t want to) and that would allow us to save little by little.

Many times we even lose the opportunity to save because there seems to be little money, but in the end those few amounts eventually become much more.

That’s why in this post I want to follow you around your home and find a way to do it.

Do you have a notepad on hand? Write down these 10 keys:

  • Wait.
  • Efficient light bulbs.
  • Hot water.
  • Winter lovers.
  • Number 20.
  • Pantry.
  • Rugs
  • Thermostats
  • Fridge.
  • Shopping lists.

I know they sound a bit thoughtful, so if you want to know all about them … keep reading!

# 1 Stand By has become a great friend of power companies

Did you know that at least 12% of the energy you pay for is not used?

I know it sounds silly, but whenever we leave the devices on standby, it still consumes energy.

  • Computers
  • TVs
  • Music devices.

They all add money to your account while rubbing your hands.

I know 12% doesn’t seem like a huge amount, but imagine multiplying that 12% by the next 6 accounts.

Everything changes with perspective, right?

# 2 Use efficient light bulbs

We at Globaliza have told you many times about the power of LED bulbs, but today I want to insist on that.

Do you know that cheap is expensive?

This happens when you buy cheap light bulbs to save on the spot and don’t realize it will increase your electricity bill in the long run.

Although energy-saving light bulbs are more expensive to buy, in the medium and long term they will allow you to save.

In addition, they have a useful life 15 times longer.

Does that still seem like a bad investment?

# 3 Use only the hot water you really need

Did you know that hot water makes up a quarter of your energy consumption each month?

When you run hot water, you activate both water meters and gas meters. So you vaccinate your savings.

Reduce the amount of hot water you use and try to mix them whenever you can.

# 4 Turn on the fans in winter

No. I’m not crazy yet.


Some fans have a “winter” function in which the blades reverse their normal direction and move the accumulated air toward the ground.

In this way the hot air, which remains near the roof, ends by lowering and heating the room.

# 5 20 is your lucky number

If you want to ensure comfort in your home, you need to know that 20 ° C is the optimal temperature for your home.

In addition, it is a temperature where energy consumption is very efficient in both summer and winter.

If you’ve always dreamed of having a plentiful pantry where you can always indulge yourself, know that this is not the best option for your pocket.

In the end, this almost always leads to many foods spoiling before we consume them, and we don’t even know what we have inside.

# 7 Stretch out the rugs on the floor

Did you know that one of the best ways to warm yourself with rugs in colder weather?

These are garments that help you withstand the heat of the coldest floors like marble and don’t let the chill slip away.

# 8 Install the thermostat

Whether it is summer or winter, the thermostat will help you maintain the temperature you want at home.

It is an investment that does not exceed 30 euros per year and will help you recover more than 120 if you regulate the temperature well.

Think that for every degree at which you increase the temperature of the house in winter, the cost can rise up to 10%.

# 9 Very careful about the fridge

Did you know that in many cases this can make up 30% of your electricity bill?

Avoid leaving the door open or eating too hot food if you want to achieve much more efficient consumption.

# 10 Buy smart

Do you know where part of your budget is going little by little?

In that shopping that you do every week and in which you always end up taking something more than you need.

It happened to me too, so I started making two decisions.

The first was to prepare a very specific shopping list each day before going to the supermarket. The rule was very clear, I could only take what I found there.

On the other hand, if I wanted to indulge myself, I would write it down in a notebook and let two weeks go by. If I was still interested after that time, then I would buy it.

As they say, it is much easier said than done. However, I want you to see something.

All the tips we have given you in this section have been prepared so you can start applying them from today.

Now that the year has just begun, it is time to lay the foundations of what you want 2021 to be.


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