Made of sisal, cotton, hemp or esparto, rope, for many years, due to its versatility, has always been associated with agricultural, industrial or maritime affairs, and also of course for home use, creating from espadrilles, baskets or belts, among many other uses.


But when it comes to decorating a home, the decorative capacity it has is pleasantly surprising, because with a little rope you can renovate or rearrange virtually any object such as some old lamps, inconspicuous mirrors, bland tables or now. Old or simply because you love a nautical or nautical style for the home.

Today we decided to collect a few ideas for decorating with ropeIt is such an inexpensive item and requires such a simple technique that you will be amazed at the results you can achieve with a little rope. And the most important thing is that you will decorate these works with your own hands, giving them a personal and original stamp, so if you are a fan of “do it yourself” and craft, you will like this. I follow, 20 DIY ideas for decorating with rope any corner of your home.

1 Table decorated with rope.

If you have a table from Ikea in the style of Lack or a similar table that is very simple and you want to give it your personal stamp, this is undoubtedly a spectacular idea. You will need a rope and a hot glue gun. Always shape it from the inside out, for the legs start by gluing the rope from top to bottom.

2 bottles decorated with rope.

For this craft you will only need glass bottles, any wine, champagne or sparkling water can serve you. Brush the bottle with white glue, then glue the rope around it. For better adhesion, it is advisable to give several coats of glue while gluing the rope. When you’re done, you can give him the last brush, but this time with varnish so the rope stays harder.

3 Rope stair handle.

This original idea of ​​using rope or rope as a fence is perfect for giving your home a sea touch. As you can see in the picture, you will only need a thick rope and some wall mounting rings.

4 Mirror decorated with rope.

Rectangular mirror decorated with ropes. In fact, the size or shape of the mirror doesn’t matter, you’ll just need a mirror with or without a frame, and glue the wires, always from the inside out, with white glue or a hot glue gun. Finally, you can varnish the wires for greater rigidity.

5 vases decorated with ropes.

Funny vases decorated with wires. For this craft you will need glass vases or bottles, not too thick wire, hot glue or silicone and white paint. Start cutting strips of rope and glue them vertically to the glass, then decorate with a brush to taste.

6 Bowl of fruit decorated with wires.

fruit tray
This original fruit bowl decorated with thread is very easy to make. For this you will need a medium-thick rope and a hot silicone gun, if you don’t, you can use white glue and a brush. Any old sherpa or metal bucket with handles will serve as a base. Start by setting the handles, gluing the rope strips, and then you can continue with the rest, using the same technique, always from top to bottom.

7 Nautical crown decorated with ropes.

nautical wreath

This craft may be a little more complex, but incredibly beautiful. It is about creating a nautical wreath, ideal for gardens or outdoor spaces. For this we will need a rope and a hot silicone gun, a rigid float or a rescue, something cheaper that we can also use a cork crown in flower shops, but for that you should give it a special treatment for the exteriors. You can use some nautical style elements, such as stars or shells, to decorate it. As you can see in the picture, it is very simple, you just need to give creativity the opportunity to achieve.

8 Hanging lamp decorated with ropes.

Hanging lamp
Two crafts in one. On this occasion, they created a pendant in a glass jar and decorated it with rope in a very rustic style. To create a pendant lamp, we found a very simple guide, to see it click here.
Now it comes simply, when you get it, what we need to do is decorate the glass jar with a rope, for this, usually, not very thick rope and a hot silicone gun. You can add decorative elements to taste. Ideal for creating comfortable spaces in your home.

9 Note holder with string.

note holder
See what a simple, practical and decorative craft. You will only need two hooks, a piece of thick rope and a roll of wrapping paper. As you can see in the picture, you have to pull the rope through the hooks and at the same time through the roll of paper. Ideal for the kitchen, where you can use it as a shopping list.

10 Table lamp decorated with rope.

desk lamp

Photo: Marthastewart.

If you have an old-fashioned lamp at home or that no longer matches the new decoration, this idea is very useful, because this type of wire decoration matches almost everything. As you can see, it’s simple. You will need white glue or a hot glue gun. The idea is to wrap the rope around the bottom of the lamp, gluing it together (you can also do this on the screen, using the same technique). In this way we guarantee a pleasant touch in any corner of your home.

11 Decorate tableware with chains.


If you have to celebrate a special occasion, a very original and elegant idea is to tie cutlery with white rope. As you can see in the picture, it gives her a funny and curious air.

12 Pulling the tray with a rope.

tray buttons
Another very clever idea is to use a piece of rope as handles for drawers or cabinets. You will only need a few pieces of thick rope, thread it through the holes and make a knot on each side. This craft is inspired by rustic or nautical decoration, ideal for aged furniture.

13 Wall mount for photos with a rope.

wall mount for photos
If you have special photos and want to give them more importance or you just like this type of decoration, you will like this idea. As you can see, it doesn’t take much. A small piece of rope and a hook for the wall, for a better grip, glue the ropes that hold the frame and are ready to hang.

14 Pencil cup decorated with rope.

A very simple and fun craft, perfect for working with little ones. You will need a metal can, such as a fried tomato. Glass jars with pretzels are also served, the procedure is the same. If you are going to do this craft with children, it is advisable to use white glue to glue the ropes, if there are no children, you can use a hot glue gun. The technique is the same, we wind the rope on the boat and glue it. As you can see, very easy and decorative.

15 Rope ties or curtains.

safety curtains

Simple crafts where they exist. You will need a starfish and a piece of rope with a nice curl, like the one in the picture. You can glue the star to the rope with hot silicone, and from the back it is enough to tie a knot so that the curtain remains gathered. Elegant and original, right?

16 napkins decorated with thread.

On special occasions we want our table to be as beautiful and elegant as possible. Well, this idea is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most attractive we have found. Take a look at the simplicity it brings with a simple rope around the napkin, you can decorate it with a bouquet of flowers as you can see in the picture.

17 Towel rack with rope.

towel rack
Sometimes it’s just the most beautiful. For example, this towel rack made with a rope. You will only need a piece of nice rope and a few wall hooks. Ideal for a sea air bath.

18 Eyelets or rings for curtains made of rope.

fasten the curtains
If you want to have some original curtains like this, all you need is a rope. It’s a pretty unusual idea, but it no doubt gives a very homey feel to your living room or room.

19 Candle holders decorated with rope.

Candles are in themselves an essential element for creating a cozy room, but if we are already decorating them with this type of rope, it is the best. For this you will need a rope, a glass jar, some sand and candles. And as you know, you can use hot silicone to glue the rope.

20 Heart with strings.

Fantastic heart made of strings. You will need a wall bracket and hot silicone glue. If after all these crafts you have more than enough rope, why not use it this way?


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