If you have noticed, there is a trend that gradually entered homes until it practically became must have decorativo.

Is the eye painting chairs, give them a second chance wooden chairs, old, beautiful, natural colors, worn out; adding striking color, generally pastel tones, leaving very, very nice chairs.

And they are so beautiful, so striking, because the color that is written on them does not go in line with the old-fashioned style of the chair.

Every time we see an antique chair, we have implanted deep in our minds that its color is the color of wood.

Therefore, when we see them painted in yellow, orange, green, pink or any other color, We are so amazed by the contrast between the style of the chair and its current color.

So, and thanks to that painting old chairs is in vogue, since the results are valuable, I have prepared this article in which we will see 20 ideas for painting chairs.

And not just individual chairs, but a whole set; in case you are thinking change the color of the chair set and renew them with color, you can be inspired by these examples. Let’s get started.

Article updated 9/15/2019

Wooden chair painted with rose and gold

A chair painted in rose and gold

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A great way to decorate a chair with paint. In this case, the Thonet-type chair is painted in pink with the tips of the legs and back in gold.

Mint green-white colored chairs with stripes

Chairs painted in white and green

Blackfairystyle project

In mint green and white, striped, some wider than others, creating an interesting decorative pattern on the chairs.

Set of yellow chairs

Set of yellow colored wooden chairs

Photo by The Beautilful Mess

Paint all the chairs yellow to bring a great dose of color and optimism to the dining room or living room as well as make it brighter.

A set of chairs painted in pastel pink

pink colored chair set

Photo: Holly Marder Instagram @avenue seen on Decor8blog

More subtle and charming, all the chairs are painted in pale pink or soft pink.

Wooden chair with painted legs

Wooden chair with pink painted legs

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Not all the whole legs are painted, but only the top, as if dipped in a bucket of paint, and the change from a classic chair to a modern one is brutal.

Medium gray set of chairs

Wooden chairs painted gray

Photo Anetteshus Instagram @anetteshus

If you want the color to be accurate, even if it is less expressive, gray always wins because neutral combines with all other colors.

Set of yellow colored wooden chairs

Wooden chairs painted yellow

Photo by The Lettered Cottage

If you have a rustic style like a cottage in your home, yellow will create the most interesting contrast.

Chair colored with gradient effect

Paint your chairs with a blue gradient effect

Nine red projects

In the blue gradient effect, starting at the bottom with the darkest blue and as you go up, lighter blue until it turns white.

A set of wooden chairs painted in different colors

Colorful painted wooden chairs

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One in each color. According to your taste or according to a logical pattern. As you like best. But this is a great way to add a great deal of color to your dining room or living room without touching the walls.

Chairs painted in a soft pink color

Chairs painted a soft pink

Photo by Frydogdesign

In a soft pink color, two beautiful Windsor chairs that add a charming decorative touch to your living room or dining room.

Chair painted in green and natural wood

Chair painted in a green note combined with natural wood

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Paint the top with soft mint in green, seat and backrests, leaving the legs natural for the most interesting decorative effect.

Set of chairs painted in mint green

Set of chairs painted green

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Although if you like green mint, you can color the whole chair and create a very special dining set.

A set of chairs painted in matte black

Matte chair set

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Aside from the gray we’ve already seen, another color you’ll surely use when painting chairs is black. Elegant, modern and timeless. And if it’s paired, even better. In addition, in this case, they also painted the tops of the chair legs or glittered with gold creating a nice contrast.

Dark blue colored wooden chair

Navy painted chair

Honey Bearlane Project

Not only is the structure of the chair painted a dark blue, in this case the seat is also upholstered, decorating and completely renovating the chair.

A set of Windsor wooden chairs painted in different shades of green

Windsor chairs painted green

Honey Bearlane Project

If you’re lucky enough to have a Windsor chair, don’t throw it away when it gets ugly. Decorate it and you will have an authentic chair.

Wooden chair painted with coral

Dark pink colored chair

Hilda Got Rocks project

This other lovely chair was a plain wooden chair that was transformed thanks to the beautiful coral color and new seat upholstery.

Wooden chair painted in blue and gold

Chair painted dark blue and gold

Hilda Got Rocks project

This fantastic Windsor chair is painted a dark blue all over the body, leaving the tops of the back and legs golden and the result is spectacular.

A set of chairs painted in gray, wooden and colored accents

Chairs painted gray and wood

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Another original way of painting the chairs, combining gray with a natural wood finish, and adding a subtle touch of color to the bars that make up the backrest.

Set of chairs painted in black and wood

Black colored chairs

Photo Woolen wardrobe

Another example where the chairs are almost completely painted, in this case black, leaving the original wooden seat.

A set of wooden chairs painted in pastel tones

Wooden chairs painted in pastel tones

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One in each color, but all in pastel tones, creating a soft and subtle palette that intoxicates the atmosphere of your dining room.

And now, if you wanted more ideas, you can see others here 10 ideas for decorating chairs or you are 15 ideas for decorating recycled chairs


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