Warm, hospitable, enveloping, relaxing and classy. As well as earth tones which are also in vogue.

And what better space than a bedroom to show them off when we can create comfortable and serene rooms with them.

Perfect features for your little vacation oasis, don’t you think?

Follow me and discover this 20 bedrooms in warm and cozy earth tones which I prepared, full of style and ideas.

We started.

Tomb and empty bedroom

With a wall painted in a warm and pleasant brown tone, and another wall made of imitation brick in worn white color, creating a closer, more manual and more natural look. Textiles and plants help to achieve this pleasant atmosphere.

The bedroom is painted in gentle earth tones, warm and cozy

Photo by @Sally Fazeli

If you add thick textiles to soft earth tones like this subtle beige color, also in light tones, wood and plant fibers, you will get a cloud of pleasant warmth, like this bedroom we see above these lines.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

In addition to the grayish earth tone that this second room looks at the walls, in addition to the dark wood of the bed and floor, we must add the orange tones of the curtains, which are not earthy, but are part of warm colors. . Heat provided.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

This is something we have already seen in previous bedrooms painted in earth tones: If the earth tone is combined with white, a bright and cozy space is created. It’s a combination that never fails.

Very modern and extravagant with a huge headboard, but certainly warm and attractive, thanks to the fact that it is painted in earthy tones such as beige and warm gray.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Photo by Madein Shops

Striped in earth tones and white. Another way to paint the bedroom with earth colors. The rest in a white, bright and perfect blend of countries.

Home Deco project

Home Deco decorators are in charge of designing this second beautiful bedroom in earthy colors, with textiles matching the walls, the rest of the elements in white and a huge presence of vintage hydraulic floors.

Project Marina Sesame

Not all earth colors need to be this warm. Among them we can find this neutral earth tone which in combination with the appropriate colors creates a fresh and relaxing atmosphere, as the interior designer Marina Sezam achieved in this bedroom.

Nice Home Barcelona project

Inside the earthy colors we can also find colors like some broken white colors, which are very bright colors with a certain pleasant hue, because when we want to improve the light and spaciousness, just like interior designer Dara Díaz did in this second bedroom.

Modern and beautiful, mostly decorated in neutral tones, but thanks to the warmth of earthy brown tones on the headboard it makes a very comfortable bedroom, but also elegant.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Interior Decor Aid

A designer, with a beautiful door as a headboard that steals the spotlight from everything else, and painted in a classic earthy tone like a gentle beige color.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Photographic stagnants and rabbits at home

Simple and elegant, with the headboard wall painted in very soft earth tones and the rest of the walls in white. Everything that matches: materials, textiles and colors. All in perspective.

In two earth tones, the darkest is applied to the headboard wall, where it is usually the same, and the lighter on the rest of the walls to get lighting.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Photographer @Huisjenr

In a soft terracotta color. You already know that the color terracotta is one of the most pleasant and natural tones that exists, because it is a color that comes from dry clay and is associated with this warm and hospitable character of nature.

We can then combine it with many other colors to achieve different environments. The upstairs bedroom is combined with black and white, creating a very modern palette.

Apart from being warm and hospitable because it is painted in a very elegant yellow-brown earthy tone, thanks to the furniture and headboard in turquoise blue, this second bedroom also has a fresh shade. Perfect for the bedroom of another apartment on the coast.

More elegant and sophisticated this second bedroom painted in a very strong earthy tone, in which we will brown, which, although they have their own range, can also be considered earthy tones. Combined with wood and white they look spectacularly good.

Project by Cármen Barasona

If you are interested in a bedroom with an industrial aesthetic with antique air and DIY elements, bathed in earthy tones, here is your paradise, designed by Cármen Barasona.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Photo by @Vanessa Valderrama

Very elegant and sophisticated this second bedroom which is painted in a tanned earth tone, fitting into all the elements of the bedroom, with a headboard in dusty pink covered with very elegant velvet.

Ezar project

With a more modern, almost Nordic aesthetic, this second bedroom designed by the Ezar studio gives us very good ideas. Both in the palette of colors chosen for its decoration, and in the various furniture that make it up.

Bedroom painted in earth tones, warm and cozy

Simple and beautiful. It is not minimalist; but simply, which is not the same. A very relaxing and bright bedroom where nothing distracts us, dressed in the warmth of beige, with touches of white that give a new touch to the environment.

As we can see, with earth tones you can achieve all kinds of environments, because they are suitable for all styles, thanks to the wide range of available shades and shades that appear in combination with other elements such as furniture, floors or textiles.

It all depends on the style you want to print. Although heat, yes, is provided.

Do you have any doubts or suggestions? As always, I will be happy to read you in the comments.

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