A bathroom in shades of gray? But … won’t it be very cold? Well, it depends on how you combine gray and the materials, textures and lighting involved, but, as they show us 17 modern bathrooms in shades of gray what we will see next, if done properly, gray can create a very modern and not cool space, and you, I guess, want to see how. Well, let’s go now.

Modern and warm gray bathroom

Denis Krasikov and Anastasia Struchkova

Modern, straight lines, with tiles with a geometric pattern on the floor and marble on the walls in white tones with gray veins combined with gray painted walls. A bathroom that would be cold if there was no wood built into both the closet and the toilet area.

We will see wood every day in these modern bathrooms in gray tones, as it is an element that brings more heat into the spaces, along with warm lighting. Move on.

Bathroom in shades of gray and white with touches of wood and a round jute carpet

DIY Shelley bathroom for curator style

Gray tiled floor that extends completely covering the shower wall, the rest, white elements, combined with wood and a round mat of plant fibers, which gives warmth to this gray bathroom.

With a little detail it was possible to give warmth to the bathroom in cool tones.

Bathroom in gray tones with good lighting

Decor Aid project

If you have good natural light, you will have an ally that will take away the cold that gray can cause. If you add a little wood and some element of plant fibers like rattan, wicker, bamboo, etc. to natural light, you will have a pleasantly warm bathroom.

Bathroom in gray tones with beige walls and wooden furniture

Tiles in a very light gray tone, and the rest in white and lots of wood. It is a gray bathroom, but subtle, as well as very bright, which is why it is not cold at all, but a warm and comfortable bathroom. In addition, the upper part of the walls is painted in very light earth tones, which gives it warmth.

Gray-white bathroom with wood and fiber accents

Photographic house Lily Pad

Not only natural wood can be used to give warmth to a gray bathroom. The warm lighting shared with the blue lights transforms the aesthetics of the bathroom and the way we experience it.

Yes, it is true that mirrors should be placed on each side instead of above to avoid shadows with cold light, which best shows the natural skin tone, but the upper light of the bathroom can be put warm. In fact, if we have a gray-and-white bathroom, we should heat it yes or yes.

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Modern gray and white bathroom with wooden accents

Decorative project by Jagoda Nowakowska

This second bathroom is completely covered with gray fishbone-shaped subway tiles, on the sink wall, but these are, again, four wooden details, such as a cabinet, mirror frame and built-in cabinet frame, that create a cozy space.

Bathroom in gray and white tones and natural wood furniture

Decor Aid project

Modern bathrooms in shades of gray do not have to be simple. In fact, the smoother the surfaces, the colder they will turn out.

To shape the designs and patterns on the walls giving them personality and greater presence, as well as to warm up even if they are painted in gray, we can use moldings, sheets or wooden panels painted in gray tones.

Bathroom finished with warm and cozy cement

Enca Interiors project

Finished with cement walls, adding a rustic shade, but combined with modern elements such as tiles in dark gray tones and furniture of straight lines, all interspersed with warm elements such as wood and natural fiber basket that makes it in a cozy bathroom.

Modern bathroom in gray and wooden tones

Decorative project by Daria Elnikova

Use wooden shelves or shelves that match the furniture in the bathroom to create harmony and balance, and at the same time provide warmth and shelter, even visually, to the bathroom.

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Photo Flower hydrangea

Although it is almost completely covered with gray tones and a very dark gray color, this small bathroom is not cold. Natural light, white color of the furniture with moldings and the absence of smooth surfaces in the materials and golden accents, are the key to this gray bathroom to get a more pleasant shade.

Remember, the smoother the surfaces, the colder they will appear. Adopt patterns on the floor, on the walls, raised tiles and furniture with moldings and you will make that feeling disappear.

Modern bathroom in gray tones

Malamó Study Project Photo by Micasarevist

Another modern bathroom in gray tones that shows us that although we are all surfaces smooth and gray, if we add natural light, natural fibers and wood, no one will dare to say that our bathroom is cold.

Photograph of style curator

If you choose to cover the walls in gray tones with ceramic, you can opt for embossed or veined which, in addition to having a greater presence and personality than smooth, is not so cool.

Modern bathroom in gray tones, but warm and cozy

Photo by Sílvia Caballero

Of course, if you place the floor in wood or imitation ceramic wood, you will have tremendous support so that the bathroom does not turn out cold.

Modern bathroom in warm and cozy gray tones

Photography and project by Petite Harmonie

Finished in gray tiles imitating microcement in combination with white ceramics, but all protected by the wood of the sink cabinets.

Modern bathroom in gray and wooden tones

Ah Interiorismo Project

If you choose not to put natural wood in sight, there are ceramics in gray tones with a certain beige pigmentation that is not as cold as we see in the bathroom above this item. Tiles in that gentle shade between gray and very light brown make it not so cold.

Modern bathroom in gray tones

Photography and project by Petite Harmony

Details in pink tones, hydraulic effect tiles in gray and white tones and subway wall tiles with hair and relief, plus walls painted in light gray tone. The variety of textures and white colors make this modern bathroom cool.

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Modern bathroom in a warm and cozy microcement

Mireia Pla interior design project

Made in cement, a modern bathroom that has plenty of natural light and balances the cold concrete with warm plant fiber and wood additives.

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What do you think of these modern bathrooms in gray tones? Did you record and collect ideas? You already know that if you have any questions you can leave a comment which I will be happy to answer.

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