Paint and decorate the living room with white furniture In theory it is very simple; We should have no problems, of course, in a perfect world.

Because though white is combined with any other color and is suitable for all decorative styles, if not combined well, it can create a cool, almost aseptic, impersonal environment.

Considering this premise and the dozens of questions you ask me how to paint and decorate a living room with white furniture, I have prepared this article with 17 good examples living rooms with white furniture, decorated and painted in very different ways, to explore some of the many possibilities we have and correct them.

Let’s see them.

White walls

White living room with white furniture

Interior Design Nook Architects Photo by Yago Partal

The first option we will see is to paint the walls of the living room with white furniture, in white.

It’s always a successful option, but, ironically, the most risky, because if we don’t add some warm shades, whether in curtains, rugs or other decorative items and accessories, we can fall into a trap and build a decoration similar to one from hospitals. Impersonal and cold.

If you like white paint for the walls, go ahead, but try adding warm elements like pillows in earth tones, brown or yellow; curtains in soft tones, or, if you have a platform on the floor, you can practically forget to keep adding warm shades, because the wood has enough strength to counteract the possible coldness of white.

Let’s move on to the next color.

Black walls

Black painted living room with white furniture

Photo by Jonas Ingerstedt | Instagram @jonasingerstedt

From white we go to its opposite, black.

Painting the black walls of the living room with white furniture is undoubtedly a success as long as it is done well and other factors are taken into account, such as the size of the room, the amount of natural light it receives and the color or design of the floor.

But if all the elements work well with each other, we can paint the living room black or a wall to create the most elegant pairing of all: black and white.

So before painting in black, think about the size of your living room and whether it has good natural light.

If it is very small, it may be a very risky option; if the amount of natural light received is scarce, it may not be appropriate; If the floor is very dark, black walls can be exaggerated.

Gray walls

Gray living room with white furniture

Another very suitable color for painting and decorating the living room with white furniture is gray.

But gray also has a little “but”, and that is that if warm shades are not added, it can create a scene that is too cold.

For paint the living room gray with white furniture, we must include textiles and warm materials, such as wood from the floor, plant fibers, carpets, etc.

Not necessary, but highly recommended.

Let’s move on to more colors.

Earth tones and brown walls

Brown or earth tones walls and white furniture

Photo by Lupe Clemente Interior design Gärna Design

These colors not only combine beautifully with white, but are warm, comfortable and bright, so they are safe to decorate the living room with white, black or wooden furniture, as we saw in this article.

Blue and green walls

Living room painted in blue and green with white furniture

Photo by CrownPaints

Yes, of course, blue could not be missing in the living room with white furniture. Whether in light blue, navy blue, to color all the walls or create an accent, white goes great with white furniture.

And that is that, as I said before, all colors are combined with white.

Dark blue or navy walls

Dark blue living room white furniture

Photo by @stylebydi

Almost better than lighter blues.


Because the resulting contrast between the two colors is stronger and gives more personality to the spaces.

I like it better.

But my taste aside, navy blue can be perfectly combined with white furniture.

Coral walls

Living room painted with coral with white furniture

Dulux photography and colors

It is not often common to find a living room in coral color, but of course that color had to be included in the list of colors to paint the living room with white furniture, because it makes it beautiful.

We only need to see the room above these rows to check it out.

Like it or not, it’s something else.

Let’s move on to the next color.

Beige walls

Living room in white with white furniture

Photo by Ohh Couture

Of course. Beige on the walls goes great with white furniture.

If beige itself is already a light color, if combined with white, it twists the curls and creates extremely bright and comfortable spaces.

Orange walls

Orange colored living room with white furniture

Orange also goes great with white furniture and if in small doses, as we see in the picture above this paragraph, much better.

It is also combined with other colors that we can see in this article colors that combine with orange, in case you have an orange room and want to see how to combine it.

Red walls

Red colored living room with white furniture

Titanlux Photography

Red, another color with which we can paint the living room with white furniture. We see him in the living room upstairs with an almost white couch against the red wall.

And although we haven’t seen it, I’ve already told you that red combines perfectly with white.

Purple living room with white furniture

Purple works very well with white and also with wooden furniture, so I wanted to put it on this list, because if the furniture in your living room combines a white surface with natural wood, as we see above these lines, purple goes well with both colors.

Green walls

Green living room with white furniture

Interior design by Jeanette Trensig

I couldn’t omit the green on this list. Words are unnecessary, just look at the living room above this passage, designed by interior designer Jeanette Trensig, to see how it works in conjunction with white furniture.

Yellow walls

Yellow living room with white furniture

Photo by Sarah Joy

Another bright color is yellow, in dark, medium or light pastel tones, as we see in the living room on almost white sofas.

But yellow, like other slightly opposite colors, must also be carefully added, not because of the white color of the furniture, but because of the general scene; since it is an aggressive paint with a lot of energy and we have to apply it in the right dose.

Let’s move on to the next color.

Pink walls

Living room in pink with white furniture

Photo Photo Eijerkamp

Pink is a wonderful color to pair with white. There are many other colors that combine with pink, but with white it makes it great.

Also, if you add a tree of light tones to the equation, of which there are usually many in the living room, you will get a winning color palette.

Move on.

Turquoise walls white furniture

Living room with white furniture painted in turquoise

With turquoise, another fantastic color that combines very well with the white color of furniture or walls or doors, and achieving a very current palette.

If you like this color, you can see turquoise salons here, and here you know the colors that combine with turquoise.

Let’s look at the material now, not the color.


Wooden walls white furniture

Project Syncro

This is not common, but if you want to cover a wooden wall in your living room and are worried about whether it will combine with white furniture, don’t do that, because wood combines perfectly with white.

Definitely, we can decorate the living room and paint it with white furniture, paint or colors we prefer, as long as the chosen color not only matches the furniture, but also creates harmony on the general scene of the living room, taking into account the lighting, floor, size of the room and other elements that make up the composition.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I will be happy to answer you in the comments. I also advise you to take a look at this second article with 45 ideas for coloring a living room in two colors to get more inspiration, or this one with 50 modern living rooms, in which you will surely find your perfect color palette.


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