It seems amazing, but after working on dozens of projects the other day, a friend asked me for advice make a coffee table for his new house, since he wants something original and cheap, instead of resorting to traditional furniture, and I couldn’t come up with any idea other than using a wooden pallet.

But since there is no evil that does not come for good, my lack ideas for making coffee tables This led me to research and gather ideas, both for my friend and for me, and of course for all of you, with this article in which we will see 17 ideas for making a very original coffee table.

Looking for a coffee table? As my friend would say, don’t buy, make.

With industrial cable reels

17 ideas for making a coffee table: an industrial spool as a coffee table

Photo autumn + ash

We can paint it in color or leave it in natural wood. You need to pay attention to the height of the roll, because the coffee table must be adapted to our measurements in order to be comfortable and functional.

Instead of a roll, we can use two smaller ones. Wheels are another option that we can incorporate into the original coffee table, making it more practical.

Let’s look at another idea.

Making a coffee table from a tree trunk

Ideas for making a table: With a tree trunk

Trunk decorations

If you find a fallen tree trunk (not by mail, please), you can use it to cut into pieces and make a coffee table.

Depending on the thickness and your requirements, you will need more or less pieces. If you can’t find it, you can also buy it, like this one from Artesanía Décor de teak.

With glass and wheels

Ideas for making a table: With glass and wheels

Design and photography House Of Philia

Wheels can be bought in any hardware store, and glass, in a glassmaker, obviously. In addition, he will be the one to make the necessary holes for us, with a suitable drill for later installation of the wheels.

Make a table with suitcases

Ideas for making a coffee table: Suitcase with legs like a coffee table

Seen on Pinterest

This is one of my favorites. I love old suitcases; they have an irresistible charm. In this case, it will also depend on the size of the suitcase and our needs to use one, two or more suitcases to make a coffee table or even add legs.

Trunk rescue

Ideas for making a table: A box like a table

Photo Blog Sarah Joy

If it’s old, better from my point of view.

The boxes are perfect as coffee tables, as they generally have an ideal height, and in addition we can store a multitude of items inside, in addition to adding a decorative touch to a living room with a lot of personality, depending on the trunk.

Move on.

With wooden pallet and wheels

Ideas for making a table: Table with a wooden pallet with wheels

Seen on Pinterest

This material could not be lacking for making a coffee table. If we search the web a bit, we will find a thousand ideas for making different tables with pallets.

With an old door

Coffee table with door

The old door, worn out, also has a special charm that attracts a lot. And they are easy to find. In every construction container you see in your neighborhood there is certainly a door to add four legs and use as a coffee table.

We continue with the door

Coffee table with door

If you don’t want legs and prefer to use the whole door, here’s another idea.

With a slice of wood and metal legs

Ideas for making a table: With a slice of wood

Mesa de Serenity Stumps

Slices of trees have been in vogue lately in decorating. We see them everywhere. Now, too, like coffee tables. We need the slice itself and some legs that we will place on the tree later.

With wooden slats and metal legs

Coffee table made of wooden slats

Beautiful coffee table

A simple but very original idea, with a beautiful finish. We glue or twist the boards to form a firm and smooth top to which we will then add 4 legs, to have a wooden coffee table.

You can also see these coffee tables made of recycled wood.

With copper and marble pipes

Coffee table made of copper tubes

Photo Life in bubbles

This second idea is simple and inexpensive, and if we like industrial style, we can find old pipes, thicker than the ones we see in the picture and create a very original industrial coffee table. For the envelope we can use any smooth wood that meets our requirements.

With tree trunks

Ideas for making a table: With thin trunks

Seen on Pinterest

If you can’t find a log thick enough to make a table, you can always use thinner logs and stack them as we see above these rows to create a solid structure in which to put a glass or wooden envelope and create an original and rustic coffee table.

With pure marble

Coffee table made of marble

Photo by The Stripped House

If marble fascinates us, and now it is very possible that this is so because marble is a trend, instead of buying an expensive table in a furniture store, we can make it ourselves by buying a marble slab and adding four legs.

It depends on the type of marble and the size we need, but roughly, a square meter of marble is about € 25.

Therefore, having a unique and personalized marble table can be cheaper than it seems. Here we can see how to make this table.

Or imitation marble

Coffee table made of imitation vinyl marble

Poppy design

Although we don’t have to resort to the original marble either. We can also buy a roll of imitation marble vinyl and cover the table, as we used to cover school books and … voilà; we already have a marble coffee table.

Rubber coating with rustic or jute rope

Club table with rubber

Photo While they doze off

While it may not seem like it, what we see in the picture above this paragraph is a rubber covered with rustic rope and some funny legs added that turned it into a coffee table.

With metal tub and wooden cover

Coffee table made with metal tub

Photo by Liz Marie

As we can see in the picture above, with a metal tub and one of the parts of an industrial cable, we can also create an original coffee table. There are plenty of trees for my taste; With a slightly larger tub I would make a table without wood, just a tub.

So, what kind of table are you going to make? Wood, metal, doors, trees … And if you need decorating ideas later, you can see here 40 ideas for decorating a coffee table.


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