When designing the bedroom of Gloria, a recent client, she asked me for a cheerful, colorful, young, dynamic bedroom and I liked this suggestion because for the most part most bedrooms, even well decorated and beautiful ones, are usually sober, “boring”, monochrome , simple.

And despite the fact that a relaxing, calm and peaceful environment is initially an ideal environment for a bedroom, since it is a space dedicated to relaxation, I want to break the spear in favor of cheerful and colorful double rooms.

That is why I have prepared these 17 cheerful and beautiful double bedrooms, full of colors, in case you, like Gloria, want such a space. We will see these 17 bedrooms and I will tell you the keys and how you can turn yours into a lively and cheerful space. We started.

In pink and yellow

Cheerful and beautiful double room painted in pink and yellow

Photo by Leroy Merlin

Unfortunately, when it comes to a double bedroom made up of a woman and a man, pink is a color not usually used because it still carries old clichés, and I know from experience that men usually reject this color.

Well, if this is not your case, take a look at what a cheerful and dynamic double bedroom you can create with pink as the main character and yellow as a complement.

Apart from being beautiful and cheerful, it is easy to copy. You just have to paint the headboard wall pink and then add a touch of yellow, either on the wall or on a textile accessory if you don’t want to paint more walls.

Let’s see the next one.

Rely on textiles

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom with blue textiles and wallpaper

Whether you have painted walls or some relatively neutral wallpaper that doesn’t stand out much, you can create a cheerful double bedroom by adding full-color textiles.

In the bedroom it is very easy to do, because textiles are crucial in this space.

A simple blanket can turn a simple bedroom into a cheerful and vibrant one, full of color and personality.

Move on.

Pale pink and aqua green

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom painted in pale pink and aqua green

Photo by Leroy Merlin

These are two colors that, since they became fashionable, have not ceased to be so.

In addition, the two of them combine great and create a bright and beautiful space.

But best of all, although they add a great deal of color and joy to the space, as they are pastel, they also create a relaxing space, something perfect for a bedroom.

So, if you want a cheerful and colorful bedroom, but also relaxing, pastel tones are your allies.

Here you can see 17 pastel rooms for inspiration.

Even more sober

Cheerful and beautiful double room painted and decorated in neutral tones

Photo by Leroy Merlin

If you’re still looking for a less “aggressive” color combination than the previous one and see that it was soft, above these lines you can see a cheerful and beautiful double bedroom, but with a very subtle, almost neutral color palette. Grayish white, pale pink and small shades of other colors.

Bet on yellow

Cheerful and beautiful double room in yellow

Design and photography Old brand new Instagram @dabito

If you are not afraid of color and want a bedroom with personality, I can’t think of a better color than yellow.

It is the most vivid and cheerful color of all, combines well and in its right dose can create spaces as spectacular as the bedroom we see above these passages.

Full of energy and optimism, cheerful and cheerful.

Let’s see another color.

Coral tones

Cheerful and beautiful double room in coral color

The whole IKEA set

Since Pantone named Livin Coral the color of the year 2019, this shade has become very popular.

I have to admit that it is one of my favorite colors and it is beautiful in the bedroom.

It gives him a lively touch with the personality, but also elegant and mature. Something that seems important to me for a double bedroom.

If you like this color, here you can see the walls painted with coral color.

White with color accents

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom in white with textiles and roses

Design Studio DIY | Instagram @studiodiy | Photo by Jeff Mindell

If your bedroom has good natural light and the sun is shining, a bright color that is very appropriate is white because your bedroom will shine.

Now, to get the job done, it’s essential to put color accents.

Pink tones have been added to the bedroom we see above, but you can put the color you want if you don’t like pink.

If you don’t add any color, the whole bedroom will probably be painted white, it will be cool, aseptic, but not cheerful.


Cheerful and beautiful terracotta double bedroom

Another very modern color is terracotta or a palette of earthy and natural colors, among which is the color of terracotta or the color of tiles.

If combined well and accents of other colors like mustard are added, it can create a bright space, equally sober and mature, as it is a color with a lot of personality.

Blue and orange

Cheerful and beautiful double room in dark blue and orange

Interior design BMK Studio Instagram @studiobmk

The color palette that works really well is dark blue and bright orange.

As these are two very powerful colors, it is better to add them with accents, on a neutral basis, either white or gray.

This way you ensure a strong, happy and lively space.

pink wand

Cheerful and pretty double bedroom in pale pink

Interior design Design design

We’re back to pink again, but this time in its most popular format: pale pink.

A completely white bedroom with a large pale pink accented wall is a great success as it creates a cheerful and beautiful double bedroom, but also sweet and relaxing.

Add a few touches of green or yellow and you’ll double that joy if you find it too “bland”.

And that is that green and pink are a fashion couple. See below:

Pink and green

Cheerful and pretty double bedroom in green and pink with wallpaper

Design and photography Bari J.’s Desings | Instagram @Barij

In their many variations and shades, these two colors together represent a completely successful pair.

Also, if you combine them with the class and good taste that we see in the double bedroom above these lines, success is guaranteed.

Take a good look at all the fantastic details: from the upholstered wallpaper with aggressive patterned wallpaper in shades of green and pink, to the carriage of the green bed covered with velvet or the amazing picture in pink tones that covers the headboard. Sublime.

Let’s look at another bedroom:

Fuchsia pink and turquoise

Cheerful and beautiful double room in fuchsia pink and turquoise

Interior design BMK Studio Instagram @studiobmk

Another beautiful color palette that works great is fuchsia pink and vivid turquoise on a neutral basis, as these are two aggressive colors that if not combined in moderation can create an exaggerated and irresistible atmosphere.

But well combined in the right dose, so … You just have to look at the upstairs bedroom. Words are unnecessary.

Blue oil

Cheerful and beautiful double room in petrol blue and gold

Design: Ave Styles | Photo by Rennai Hoefer

It is another modern color, very beautiful and with which we can paint a cheerful and modern double bedroom, as we see just above.

But to achieve a cheerful atmosphere in the bedroom, petrol blue is not enough, because by nature this color is cold and lacks a certain “liveliness”.

To make up for that and achieve that happy and dynamic atmosphere we are looking for, we can combine it with gold metallic finishes and lots of white. That way the whole space shines.

Not the only way to use this color to achieve a cheerful bedroom, we can use another very successful combination, among others, as we see below:

Gasoline blue and mustard

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom in petrol blue and mustard

Design and photography Jan Skacelik Art Instagram @restyleart

Mustard yellow or standard yellow is, as I have already said, the most vibrant and joyful color that exists.

If you add it to any other color, as in this case petrol blue, the space will be extremely lively and personal.

Take a good look above at how yellow revitalizes and enhances petrol blue, as well as the entire space in general.

Use different patterns and prints

Cheerful and beautiful designer double room

Interior Design and Photography Jewelry Instagram @JewelMarlowe

This beautiful bedroom full of style and character is one of the most beautiful bedrooms I have seen lately. And lately I mean the last few years.

It is true that there is no easy design. Successfully combining these prints and patterns is complicated, and if you’re not very good at decorating, seek professional advice.

In this case, the bedroom is interior designer Jewel Marlowe, who has a natural ability to combine all sorts of patterns.

But solved this problem, with appropriate patterns, colors and graphics, can be achieved bedroom magazine. Superb

Cheerful, but also relaxing double room

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom in blue and mustard

Photography and design Enter my attic

If you want a cheerful bedroom, but it’s also very important that the space relaxes, I can’t think of a better color for it than blue.

Especially medium / gentle shades of blue. Well, it’s one of the relaxing colors out there.

And, to add that cheerful touch, we turn to the multi-purpose mustard-yellow color and create just that: a cheerful but relaxing and fresh bedroom.

Peach tones

Cheerful and beautiful double bedroom in peach color

Design by Justina Blakeney and photo by @Jungalow

Peach tones are other colors that we can use to create a cheerful and lively bedroom.

In addition, in general, although these colors have orange pigmentation that is powerful and relatively aggressive, they are usually soft, so we can also create a bedroom with a calm atmosphere.

It is up to you to decide which part of the peach you want to use to choose the color.

If you wanted more, here are 100 bedroom colors, with 100 photos of bedrooms painted in different colors.


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