If that’s what you want paint the walls of the living room with warm colors, the shades of the hot part of the color wheel are your allies.

Starting from yellow and red, together with all their combinations, shades and saturations, all warm colors are obtained.

As you can imagine, there is an endless variety, which is why I chose these 16 shades. They are usually among the most famous, and at the same time the most frequently used.

So stay with me and know 16 warmest colors to paint the living room which I prepared.


Photo by Mauricio Fuertes Interior Design Room Studio

We start with the classic among the warm colors. Bright and welcoming which in its standard tone combines very well with many other colors. This is one of the most commonly used colors when it comes to achieving comfortable rooms.

In addition, it can be combined very well, as we saw in this article with colors that combine with beige.

Bone color

Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted in whitish white

For white lovers who want a comfortable living room, they can use broken white with yellowish pigmentation. They are practically white, but subtle warm shades, as we see in the Nordic living room above these lines, painted in white or white.

Earth tones

Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted in earth tones

In addition to beige and off-white, we also have earth tones, very popular today.

There is a huge variety of earth tones that also range from the calmest, like beige, to the strongest, like terracotta, through the entire middle range.

One of the most commonly used is the one we see above these lines, very, very soft brown, a little stronger than beige.


Warm colors for living rooms: Greige

Design and photography @frugulsrud

Greige is a color that comes from a mixture of beige and gray. It is a very elegant warm color, because the gray part makes it perfect for any modern interior, and beige gives it real warmth.

Gently brown

Photo by Lupe Clemente Interior design Gärna Design

Raising the tone a little more, we have brown or medium earth tones, where we can find many colors, because depending on the pigmentation used to make the color, brown can be pulled towards the orange spectrum or towards red, which would lead to terracotta as well as many other colors. , depending on the shades.

Medium brown

Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted brown

Another warm color we can paint the living room with is medium brown. The color is not too aggressive, it is pleasant and elegant at the same time. We can paint all the walls of the living room with it, because it is not excessive. Yes, well combined.

Warm colors for painting the living room: Dark brown

Dark brown: If we want something with a greater presence, but in warm colors and browns, then we come to dark browns.

Elegant colors that belong to the warm, but which you must start using carefully. Here you can see brown colored rooms.

Chocolate brown

Living room with walls painted in warm colors

Photograph of furniture

Among the dark brown there is one that stands out above all chocolate brown.

It may be because of its name, but it is a very popular color that many like to paint in their living room or any other room.

Of course, it is also a paint that must be applied carefully. It is better to create an accent wall than to paint the whole space with it, because there are also many colors that combine with brown.

Orange brown or yellow orange

Warm colors for painting the living room: Tan orange

Design and photography by Jenna Burger

We leave the earth tones aside, that so far all the warm colors for painting the living room that we saw fell into that category, we step aside and go into oranges a bit.

Before reaching the standard orange color, we have other tones, like the one we see above these lines applied to the living room walls. A warm, fried orange color, but with more strength and energy than the previous ones.


Warm colors for painting the living room: orange

Now yes. We completely left the earth tones and focused on orange. A secondary color that results from a combination of red and yellow. Energetic and aromatic tone, but above all warm.

There are many shades and many colors that match orange. On the market we can find more than 50 official tones, such as apricot, peach, red ocher, chrome orange, copper and several tones which, with the appropriate color chart, we can choose to paint our living room with a warm color.

Let’s move on to the next warm color.


Warm colors for coloring the living room: Salmon

Photo by Melissa Kaseman for SF Girl by Bay

Salmon: Salmon is another cheerful and bright color, but also warm, with which we can paint the walls of the living room, if what we are looking for are warm colors.

Softer than orange, red and yellow, with more life than earthy ones, the color of salmon becomes a color between two worlds, with a lot of potential. Also, this shade goes pretty well with cool colors like blue and green.


Living room painted in dulux coral color

Dulux Photography

Another very powerful warm tone for painting any space, including, of course, the living room.

As you can see, it is a powerful color that needs to be applied in the amount itself and combined properly. But if done this way, warmth and expression are provided.

Here you can also see colors that combine with coral to fit into the color palette of your living room.


Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted in red and gray

Red is another of the warmest colors out there and we can use it to paint the living room. Obviously careful, because a color that expresses a lot is aggressive, signifies urgency and a lot of passion.

It must therefore be combined and added appropriately to achieve a harmonious scene.

As with other colors, there are many, many shades, as well as many other colors that go well with red.

Officially, or by name by letter, there are more than 100 shades of red. So, if you don’t like standard red, there is a huge palette of red colors with different shades that will meet your requirements.


Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted in terracotta color

Photo by Leneorvik

The color terracotta is extremely popular lately. It’s a color trend.

This tone is also classified as an earthy tone and, of course, warm.

The combination of red, orange and brown, with a lot of presence, can create scenes in magazines.

As you may have imagined, this must also be applied carefully.


Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted in yellow

Photo by Julia Brenner for apartment therapy

If we talk about heat, there is no color that offers it more than a bright yellow color. So much so that if we are not careful, we will exaggerate, creating a room that is too lively, too colorful, too busy.

If we like to paint the living room yellow, we can find it in more than 120 shades that are already available on the menu, to find only the one we need.

Here we can see more colors that combine with yellow.


Warm colors for painting the living room: Living room painted with mustard

It is one of the most popular yellow tones and could not be missing from this list of warm colors for coloring the living room. It has a lot of power, brings excessive warmth, but also more elegance than most other yellows; that is why it has become a color trend. And here you can see the colors that combine with mustard.


Warm living room decorated in tones of sand and wood

Design and photography @littlebrownfoxstyling, Little Brown Fox

Wood: It’s obviously not the paint, but the material, but speaking of warm colors for painting the living room, I couldn’t leave the wood behind. There is no other material that gives the environment more heat than wood.

If you wanted more, I advise you to see this range of warm wall paint colors.

For comfortable rooms, the best allies are colors. Obviously not everything depends on them, but we will have an excellent foundation on which to build our warm living room. For more inspiration, here you can see cozy salons in the color of sand.

If you have questions about living room paint colors, leave me a comment and I will be happy to answer you in the comments.

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