If you find yourself in the task of choosing an outdoor floor for a tiled place, garden or pool, join me and know these 15 types of outdoor floors that we suggest. They are extremely weather resistant, durable, not maintained or not maintained at all, and are naturally decorative. They are the best floors for the outside. Let’s go there.

Stone or porcelain tiles

Becagli Basin Hydraulic Engineering Project

Extremely strong and durable porcelain ceramics is one of the most popular types of exterior floors. With an infinite number of finishes, it is now also available in large formats, making spaces visually larger.

For the pool area, you need a non-slip floor that is as smooth as possible so that you can clean it comfortably.

Pallet and wood

Outdoor floors

Proyecto Oh All by hand

The deck and wood for the exterior are classics. If grass is of no interest to you for care and you are looking for a warm and welcome alternative, wood is the material you are looking for for your outdoor floors.

We can choose between different formats: platform, slats or floor tiles, as we see above these lines.

In addition to the format, you must also select the type of tree. For the exteriors, the most common are Ipe, pine trees and exotic forests.

Forests that tolerate bad weather well, but which occasionally, depending on the area and purpose, need maintenance.

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Composite wood floors

Swimming pool with outdoor composite floor

AquamarineSpa project

If you do not want to waste time on floor maintenance, then imitation wood composite floor, or in other words, synthetic wood, is the main material for you.

It is a mixture of wood fibers and plastic resins treated in such a way that over time they remain unchanged and maintenance-free, achieving a very successful finish and touch, like the floor we see above.

By clicking here you can request 4 free estimates for the installation of composites in your pool.

Outdoor clay floors

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Todobarro Photography

Classic and success. The older the floor, the more beautiful it is. Gain character and personality. Also, we now have at our disposal innovative designs of clay floors, in addition to the traditional ones, as we could see the other day in this article with new clay floors.

Brick floors

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

It offers us great versatility, because there are many shades available; from the darkest slate tone to the lighter straw tone, through all the midtones.

In addition, the finish can be matte, satin or glossy, and its placement can adopt an infinite number of different patterns, as we see on this exterior brick floor designed by Rústicos Lobillo.

Exterior microcement floor

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Under Microcementos Barcelona

The micro-cemented floor is presented among different types of exterior floors as a new solution with current and modern aesthetics, especially for tiled parts, pools and gardens in a minimalist style, as it creates a uniform floor, without joints and partitions, offering a very attractive visual continuity.

In addition, it is not only in cement gray. This product can be chosen in many other shades, it will be able to adapt to any environment and style that is needed.

If you want microcement floors in your pool, here you can request 4 free estimates for professionals in your area to contact you and tell you how much it will cost.


One of the star types of exterior floors due to its hardness, durability, weather resistance and versatility, because we can choose between different finishes, such as:

Polished concrete. Before it dries, with a trowel or commonly called a helicopter, it is covered over the entire surface, until its blades polish the concrete, leaving it smooth and polished, being able to choose between different tones, even white polished concrete.

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Photo by Pavivas

Stamped concrete. With this technique we can imitate a large variety of soils. From classic cobblestones, over wooden floors, through imitation slabs of stone, stone, arches, bricks and excellent, etc. It is a way of giving the floor texture, pattern and color, making the huge concrete get a very decorative look.

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Photo Flooring MG

If what you want is concrete or stamped concrete for your outdoor floor, here you can request 4 free ratings for experts in your field to contact you.

Whitewashed stone

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Renzi Studio Photo

Outdoor floor for garden, tiled yard or pool and for life that does not need maintenance, and can be cleaned with a hose or simply sweep it. Especially for an idyllic and rustic environment, because it blends in with the outside.


Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Photographic and design studio CAVAA

Easy and cheap to make. A layer of gravel is placed which is spread by regular folding over the entire surface of the paved part of the yard or garden, and then the furniture is placed on top of the gravel. No more.

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Rubber floors

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Photo by SegurBaby

Aesthetically, it is not one of the most popular types of exterior floors, but due to its qualities, it is a very suitable option. It is easy to install, it is durable and resistant, and with a variety of finishes you can choose from imitation stone, to rubber boards with artificial grass, through colors and other different textures.

Natural stone slabs

Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Design by Beatriz Elorza Photo by My House magazine

One of the most resistant and durable types of garden floors we can find. In its rough and non-slip format, it becomes one of the most competent products for outdoor use.

With a beautiful natural aesthetics, it is a material that passes as much time as possible, becoming more beautiful, similar to clay tiles, but with the advantage that it requires no maintenance and will last a lifetime, in addition to being able to choose from many shades: reddish, sand, beige , slate or a combination of several.


Pool with grass

Classic classic, typical garden soil. Today it is usually combined with other materials such as floor or stone to limit the space of the lawn to a small piece and reduce its maintenance, which must be constant.

Although if we are not ready to maintain it, we can always resort to an artificial alternative, which today we can find very high quality.

Irregular stone monuments

Swimming pool with snowflake floor

Photo @grantourismo for Grantourismotravels

This second material is one of the most popular types of soil for gardens, pools or paved parts, due to its zero maintenance, weather resistance and rustic and rural aesthetic ideal for the outdoors.

We can also choose the stone in different shades, depending on our taste and style. The stones range from the darkest shades like slate, to very light shades like limestone.


Outdoor floors for garden, patio or pool

Photo Stone Mastery

Marble is another of the most sought after natural stones for covering outdoor floors in swimming pools, yards and gardens because of its inherent benefits: hardness, durability, longevity and elegance.

But not all marble is suitable for exteriors, and less for the pool. If we want to avoid slipping and not run away when walking if it is raining or our feet are wet, we must resort to four types of marbles:

Flaming marble, which has a rough and fluffy surface, making them non-slip.

Spherical marbles, which have very pronounced roughness which makes them equally non-slip.

Mature marble, also with a surface full of irregularities, flakes and roughness, due to which it does not slip.

Travertine marble. It is one of the marbles that is most often used outdoors due to its rough surface, full of irregularities, pores and small holes due to which this floor does not slip.

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What do you think about this collection of different types of soil for the garden, pool or terrace? Are you clearer now about what I usually choose outside? If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer in the comments.


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