I get dozens of comments asking me about it how to paint and decorate a modern bedroom.

This is a very complex question to answer without knowing the tastes of the inhabitants of the said bedroom, without looking at the bedroom itself and without knowing any other details.

But if they made me answer without knowing the preferences in terms of color, furniture, textiles, I would say that the color palette is always current and does not go out of fashion: black and white.

Naturally, it is not just a color palette, it is much more, but it is a good start, a good basis for creating a modern bedroom.

In addition, join me as we will check out some modern black and white bedrooms so you can get inspired.

I comment on them to help you get ideas.

We started.

Modern black and white bedroom

Photo by Cynthia Harper de Cynthia Harper Living

In black and white technique, from the fantastic textiles that cover the bed, to the white walls painted in combination with the black on the headboard.

If this palette is too cold for you, you can always add warm elements like wood, plant fibers or plants to your bedroom to add the warmth you need.

Modern black and white bedroom

Photo by Paul Ferney Oh, happy living room for a cup of Jo

Another way to paint a black and white bedroom is the one we see above. The walls are painted almost to the ceiling, leaving a white plinth like the ceiling itself and creating an interesting decorative effect in the bedroom.

Modern black and white bedroom

In this second black and white bedroom gray is also added as a mediator, as the palette of all black and white colors has a lot of contrast and it doesn’t hurt to soften it by adding another medium color.

Modern black and white bedroom

Interior Decor Aid

All neutral, dominated by gray wallpaper with shiny black and white accents, creating a very elegant and modern bedroom. A bedroom that does not go out of fashion.

Modern black and white bedroom

Interior design Mabel Sierra Photo by David Montero

Not exactly black, but very dark anthracite gray, combined with white on the walls and matching textiles.

Modern black and white bedroom

Everything in white, even the furniture, except for one wall, the one with the headboard, which is usually the most appropriate, is painted black.

Modern black and white bedroom

This bedroom has a gray background, very soft gray, but as an accent, as a contrast, black and white elements on a gray background have been added, and although it is a bit cold, it is a modern bedroom with a lot of class.

Modern black and white bedroom

Design and photo by Swoonworthy Instagram Kimberly Duran

Everything in black except the bed with white textiles creates a beautiful palette of black and white with a large dose of yellow in a beautiful headboard.

Modern black and white bedroom

Design and photography Small house of four

If pure black seems too intense, too deep, try less intense black colors, which are also elegant and do not absorb as much light.

Modern black and white bedroom

All the conjunto from Maisons du Monde

In this set of Maisons du Monde we see how all the walls are painted black, and the floor is left in light wood, and the textiles on the bed are predominantly white.

Modern black and white bedroom

The whole IKEA set

Although there is a board or chalk paint in many colors, without a doubt the board paint is the most authentic and one that can help you paint your bedroom black, creating a very interesting accent wall, just as we see in IKEA style placed above these lines.

Modern black and white bedroom

Photo by HH Annes

In this case, the black frame painted on the headboard wall is bordered by white moldings, which gives the bedroom a more elegant touch. The rest, as you can see, is all empty.

Modern black and white bedroom

Photo by @Kristingronas

One of the colors that combines best with black is pink. Pretty heavy paint to apply indoors, and I’ll tell you why the other day.

All in all, by looking at a black and white bedroom above these lines, you can create a black and white palette and then add a pink shade that looks fantastic.

Modern black and white bedroom

Photo by Lynn Viken

The black and white palette is extremely easy to combine. It never works. But if you want to play it safe, add white as a background and then black accents.

Modern black and white bedroom

Seen on Pinterest

It’s not my favorite because it reminds me of stripes on a rugby jersey or football referees, but I know many like stripes to decorate their walls. If you do, here’s another idea to add black and white to your bedroom.

As I said at the beginning, these are two colors suitable for creating a current and timeless color palette that will not go out of fashion, because it is above them. But a modern bedroom can be achieved with any other color. Here you can see 100 photos and ideas for painting and decorating a modern bedroom in many other colors, and here you can see 100 colors for the rooms and here you can see more bedrooms painted in dark colors.


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