Hydraulic tiles, or imitations of tiles on hydraulic tiles are a very versatile resource for decorating any part of our home.

They are a coating that offers us a huge selection of decorative and aesthetic options, is extremely durable, requires no maintenance and economic costs are minimal.

To get the most out of this type of tile, you need to develop a good design to look and combine them properly, and if you need ideas for this, follow me we will see 15 ideas for decorating a very attractive hydraulic tile and for all the rooms that will help you choose your design and tiles.

Note that we are starting.

Frame the tub

Blue and white hydraulic plate for bathroom decoration

Porcelain tile Mudejar Azul by Kerlanic

Freestanding bathtubs have become fashionable lately. If you have space to set up in the bathroom, and you want to add hydraulic tiles to cover the walls, look at what a good idea to do it.

As you can see, it is about covering the area of ​​the bathtub, both the floor to the height and the wall of tiles of the hydraulic type, in order to emphasize the area of ​​the bathtub, creating a very modern contrasting area.

If you do not want to add wood or other material, you can also do this by covering the entire floor, as we see just below:

Blue and white hydraulic plate for bathroom decoration

Porcelain tile hydraulic type Kerlanic Barcelona

In this case the floor is covered with a hydraulic type tile and extended to the wall covering it to the ceiling with the same tile with the same installation.

Let’s look at another idea:

Take a shower

Hydraulic plate for shower wall decoration

Photo by Pierre Schuester

If you don’t have a bathtub, you can always use this type of tile to cover one or more walls in the shower area, framing and highlighting from the rest of the bathroom, and adding the most attractive contrast.

Let’s look at more ideas for decorating with imitation hydraulic tiles in the bathroom:

Create a substrate and combine materials

Blue and white hydraulic plate for bathroom decoration

Hydraulic plate Barcelona Arch by Kerlanić

Another good idea for covering the bathroom with this type of tile is the one we see above these lines, where the floor is lined with hydraulic type tile in blue and white tones, combined with imitation wood from a ceramic frame and extended the said coating to half height on the bathroom cabinet wall .

Remained in white and wood, so as not to overload the space, and a very modern bathroom was left; magazine.

Move on.

Create an accent wall

Hydraulic plate for decorating the bathroom

Without resorting to a complex design without making your life too complicated, you can also create a powerful and striking design, simply by adding an accent wall covered with this type of tile in the bathroom.

The bathroom we see above these lines has a built-in Urban Alba hydraulic tile from Cifre ceramic which, if you want, you can see more details or buy here.

Leaving the bathrooms aside, another very suitable space to showcase this type of tile is in the kitchen, where we can create beautiful decorative compositions, like the ones we see below:

Black and white with matching window sill

Black and white hydraulic plate for kitchen decoration

Kerlanic Chez Coco Star porcelain tile

Black and white is always the right combination in search of modern aesthetics. Appropriate aesthetics for modern kitchens.

If this is your case, see what a good solution it is to decorate it with this type of tile.

The floor is covered with Chez Coco Star porcelain tiles, and then the front or threshold of the kitchen is covered with the same tile, resulting in a modern, contemporary kitchen with personality.

You can use any other color if you don’t like black and white, although they are always successful in modern spaces with white furniture and straight lines, like most modern kitchens.

Let’s see another idea.

It covers the floor, threshold and walls

Hydraulic plate to cover the kitchen

Cotton tile from the Mudejar Kerlanić series

If you liked the previous idea, you can take it even further to the extreme and create a pedestal on the walls next to the facade or threshold and floor, with the same tiles, creating an original kitchen with personality.

Create a tile mat that looks like hydraulics

Hydraulic plate for creating carpets in the kitchen

If you’ve noticed, hundreds of vinyl mats that mimic hydraulic kitchen tiles have been on the market for some time.

Well, don’t, don’t buy it. The dirty thing is that after 3 days it is full of dirt. That is professional advice. You will spend the money on a vinyl rug that you will throw away a week after you get it.

If you are going to put carpet in the kitchen, let it be real tiles, not imitation.

In this case, not only will you have a “carpet” that adds decoration and adds style, but it is lifelong and requires no maintenance other than cleaning and wiping the floor.

Let’s see more:

Demarcate the kitchen island

Blue and white hydraulic plate for delimiting the kitchen island

Triana Classic Beige tile Kernalić

The concept of open kitchens or the famous concept of open doors will stay here.

From my position as an interior designer, I can assure you that this phenomenon has grown like few others.

Opening the kitchen to the living room is practically necessary today.

Still, a great solution for decorating the kitchen with hydraulic tiles is the one we see in the kitchen above these paragraphs.

It is about limiting the kitchen space with a hydraulic plate, dividing and separating the space without the need for another element, and adding a shade that adds decoration and defines the aesthetics of the space.

Let’s continue with the second solution:

Round off the dining room

Hydraulic plate for delimiting the dining room

Hydraulic porcelain tile from the Valencia Carmen series by Kernalic

Just as we can define the surface of a shower, bathtub, or kitchen, so we can also use this type of tile in a contrasting color to define the surface of a dining table.

It’s basically the same idea as when you put a rug under the table, but in this case the rug is perennial and needs no maintenance.

If we leave the kitchen and bathroom aside, we have many options to decorate the house with this type of imitation tiles to hydraulic tiles.

Create a base

Black and white hydraulic plate to create a decorative stand

Barcelona Cube tile Kernalić

Another resource that has been used a lot lately for interior decoration is the classic pedestal.

Although it must be recognized that paint and wood are used more for their creation than tiles.

But using some powerful and modern tiles like this model we see above these lines that Kernalic called the Barcelona Cube, we can create a decoration with character, full of style and personality, and design a magazine corner.

Carpet in the hallway

Hydraulic plate for hallway

Design and photography Seeking Lavender Lane

Another good idea would be the one we see above these lines, where the entrance of the house is covered with imitations of hydraulic tiles, which makes it look like a mat.

In addition to the decorative side that this solution can provide, it also has a practical advantage, because if you have natural wood floors, it is more susceptible to decay at the entrance to the house, because it is colder, wetter and dirtier there we can leave it in the rest of the house.

If this is your case, covering a small area as if it were a doormat, you can be sure that over time, tile is one of the most resistant and durable materials that can easily withstand moisture.

Decorate the climb or vertical stairs

Hydraulic plate to decorate the climb

Another fantastic idea for using hydraulic type tiles to decorate a house is to cover the stairs of the internal staircase with them.

It’s a quick and easy way to decorate a staircase, adding subtle touches of color or pattern to these tiles.

Play with the encounter and the materials that lay the floor

Hydraulic plate with original encounters and material combinations

Not only does the tile itself add decoration, but also how we place it and next to what.

And, if you’ve noticed, it’s become fashionable lately to create original encounters between different materials, especially between wood and tile.

This option is very impressive and creates spectacular results.

Line the fireplace

Hydraulic plate for chimney lining

Photographic and design style

Another very interesting focal point that we can create using hydraulic type tiles is the fireplace, creating a mosaic that matches the decoration or contrast with it, making the fireplace the focal point of the living room or the space in which it is located.

If you liked this idea, here you can see more ideas for decorating a fireplace with tiles.

Let’s move on to more ideas.

Hydraulic tile carpet in the living room

Hydraulic tiles for creating carpets in the living room

Marina tile from the Mallorca series by Kernalic

Not usual, truth be told, but the idea is great.

It is about creating a kind of rug that frames and limits the area of ​​the sofa, armchair, etc., in order to create a defined angle inside the living room.

It’s definitely a solution, because it’s not a rug we can change whenever we want, but if you like it and if you find a hydraulic type tile as beautiful as the one we see above these lines, you can create an extremely attractive space with the same more original decoration.

As you can see, you can place and cover any space with this type of imitation hydraulic plate and achieve a fantastic finish. In this case, the limit is set by your imagination.

Does any home decorating idea help you? Leave me a comment and tell me.

And if you think that this article could be of interest to friends or relatives who are looking for this type of ideas and tiles for decorating your home, share it. Thanks!


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