We saw the other day how it has been scientifically proven that green makes people happier in your home.

And one of the most beautiful and natural ways we can add green to a home is nature: with indoor or outdoor plants and, if we have land, with a beautiful and well-groomed lawn.

But unfortunately, there are many of us who live in apartments, where we have no land, big or small; only and mostly from the terrace or balcony. True?

So the solution passes install artificial grass on the terrace or balcony. Creating your own green urban oasis.

Well, let’s first look at a few photos of terraces and balconies with artificial grass to inspire you and see the potential of grass and how you can transform your terrace, and then we’ll move on to tips for installing, caring for and maintaining artificial grass, to make our terrace or balcony look as beautiful as the ones we will see right now.

Photos of terraces and balconies with artificial grass

Terrace with artificial grass

Photos by EasyGrass

See what a beautiful terrace with artificial grass. The garden on the terrace in the apartment is authentic.

It is divided into two areas, a lawn, including a set of garden furniture, and a dining room, in traditional tiles, so that it can be cleaned more easily. Perfect.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Photo The best fake grass

Another great example of how to design a patio with artificial grass. Modern, minimalist, without the need for any maintenance after laying the lawn and adding stone slabs to make the trail.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Photo Spruce

You can also separate the terrace to create two different environments using artificial grass, as we see in the picture above in this section, where the dog area is set next to the grass and the rest are traditional outdoor tiles.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Allgrass photos

Small balconies can also benefit from the aesthetics of the lawn, creating a small but cool and relaxing space. A different balcony where it is a pleasure to take off your shoes, sit in a chair and read or drink a beer.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

With four colorful accessories and green lawns on the terrace, we immediately achieved a space full of colors, perfect for summer, right?

Terrace with artificial grass and wooden or composite decking

Photos by EasyGrass

If our thing is minimalism and we love the most sophisticated environments, we can also use artificial grass and combine it with floors or composite, instead of tiles, to achieve a spectacular terrace like the one we see just above.

Terrace with artificial grass

We can also combine it with engraving, creating borders that beautify the design of the floor of the terrace or balcony.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

No matter how small the terrace is, we can always achieve a relaxing atmosphere by adding real furniture and artificial grass.

If artificial grass is not your thing, but you have a small terrace, you can see 30 ideas in this article small terrace decoration.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Photo decoration Jared

Another beautiful balcony with artificial grass and very well decorated, full of colors.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Since we can cut, we can always add only what we need, be it a lot or a little. Artificial grass has the advantage of behaving like a custom-sized mat to meet our requirements.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Photo artificial grass

With good care and maintenance we will shine and enjoy the best terrace. And the best thing is that artificial grass hardly needs maintenance, although I will now tell you more details about it.

Terrace with artificial grass and furniture made of white painted wooden pallets

Photo thousands of decorating ideas

White and garden furniture made of wooden pallets go very well with the grass floor, even if it is artificial.

Terrace or balcony with artificial grass

Photo section 51

If you use a balcony to cultivate your own urban garden, artificial grass will create a more pleasant atmosphere, right?

After seeing these inspiring terraces and balconies made of artificial grass, let me share tips for installation and maintenance.

How to install artificial grass on a tiled deck

It is generally on balconies and terraces covered with stone tiles, and placing artificial grass on this type of floor is very simple. In this Leroy Merlin video you can see what it is easy to install artificial grass on stone or compact earth:

– The first thing is to measure so we know the meters of grass roll we will need.

– When we roll the roller, we unroll it on the terrace in order to make small traces with the cutter where it is necessary to cut. For example: a pole, protrusion or any other obstacle.

– After we make the marks, we rewind the roll and cut where we marked, with the necessary depth to overcome various obstacles.

– Now let’s stick the first tape. Each strip is approximately 2 meters wide. If the terrace or balcony is wider, we need another strip.

– The strips are glued to the ground using self-adhesive tapes that are placed on the ground, and the grass glue is placed on top and then the grass itself is glued. In these places it is convenient to place the weight so that the grass sticks properly to the tape.

– It is recommended to leave half a centimeter of the distance between the cut and the cut, in order to create a kind of expansion joint. Then the separation is not visible, because the grass completely covers it. To do this, we need to glue the strips we cut in the same direction.

It’s not hard to install artificial grass, is it?

Cleaning and maintenance of artificial grass on the terrace

Cleaning of artificial grass from the terrace.

– As an occasional cleanser, we can give him a hose with water. In this way we manage to clean it and keep it cool at the same time, especially in summer.

Artificial grass brush

– We also have to brush it occasionally. With a long brush made of plastic bristles. With this, in addition to cleaning it, we achieve that the blades of the synthetic grass are raised again and return to their initial position, making the grass look like the first day.

– And, about twice a year, it is also desirable to strive for it.

Cleaning the surface of artificial grass is very easy and fast. It will not waste much time and we will be able to have the grass in good condition.

Maintenance of the artificial grass terrace.

Protect it from the sun. Today’s lawns are ready to withstand both high and low temperatures. Nonetheless, it is convenient to protect it from the sun as long as we can so that it will last longer before it becomes hard and dry.

Like I said, artificial turf is mostly ready to withstand high and low temperatures, but it doesn’t hurt to reach out so it keeps us in the best possible condition for a few years.

Clean the feces. It is very likely that you will find bird droppings on the lawn. If this is the case, clean them as soon as possible as they are corrosive and will eventually leave a mark on the lawn if they are not cleaned. If you do this occasionally, just use water and soap to finish rinsing with plenty of water to remove traces of soap.

For other types of more permanent stains, such as perhaps paint, we can try a solution with 3% ammonia and water.

If we use solvents or removal agents, it will be an exceptional measure and always in a moderate way, as these products damage the lawn. Best, water.

Correct small flaws. A small flaw on the artificial grass canvas is nothing at first, but in the end it always gets worse, causing the canvas to crack. If you notice a small flaw, fix it before it gets worse. You can use putty or grass silicone to seal the damage.

Where to buy artificial grass?

In addition, for example, in physical stores like Leroy Merlin, we can also order it online.

If you allow me to advise you, the ARKmat brand is an excellent artificial grass. ARKmat is dedicated to the construction and design of all types of floors, and they are specialists in artificial grass floors.

I do not advise you to buy a bad lawn, because the saying: Everything cheap is expensive, Is 100% filled with bad artificial grass over time, and not for long.

Artificial grass

The one we see has a good price, with a realistic finish to the touch and sight, durable, resistant and comes from the company ARKmat. You can read the opinions of the people who installed it to confirm that what I say is true.

It is available in various finishes: with long, medium and short knives, and we can order exactly the required scales. You can buy it here on Amazon.

With these ideas and tips, we’ve seen how easy it is to install artificial grass on our patio or balcony and keep it in good condition, so tell me, do you dare? If you have any questions or suggestions, I will read you in the comments.

If you’ve come this far, this second article will surely interest you: Tips for garden maintenance and care.


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