When it comes to cooking, it’s very important good organization elements that we will use to have on hand as much as we need, as is the case spices.

We use them to season food and give dishes a special flavor, but the truth is that there are a lot of small jars that take up a lot of space either in the cupboards, or we have them scattered on the worktop, right? ??

Therefore, it becomes inevitable have a grocery store so that the chaos of spices does not make the kitchen.

So I collected a string today practical ideas so that you can store and place spices in such a way as to save space in the kitchen, while giving them a special place where they can decorate and where it is always at our fingertips.

Some of these spice shelves are made from recycled materials and they are easy to make, others can be found in any do-it-yourself store or online.

With these fantastic ideas, your kitchens will undoubtedly have a more organized and original look. Let’s look at this 15 spices that you can apply in your kitchen.

1 Spice rack with slate base.


Addicted 2 Decorating Project

A spice rack with a slate base and a wooden frame on which the names of each species are written. The jars have a metal base that is attached to the slate. For added appeal, they framed it. Ideal for giving the kitchen an original stamp to that blank wall you have.

Although if you want solutions for that, here you can see 25 ideas for decorating a kitchen wall.

2 Spice cabinet with old glass door.

This wardrobe is recycled, they used decorative paper for the background. The exterior is left as it is, with outdated paint. Ideal for kitchens with retro or antique air. Now you just have to get an old closet.

3 Spice rack made with wooden shelves.

This is one of the best ways to save space in the kitchen. To create this spice rack, they just placed some shelves on the wall and filled them with jars with everything at hand. Perfect for small kitchens.

4 Spice rack made with shelves and slate base.

shelves and boards
This spice rack also takes up little space, shelves are placed on a slate wall, and a frame is drawn with chalk. Very original, don’t you think?

5 Spice rack made with metal drawers.

metal trays

Mod Vintage Life Project

This spice rack is very original because of its antique touch. They used these precious metal drawers for this. It also takes up little space because it is hung on the wall.

6 Spice rack with box of Coca-Cola soft drinks.

coca cola box

Proyecto Discover, create live

If you have a wooden box with compartments, you can create this wonderful food rack. This one was specially created with a box of Coca-Cola fizzy drinks.

7 Spice rack made of pallets.

pallet box
Decorating with pallets is very modern, this distinctive spice rack was created with pallets. They used the lower part to place the bottles, and for the upper shelf a large spice rack.

8 Spice rack for drawer organizers.

Spice rack for kitchen drawers

Personalized drawer designed by Santiago Interiores

There are special spice racks for drawers of this type. It is ideal for kitchens with minimalist decoration or for people who do not like to have these spices in sight.

9 House-shaped spice rack.

If you love crafts, this handmade spice rack is ideal. They succeeded with wooden planks and a bit of paint. You can hang it on the wall or lean against a piece of furniture.

10 File type spindles.

For fans of this organization, you will undoubtedly like this grocery rack. They come with pre-printed labels and other blank labels so you can personalize them. We found it in this store.

11 Chrome-plated hanging spice racks.

These spice racks are suitable for any type of kitchen due to their elegant and functional design. They are made of chrome strip and are made of glass or have many other formats. You can buy them here.

12 Spice rack made with wine bottle boxes.

Spice rack made from recycled wine bottle boxes. To achieve this finish, they painted the box white and then aged it. Very nice and original. You can see more details here on the Very Easy page.

13 Spice carriers with magnets.

Magnetic spice rack
You need very little for this type of spice. Sheet metal and spice boxes with a magnet on the lid like the ones you see above this picture you can buy here. You can create it yourself using yogurt jars, for example, or if you want, you can buy it at decorating stores.

14 Spice tube test.

test tubes

We believe that the kitchen is the perfect place to experience alchemy. If you like chemistry and originality, it is perfect. You can do this yourself with these tubes and some of these tube holders.

15 Internal spice cabinet.

interior cabinets
If you want the spices to be stored without them in sight, it is best to look for a spice rack of this style that you will place inside the door. In addition to saving space, your spices will be perfectly organized or tell the chef and manufacturer of your choice that you want something like that.

If you wanted more, I bother you to see these 40 ideas to have an organized kitchen to help you.


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