Of course, the decorative essence of any garden is its plants, flowers, trees and shrubs. There is no doubt that if we want to decorate a garden, these are the elements we must base ourselves on, not only because they are where Mother Nature placed them, but because of their very beauty. There is nothing more beautiful than beautiful natural flowers. And also with a little imagination we can raise that beauty to the category of art. For example showing these flowers in beautiful and original hanging bowls.


This way of showing and decorating the garden, in addition to being very original, is also practical because, although there is little space, since they are suspended, we can easily hang them regardless of the meters of land we have. Moreover, we may not have a meter outside, but thanks hanging pots, in the house we can have a hanging micro garden. If you like the idea of make your own hanging pots, we have prepared you today 15 ideas how to make them, each has its own style, but all are really charming, plus all they are made of very light and cheap materials get, even some completely free, since used recycled materials. Here you go 15 ideas on how to make hanging pots.

Hanging bowl with macrame

Hanging jardiniere with a glass jar

See how it’s done here at Hutchstudio

Hanging bowls with buckets

Photo: Centsationalgirl.

Hanging pot made with a cage

Photo: Lovethispic.

Lovely hanging pot

See how it’s done here at Northstory.

Hanging bowls made with fish tanks

See how it’s done here at Abeautifulmess.

Hanging bowls

See how it’s done here at Greenpennypincher.

Ideas for making hanging pots

See how it’s done here on Poppytalk.

Ideas for making hanging pots

See how this is done here at Istructables

Pretty hanging pots

Hanging bowl made with a drain

Photo: Curbly

Hanging pot

See how it’s done here at Lifestyle.Yahoo.

Hanging pot made with rubber

Hanging pot

See how it is done here in Apartmetherapy.

Hanging bowls

See how it’s done here at Designsponge.

As we can see, making hanging pots is not difficult, anyone can do it and with very little financial cost. And you, how do you make your hanging pots? I read you in the comments.

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