I will not go into the reasons why you want to make a home bathroom cabinet. All that matters is that you want to do it, and I’ve gathered a few ideas for that.

With wood, metal, concrete, rustic, double, modern … There are ideas for making all kinds of bathroom furniture, surely among all there is a piece of furniture you are looking for. Or very similar. Let’s see them.

Homemade wooden and concrete bathroom cabinet.

Photo of H2O bungalow

The one we see above these lines, made of wood lacquered in a very dark tone, double and all open at the bottom, we even have plans on the H2OBungalow blog.

Masonry bathroom cabinet paved with gray tiles.

There are no plans for this above, but they are not needed. It is enough to build the construction we see on the construction site with a rake and cement, and then with tiles to taste. Either create a sense of unity with the rest of the bathroom, or add contrast. Your choice.

Bathroom cabinet made of wooden pallets.

Fotografia DIY pallet furniture

Of course, bathroom furniture made on pallets could not be missing in this collection of homemade bathroom furniture that I collected.

If you love pallets and consider yourself a pallet maniac, Diy Pallet Furniture has created this other great bathroom furniture with pallet tables. And a mirror cabinet as well.

Homemade bathroom cabinet made of raw wood planks.

Simpler and more exotic this second bathroom furniture, made of two freshly cut wooden planks and practically unprocessed, natural. One as a sink worktop and the other as a shelf.

All you need is raw materials. Wood. Although if you want, you can buy this homemade bathroom furniture ready here on Etsyu.

Handmade bathroom cabinet with two sinks.

Photography Addicted 2 do it yourself

If you are looking for something more traditional and classic, that is, a lifelong bathroom cabinet with its drawers and doors, the one we see above this section in white and with a double sink may interest you.

In addition, you have all the blueprints, tools and materials you need to make in Addicted 2 DIY.

Handmade wooden bathroom cabinet.

Photography Build something

Simpler, open and in wood; perfect for a small bathroom. We can also see how to make this second piece of furniture and the necessary materials and tools here, in Build Something.

Handmade vintage bathroom cabinet.

Photo Shades of blue interiors

In a rustic vintage style, with tight legs and a solid wooden body in which there is a closet, a lower shelf and it is ready to install a sink. If you like it, you can see it here at Shades of Blue Interiors.

Handmade vintage bathroom cabinet.

Photography Build something

The next one we see above seems purchased. Bought years ago, but from the factory, right? It is, of course, also a homemade bathroom cabinet, and you can see it here.

Handmade bathroom cabinet in the style of a country house.

Photo of Shanty 2 Chic

Farmer style or farm, an American trend that has more followers here every day, in Spain. The fact is that this second piece of furniture is also handmade, and if you like it, you can see how it is done here.

Rustic, handmade bathroom cabinet with two dishes.

Photo The space between the blog

Large, beautiful, rustic cut, double and all open to always have accessories at hand. This piece of furniture was made in the blog The Space Between.

Handmade hanging wooden bathroom furniture with concrete roof.

Photo of a WoodShop diary

If you’ve been paying attention so far, you may have noticed that we haven’t seen the suspension yet. And not only that, for now it will also hang with a concrete roof, unlike all the others.

You have more information about WoodShop logs.

Bathroom cabinet made of antique table.

Makely Home Photography

Not all are for construction, some can also be achieved by remodeling old furniture, such as the one we see above these lines, by Makely Home, made with an old small dining table.

Bathroom cabinet made of wooden planks.

Infinitely creative photography

Large thick and solid wooden board, thick enough to accommodate a recessed sink and firmly attached to the walls. All that was needed was to have a small and original washbasin cabinet, of a rustic cut but minimalist soul, which they made into Infarrantly Creative.

Bathroom cabinet made of old antique cabinet

Of course, you can always save an old, beautiful piece of furniture, with a fireplace and a personality, and make the necessary alterations (some holes) to set up the faucet and sink drain, as they did with this one from Etsy.

Bathroom cabinet made of concrete and wood.

With a concrete slab and wooden body, modern materials in the bathrooms and, as you can imagine, ultra resistant, like the one we see above these Etsy lines.

Handmade furniture for industrial bathrooms.

And we end up with an industrial cut model, which doesn’t come with plans or instructions, but where we can see that with a metal construction and two wood panels of a certain thickness (to taste) we can make a home bathroom cabinet with a lot of style. Also from Etsy.

What is your style? Which bathroom furniture do you prefer? I read you in the comments.


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