Green, which is born from a mixture of yellow and blue, is a color that expresses freshness, life and, especially, nature, because it is the dominant color. It is a favorite color of many people and, although not one of the easiest combinations, green, in decoration, can contribute a lot. To want combine green to paint or decorate the house? Don’t miss this 12 colors that combine beautifully with green.

Living room that combines green and white walls

Photographic professional tool

Green and white. We start with the easy, with the safe. White combines beautifully with green. Actually with any color, but there are some that look better, and one of them is green. The green color you see above these lines is Brugger’s natural green which you can buy here.

No matter in what tone we combine it, white and green are always a success. Create fresh and bright spaces.

A room that combines green and gray

Gray and green. Keep it simple. Gray is a neutral color par excellence or is also called anticolor, according to some masters of architecture and design; so with a green house so good. Green and gray create spaces full of life thanks to the color green but also with a sophisticated and modern touch thanks to the always elegant gray color.

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A kitchen that combines pistachio and orange on the walls

Green and orange. Orange is born from red and yellow, two colors that go great with green. So that orange is another color that, if desired, we can use to create a color palette in addition to green.

Audacity kitchen that combines turquoise and green, with pink tones

Green and turquoise: These are two colors that are in the cold part of the chromatic circle, in addition to the fact that turquoise has green pigmentation, so, naturally, these are the colors that combine.

Of course, be careful, because the whole space decorated with these two colors can saturate.

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A bedroom that combines green and pink walls

Photo by Harrison Nate and me

Green and pink. In fact, green goes well with red because it is its complementary color; so, all variants of red, like pink, are bright allies of green and its numerous tonal variations. In the pictures above these lines we have an example. In the dining room designed by Virginia Guasch for Casa Decor 2018, where green and pink tones dominated the space.

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A bedroom that combines pistachio and brown

Green and brown. Brown is another color we can find, especially in nature.

Trunks, branches, earth …, that’s why it combines so well with green. The spaces decorated with these two colors evoke memories of nature and peace, because the brown color is calm, but also elegant.

Although it is dark brown like the one we see above, it works along with green.

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Green on the walls combined with red on the curtains

Jean Porsche space for Westwing at Casa Decor 2017

Green and red: In this second picture, the one above, we see a green combined with red, and the result, to be different, since green and red are analog, is good.

In this combination it is convenient to add one of them in small doses, so as not to burden the space we decorate with these two colors.

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Green living room combined with blue

Jean Porsche space for Westwing at Casa Decor 2017

Green and blue. The two are analog or harmonic colors. It is are close to the wheel with the colors. These two colors are a true success of the combination, creating fresh and vibrant spaces. Although yes, not at all warm, for the two of them are in the cold part chromatic circle. If it is your intention create a warm atmosphere, better not use these colors.

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Bedroom painted in green combined with beige walls

Photograph of furniture

Green and beige. Beige is earthy in color, warm and very soft, so it is natural, which combines beautifully with green. On this occasion, beige gives green all the warmth it doesn’t have.

If you are looking for such a beautiful beige color as the one in the photo, you are interested in the beige shade Bruguer Nepal that you can buy here. It is a very light and very gentle beige color.

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A bedroom that combines green and purple on the walls

Photograph Two little dragons

Green and purple. Purple is a color that comes from red and, as we have already seen, red, which complements green, usually combines quite well. That is why purple colors and their variations are a good option for combining with green.

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A bedroom that combines green with black

Etsy Photography

Green and black. Black is another color that, along with white and gray, is easy to combine because it supports many or virtually all colors. And, although we must be careful when decorating or painting with black, making a companion green, it is easier to add decoration.

Living room that combines green and yellow

Green and yellow. Yellow is another color analogous to green, a warm color that also combines great with this, creating a fresh and very cheerful environment.

Bedroom painted green

Photo of Thrifty Decor Chick

Other shades of green. We can too combine green with any of the many other shades of green to achieve a monochrome palette is always successful.

This upstairs bedroom has an intense, beautiful green hardwood on the wall, and on the bedspread, pillows and cushions we see other shades of green that, naturally, combine perfectly.

So, another one of colors that match green is, green itself, in very diverse tones.

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A room that combines green and wood

Photo of the Sun pets

Wood and plant fibers: Green is a color that comes from nature. We see it in plants and leaves, in fields, trees and other vegetation. So even if it’s not the color itself, but the material, green with wood and plant fibers, combines perfectly, since all these elements are of a natural nature.

What do you think about green for interior design? Would you paint the walls with it? I read you in the comments.


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