Mustard, a powerful yellow shade with beautiful shades that sets it apart from the standard yellow, has been one of the most popular colors in decoration for several years.

And, although due to its strength it may seem difficult to combine color, as we will see below, it is one of the colors that, among other things, combines best, because it is the primary color, many of which give birth to other colors and recognize numerous combinations .

So, we will see these 15 colors that combine with the color of mustard in the walls and decoration, so you can paint and decorate with it with complete success.

Mustard and blue

Colors that combine with mustard in the walls and decoration

The perfect pair of primary colors. Always warm and aggressive mustard yellow combines brilliantly with blue, always relaxing and fresh. Blue, along with the green we will see below, can be the two most suitable colors to combine with mustard, either for applying to walls or decorative elements. And here we can see 12 other colors that combine with blue.

Mustard and white

Colors that combine with mustard in the walls and decoration

Naturally, another color that is combined with mustard on the walls or in the decoration is white. Two shades in the same color palette stand out from each other. Each shines thanks to the other. For this reason, interiors decorated or painted in these two colors give off that energetic and positive feeling.

Mustard and terracotta

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The color terracotta is one of the warmest and strongest earth tones that exists, also, mustard yellow is another of the most pronounced warm colors that exist, therefore, although terracotta is one of the best colors to combine with the color of mustard. it is always advisable to be careful and add some of them in small doses.

Mustard and earth tones

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes Interior Design Room Studio

Other colors that are combined with mustard are a whole range of earth tones: beige, ivory, sand … You can choose any that will work with mustard yellow softening.

Mustard and gray

Colors that combine with mustard on the walls and decoration

Yellow and gray have always been a winning pair indoors. As with white, when gray and mustard are combined, one highlights the other.

This color combination is perfect when we want to add a dose of color to a gray and monotonous space. By adding a mustard accent we will get that injection of color and vitality that the space requires.

And this is good news, because today Nordic interiors have conquered the whole world with their gray and muted tones, and gray shines more than ever, we have a powerful mustard that adds that touch of color, always right.

Mustard and lilac

Colors that combine with mustard on the walls and decoration

Photo by Anette Talstad

Another color that combines with the color of mustard with great success is lilac. They match perfectly. These are two tones with a lot of presence, but the added neutral third, like white or gray, will make the space in which they are applied gain a lot of vitality and energy, but without overloading or saturation.

Here you can see more colors that combine with the purple color of the walls and decorations.

Mustard and brown

Colors that combine with mustard on the walls and decoration

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Of course, dark brown or chocolate brown or any dark brown color has a mustard color. Both are warm, but although mustard is a very energetic color, brown is calmer and more elegant, so it slows down mustard and serves as the perfect base.

Here you can see more colors that match brown.

Mustard and purple

Mustard color combined with purple color of the walls

From Saint Maclou

If lilac goes well with mustard, purple is also on this list of colors that go with mustard. More powerful and with a greater presence than purple, it should be added in small doses, one or the other, so as not to saturate the space with so many colors.

But applied in small meals, for example the same as we see above these lines, where the headboard is painted with geometric shapes in purple and mustard, it creates a very interesting combination.

Here you can see more colors that match purple.

Mustard and black

Colors that combine with mustard in the walls and decoration

Photo A thousand ideas for decoration

The last of the neutral or achromatic colors after we saw white and gray, with which we can also combine mustard on the walls and decorations, as we see in this corner with a mustard armchair combined with black on the accent wall.

Between these two colors, black and mustard, it is also desirable to add a neutral and serene third to soften the palette and act as a subtle mediator.

Red and mustard

Mustard color combined with red color

Do you want a space full of energy? Okay, goal: red and mustard. Two warm and very, very powerful colors, but they combine well. Although if in small doses, much better.

Mustard and pink

Colors that combine with mustard in the walls and decoration

Homemade photo in candy color

And if red is combined with mustard, pink that comes from red, yes. But in a calmer and calmer way, because the saturation is much lower.

Mustard and greens

Mustard color combined with green color

De La Redoute Interieurs

Being a cool color, green makes a very good pair with mustard yellow, as I warned earlier, because it softens and complements it. In addition, green, born from blue and yellow, will always be one of the best colors to combine with mustard.

Here you can see 12 colors that match the green.

Mustard and natural fibers

Mustard color combined with furniture and accessories made of plant fibers

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Today, homes made of rattan, wicker, bamboo and other plant and natural fibers are flooding homes: baskets, furniture, rugs and other elements have become very modern, and we must also consider them to combine them properly with colors. Fortunately, they go well with mustard yellow. If you have this type of material in your house, don’t worry about adding mustard color to the walls or decoration, as it will combine.

Mustard and wood

Sofa bridge from Maisons du Monde

Sofa and conjunto from Maisons du Monde

Similarly, another material that lives to a greater or lesser extent in all homes is wood, so before introducing paint you need to consider whether to combine with it. In this case, mustard color also combines well with wood tones. Whether it is light, medium, dark or ebony wood, this shade works great.

Mustard and other shades of yellow

A strong and very powerful but always effective combination is to combine the color of mustard with other shades of yellow, creating a monochrome palette, which is always successful, except when we fall into excess and saturate the space.

If you are interested in this option, add neutral tones like gray or white to soften as many colors as possible.

Of these colors that combine with mustard in the walls and decoration, which one would you combine it with?

And if you want to combine mustard with another color that doesn’t appear on this list and you have any questions, leave a comment that I’ll be happy to answer.

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