When we get ready paint the children’s room several things can happen One of them is to have clear and defined colors and execute it without major problems.

Second, to fall into the trap of colors, as I call it, where the sheer number of shades available makes us doubt until we know which one to choose: Will these two shades look good? What if I repent later? What if this one is better with the other one? Will it fit the furniture? Do these questions ring?

If so, you need a dose inspiration and see the various color combinations that work in a child’s bedroom, How are you, what we will see now.

Son 15 good color combinations to paint a child’s room which work very well.

We started.

Pink and gray

15 color combinations for coloring a child's room: gray and pink

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Let’s start with a simple and popular combination: medium pink and medium gray. The way you set them up is up to you, but as you can see, the two work very well together. One brings color and joy, and the other, gray, cheerfulness and combines with everything.

White and blue

15 color combinations for coloring children's room: white and navy blue

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Blue is a beautiful color to paint a child’s bedroom or any other room; and white, well … White is suitable in practically all cases. So white and blue, as we see, make a good pair.

If the bedroom is for a baby or child, perhaps a lighter blue would look better than a darker blue, as we see above these lines, where it may seem more appropriate for a bedroom for a teenager.

While this has been said, it should also be noted that colors do not understand age.

Different shades of blue

15 color combinations for coloring a child's room: Shades of blue

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Remember this case, because it is used not only for the children’s bedroom, but also for all rooms, and I do not mean blue, but the selected color palette. It is a one-color palette, of different shades. That is, the color is chosen, and it is colored with different tonal variations of that color, lighter or darker. It never fails, much less with grayish blue colors that are in trend in colors for children’s bedrooms.

Blue and green

15 color combinations for coloring children's room: blue and green

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Fresh, relaxing and revitalizing, these two colors together are naturally a good combination of tones to color a child’s bedroom.

Blue and pink

Children's room painted in blue and pink

Photo: Nursery project

Classic tandem, blue and pink in gentle tones on the walls, and the rest of the decoration matches.

Sky blue and gray

15 color combinations to paint a child's room: gray and blue

Photographic kindergarten

Gray is a color that is always combined with any other, since it is neutral, so we can use it with the desired color, because in this case the sky blue color is applied to the ceiling, and the walls remain gray. orange accents.

Leaf green-white

Children's room painted in green and white

Photo house for whalers

There’s no reason to put two colors as we see in the picture above, although that’s a great idea; It is important in this case to see how well they combine and the possibilities they offer us to paint a child’s room.

Yellow and green

A combination of colors for painting a child's bedroom

Photo: Sherwin- Williams

A combination that combines a tone with a lot of energy, like yellow, and another relaxing and fresh like green. The best of both parts of the color reel in the bedroom.

Yellow and earth tones

A combination of colors for painting a child's bedroom

Photo: Sherwin- Williams

Yellow is a color with a lot of energy that needs to be softened in some way so that the scene is not tasteless. Earthy or sandy tones are best suited for this. They remain in the background, but lower and soften the atmosphere.

Black and white

Children's room painted in black and white

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Some may get their hands on these color combinations, but the black and white palette for a children’s bedroom is the order of the day, creating bedrooms with lots of class and good taste.

Pink and orange

Children's room painted in pink and orange

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A happy, fun and very appropriate combination gives an injection of optimism and energy into the environment.

Gray and green

15 color combinations for coloring children's room: green and gray

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Another color combination that can leave a stylish finishing look in a child’s bedroom. Either in the form of mountain silhouettes, or in a pedestal, once above and once below, or each on different walls, or mixed in a random geometric pattern creating a very interesting and decorative accent wall, as we see above these lines, as well as in many other ways .

Pastel shades

15 color combinations to paint a child's room: pastel tones

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The combination of several pastel shades, as we see in this bedroom painted with pastel tones of mint, can be very attractive. Perhaps for all the parameters of the room it would be exaggerated, but if we create an accent wall, and paint the rest of the walls in one of the softer tones that make up the composition of the accent wall, we will be sure.

Green and pastel shades

A combination of colors for painting a child's bedroom

Photo: Leroy Merlin

In this second view of a teen bedroom, we can see how green combines very well with different pastel tones, such as blue, pink or off-white. We can choose two or the whole palette, because as we see they work very well together.

Gray and white

Children's room painted in gray and white

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If you’re running away from hot pink for girls and blue for boys, or pastel shades for children’s bedrooms, this combination of white and gray is what you need.

It is a perfect canvas for adding any furniture as well as other colors, along with textiles, which never succeed and move away from clichés.

What do you think about these color combinations for children’s bedrooms? If you wanted more, you can see this second article with 23 common children’s rooms with as many colors, combinations and different decorations as possible.


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