Because of their position on the color wheel, because of the general atmosphere they create and / or because of the sensations they convey, these are 14 colors that best combine with red in the walls and decoration.

So, we will get to know these powerful color pairs, to make you more confident in combining red with other colors.

Keep in mind that we have started.

Red and white.

Colors that match red: white

Photo by Leroy Merlin

White combines with any other color, natural red is one of them.

We can easily mix red and white in the same space, either on the walls, or in accessories and accessories.

advice: Add warm shades (red and white) to this binomial, either with textiles or other earth-like colors.

Let’s look at another bolder color that also combines with red.

Red and yellow.

Red couch with yellow pillows

Yellow is one of the triadic red colors, according to the chromatic circle, so it is another color that combines well with this one.

But although it is a suitable color to combine with red, yellow has a lot of power and is a very powerful color.

It must not be abused, it must be added sparingly, because the two colors together create a very energetic atmosphere.

advice: If you decide to add yellow as an addition to red, it is better if yellow is in softer tones than such a strong standard yellow.

Red and beige.

Living room that combines red and beige walls

Wayfair Photography

Another color that combines very well with the red color on the walls and decoration is beige, a relative of the yellow we just saw. One of the most beautiful beige colors is the timeless beige color Bruguer which you can buy here. Elegant, serene and bright.

Unlike some of the other colors we’ll see below, these two colors can be combined on the walls, application to large areas.

And there are some colors that are better applied only in small accents such as pillows, paintings and other decorative accessories, but beige next to red, we can paint anything we want with them.

Of course, always in a balanced way.

A good example is the living room above these lines, where the wall behind the sofa is painted red and the rest in beige, leaving the color stronger to create an accent wall or zone.

Move on.

Red and blue.

Red-blue room

photo by Wilm

Blue is the second triadic red color towards the color wheel.

This color not only combines, but also very well contrasts the power of red, providing serenity and relaxation, because blue is in the cold part of the wheel.

So that, blue and red can be combined without major problems. If you are looking for a nice blue color to combine with red, the Bruguer natural blue you can buy here is the one that interests you.

If you want to know more about blue, take a look at what in this article the colors match the blue.

Red and gray.

Living room that combines red and gray walls

Obviously the gray had to match the red, because neutral is a color par excellence, along with white and black.

So, we can use gray and red without any problems, creating spaces that are mostly very modern.

If you add an earthy or woody tone to this pair of colors, the combination will be more balanced.

But let’s move on more colors that remain numerous and very interesting combinations.

Red and brown.

A bedroom that combines red and brown

Taking the dark brown color as an example, it is also practically included all earth tones and other shades of brown, which are combined with red.

These colors are mostly warm and serene, helping to soften the power of red and create an overall more harmonious atmosphere.

Remember: Most earth tones and browns match red.

And here you can see which colors are combined with brown.

Red and gold. And other metallic shades like silver or chrome.

Red bedroom that combines gold

Design and photography by Deconome Instagram @deconome

Metallic tones also go well with red. One of them, gold or gold in color, can be combined with red, as stylist Stephanie Guéritaud did in this fantastic powerful burgundy bedroom.

Also, you have to remember Christmas just to see what red and gold combine beautifully.

Red and brown.

A bedroom that combines red and brown

DIN Interior Design and Photography Arturo Chávez

As we saw earlier with brown, red is also combined with other softer shades of brown or earthy tones, such as brown.

This color combination offers a softer aesthetic compared to a stronger brown.

Being medium brown, soft and calm tone, softens the power of red and together create balanced spaces.

Let’s look at another color we can combine with red.

Red and orange.

Orange and red room

Orange is analogous to red, so it is also included in this list of the best colors with which red is combined.

Obviously you need to have a certain tact to decorate the space with these two colors, as they are both very energetic and expressive a lot.

advice: To understand this combination correctly, between them add another warm neutral color like a gentle earthy tone, as we see in the pictures above these lines.

Red and black.

A bedroom that combines red and black

As you can imagine, black is also another color that combines with red because it is a neutral color, like white and gray, that is accepted by every couple.

But it is also true that red and black go beyond that and always create a winning tandem.

Red and green.

A bedroom that combines red and green

Design and photography by Lissi de Oxfordone

Green is a complement to red; that is, it is the opposite and secondary color of the primary color, on the chromatic circle, relative to red.

Therefore, it is another color that we can say with certainty that it is combined with red. Opposite or complementary colors are widely used in interior design to achieve strong contrasts.

You can see here, with which colors green is best combined.

Let’s move on to the next color.

Red and turquoise.

Bedroom that combines turquoise and red

Photo by Angry Julie Monday

It’s not the first color I’d recommend you combine with red, because while it’s one of the best colors to combine with, turquoise and red must be cleverly combined, or we can create an extravagant space.

Of course, if you like it, you can see how they work together, and if you have questions, leave a comment that I’ll help you combine them.

In addition, you can see other colors that combine with turquoise.

Wood and red.

Bedroom that combines red and wooden

Wood, which is not a color but a material, can also be included in this list of colors that match red, as this must always be taken into account, due to the large amount that is common in all houses, whether on furniture or floors.

And luckily, wood, regardless of the shade, it also matches red, and he does it very well.

This does not mean that red cannot be combined with other colors or that it no longer matches. But The colors we’ve seen are the ones that combine best and with which we can decorate or paint a home almost without risk, they are safe.

And if you wanted more color combinations with red, you can’t miss this second article where we see redness on the walls with different color and material combinations.

How do you combine red? I read you in the comments.


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