Blue is a great color. Not that it’s my favorite color, but for interior design, if I had to pick one, I’d choose blue. Depending on the shade of blue, it becomes relaxing, elegant, subtle, fresh, modern or so on. Color.

It is a very versatile color that always or almost always works. In addition, it combines with many other colors, so today I have prepared an article in which we see 14 colors that combine beautifully with blue, for walls, for textiles and for interior decoration in general.

In addition, this way I address some of the doubts you leave in comments when searching, for example: how to combine blue, O with that which other colors of blue combine on the walls.

We started.

Yellow and blue.

Living room that combines blue with yellow walls

Old brand new photo

It can be lemon yellow, medium yellow, mustard yellow … the fact is that yellow combines very well with blue.

Especially when we add yellow in small or small doses, leaving blue as the protagonist, as we see in this fantastic living room, where the wall is painted in a mighty blue that dominates the space, but shades of yellow on the sofa are the ones that complement each other perfectly, creating a very modern and full of color.

Let’s look at another color to successfully combine blue.

White and blue.

Bedroom that combines blue and white

HomebySoph Photography

White combines with all colors, but blue seems to be one of the best.

No matter which shade of blue you choose, white will always be your best companion.

When combining white and blue, you will get a cool and relaxing atmosphere. You just have to look at the bedroom above these lines to see how fresh and relaxing the atmosphere looks, thanks to the fact that light blue is combined with white.

And, although in this example it is also a sky blue color that is combined with white it can be perfectly combined with other darker shades of blue, like a dark blue color, which will always look good.

Let’s go to another color.

Orange and blue.

A bedroom that combines blue on the walls with orange

Photo What do you have at home

Blue and orange go great together. But yes, always better in small doses, as we can see in the bedroom above these lines.

The the walls of the bedroom in a gentle, relaxing blue and suitable for the bedroom, and then added accents of mighty orange on all other accessories and accessories.

Fitting blanket and curtains with orange print. And it works. This color combination works very well.

Let’s look at another color that matches blue.

Coral and blue.

Bedroom that combines blue and coral color

Photo of the Evolution of Style blog

Coral is another color that looks like it was made to combine with blue.

And pure coral, like other softer tones, prone to pastel tones, or darker, as we see in the dark coral tones of bedspreads, pillows and curtains in this tone, which combine perfectly with the mid-tone of blue. walls.

Brown and blue.

Living room that combines blue with brown tones

Bruguer Photography

Brown is the perfect color to combine with blue if we want a modern and elegant environment.

Brown gives blue everything it lacks to achieve this kind of environment. I know They can be combined both in accessories and in use on walls.

You can see it here 10 colors that match brown.

Blue and earth tones.

A bedroom that combines the blue color of the walls with earth tones

As you can imagine, if brown goes along with blue, earth tones must do the same.

But apart from the fact that they are also from the brown family they combine very well with blue because they are warm colors, while the blue color is cool and together create balanced spaces, as you can see in the bedroom above these paragraphs.

But let’s move on, there are many more colors that match blue.

Peach and blue.

The bedroom is painted peach on the walls and azure blue

Photo by Tattered & Inked

Peach color is also another perfect color to combine with blue or vice versa.

They can be combined in various shades, of pastel peaches and sky blue, as we see in the upstairs bedroom, even the darkest tones of both colors.

Peach is a color that enters the warm part of the chromatic circle, while blue in the cold, which is why, among other things, they complement each other so well.

Leaf green-blue.

The space is painted blue in combination with green plants

Photography Where to get it

In fact, almost every green color goes with blue, but it is best in a shade of green.

Blue, like green, are two very representative colors of nature, water, leaves, grass, sky … That is why they are so well connected and their combination is successful.

Teal and blue.

Living room that combines blue and greenish-blue color of the walls and decorations

Comex color and photo

As with almost all colors, and when we hunt two different shades of the same color, usually combine very well since they were born the same color.

We see how I say in the room above these rows, how different tones combine well, even turquoise.

You can know here how to always get the right color when painting.

Red and blue.

A bedroom that combines blue on the walls with red

Photo by Angry Julie Monday

The truth is that even if you combine red and blue, you have to be careful, because these are two colors that contribute a lot and as it usually happens, when you put together two geniuses, they cancel each other out.

But if we combine them properly, the result can be great. Take a good look at the picture above so you can see what I’m talking about.

That is left to chance the calmest color will dominate the bedroom, while accents are dealt with by a powerful color, in this case red.

Let’s see another color.

Metallic and blue.

Colors corresponding to blue: metallic

Decoesphere Photography

If there is a color that I personally prefer to combine with blue more than any other, it is metallic tones as decorative accents on a blue background.

The results are modern, elegant, sophisticated environments. For me, there is no other better color than silver or chrome that accompanies blue.

There are still colors. move on.

Lavender and blue.

Colors that go well with blue: Lavender

Photo by The Fancy Shack

Another great color to pair with blue is lavender or a very gentle lilac color.

But you have to be careful these two colors are in the cold part of the chromatic circle and if they are not well combined and added in large doses, we can make the environment cold and distant, but well combined, they are perfect allies.

Mint green and blue.

Colors that go with blue: Mint green

Photo by La Redoute

As we have already seen, green is a great color to add to blue, but along with the green leaf, another favorite green for blue is mint green. It is fresh and natural in color, perfect.

What do you think of these colors to combine them with blue? As you can see, they all work very well.

There are many more, but the ones we just saw because of their expression, their position in the chromatic circle, because of the nuances, and because some of them are the most commonly used, they can be considered the best colors to match blue, at least as far as decoration is concerned.

If you are thinking of another color that did not appear on the list, leave a comment and I will be happy to answer you.

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