Elegant, sober, relaxing and very modern dark blue is one of the most sought after colors in decoration, or to paint walls or to add textiles, furniture and other accessories, due to the excellent skills, decorative possibilities it offers and the environments we can achieve with it, combining it with other colors and materials.

The colors we will explore right now 12 colors that combine especially well with navy blue in the decoration, either on the walls or on accessories and decorations.

Let’s see them.

Pink and Navy

A bedroom that combines navy blue and pink

Design and photography by Linda Wallgreen

Dark blue goes very well with pink, especially with softer shades of pink, such as pastel pink or dusty pink. It is a successful combination.

And if you are interested in combining pink, here you can see the colors that best combine with pink in the decoration.

Gray and navy

Colors that go well with navy blue: gray

Photo of My Firs Home, Claire

The neutral tone par excellence, gray, is another color with which we can combine dark blue. It is appropriate to add a warm tone to this elegant tandem to provide warmth, as the blue and gray pair can be cool if not combined properly.

Gold and navy blue

A bedroom that combines navy blue in the walls and gold in the accessories

Photo by Sf Girl by Bay

Another color, material or finish that achieves a sensational decorative scene is gold.

In fact, for several years now, it has been one of the most popular decorative pairs, thanks to the current and elegant atmosphere that is achieved with these two tones.

Yellow and navy

A bedroom that combines navy blue in the walls and yellow in the decoration

Photo by Happy Interior Blog

Yellow goes well with navy blue for a number of reasons, but most importantly, they are two basic colors that complement each other.

One contributes to what the other lacks, thus achieving a harmonious scheme.

Powerful, with great strength, but consistent. You can also see the colors that are best decorated with yellow.

Let’s continue with the next color.

White and navy

A bedroom that combines navy blue and white

Design and photography by Little Crown Interiors

A small presentation needs one of the most popular color combinations of all time.

Dark blue and white make an elegant and well-known navy scheme that has taken the world by storm and in any style and decorative setting.

Copper and bronze and navy blue

Dark blue combined with copper and bronze

Audenza Design and products Instagram @audenzahome

The metallic tones seem to be combined, among other colors, with dark blue. As with gold, copper and brass work wonders with dark blue as well.

Wood and navy blue

Dark blue combined with wood

Photo by Swoon Worthy

No, it is not the color itself, but the material, but it had to be included in this list of colors that are combined with navy blue in the decoration, because it forms an excellent pair that works in all environments and with any type of wood, whether light, medium or dark tones.

Red and blue

Dark blue combined with red

Photo Game Nesting

Red is another basic color along with blue and yellow, so it is another color that undoubtedly must be on this list.

In addition, the red color belongs to the hot part of the color wheel, so it brings warmth and energy to the calm and cool blue color.

See: The colors that are best decorated with red.

Orange and Navy

Colors that combine with orange in the walls and decoration: blue

Photography and project Estudio BMK

Another popular and successful combination: orange and navy blue. Orange is a color that is born from a combination of red and yellow, primary and warm colors, so it complements very well with blue, basic and cool colors. See: The colors that are best decorated with orange.

Green and navy blue

Living room that combines navy blue on the walls and green on the sofa

Regardsetmaisons Photography

These are colors that share an analogous position in the chromatic circle and combine perfectly, although both are cool colors, it is appropriate to add elements or colors of a warm character to achieve a harmonious and balanced scheme.

See: Colors that best combine with green in decoration.

Brown and navy

A living room that combines navy blue on the walls and brown on the sofa

Photo of Madeleineshome by MadeleinesHome72

Brown, or more precisely, brown, including earthy and sandy tones, works perfectly with the dark blue color, either in combination with the color of the walls or in other accessories.

Brown colors are warm, sober and elegant tones, skills, and the last two are shared with dark blue. See: Colors that best combine with brown in decoration.

Coral and navy

A bedroom that combines navy blue in the walls and coral in the decoration

Decorchick Photography

Another very popular color lately that blends in with dark blue is the coral color, a warm color that comes from red, which has orange pigmentation, and in some shades, brownish pigmentation.

This makes it a bold, high-energy color that complements well with navy blue, especially in small accents. See: Colors that combine best with coral in decoration.

Do you like dark blue to paint and decorate? Do you think this list lacks a color to combine with navy blue? I read you in the comments.

And now discover colors that combine with blue.


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