Little by little we fight combinations of different colors most popular when it comes to painting and decorating them, and today, as the title says, all the way up purple. The color of high force, which is born from a combination of blue and red, cold and hot, or both primary colors. A color that is widely used indoors due to its bright shades and different shades like lilac or purple. So let’s take a look 12 colors that best combine with purple and his different shades, like lilac or purple in decoration, and in accessories, textiles and paint for the walls.


Living room that combines purple with white

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They combine all colors with white. Of course, purple is one of them. The combination of white and purple is always successful, although lighter shades of purple, such as lilac or purple, go better with white than the standard, stronger purple.


Living room that combines purple and gray

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Of course, gray is another color that we can fearlessly combine with purple. In this case, soft and medium tones, such as lilac or violet, also go better with gray than dark tones. Although the latter marry perfectly. Silver and metallic tones, such as silver, bronze or copper, also go great with purple.


A bedroom that combines purple with black

Another color that we can use with practically guaranteed success for combining purple in decoration is black. The union of these two colors always works, and in this case they better combine dark purple shades with black than light ones. While this is a successful combination, we must always be careful when using black in decoration. Since there is not much light or it is a small space, black and a combination of black and purple can be irresistible.

Beige and earth tones

Beige tones combine perfectly with purple. Especially with shades of medium and dark purple. They are the perfect contrast. Purple, half warm and half cool color, perfectly complemented by the uncompromising warmth of beige.

A bedroom that combines purple with earthy colors

Not only does beige go well with purple; earthy tones, especially those with yellowish hues, work perfectly with purple. Although they can be combined with all shades of purple, darker tones work better with earthy than light ones.


Colors corresponding to purple: Yellow

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Yellow is another color we can get used to combine purple in decoration. Yellow tones go best with purple in dark tones. In this combination you also have to be careful because these are two colors that express a lot. Ideally, but not necessarily, it is to combine them by adding some accessories or additions, creating accents here and there.

Here we can see the colors that combine best with yellow.


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Orange goes well with purple, especially if the latter is in dark tones. As with yellow, if we apply one of the two colors in small accents, the combination will be more successful, because these are two distinct colors that can saturate us.

Here we can see the colors that combine best with orange.


Purple textile combined with red textile

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Purple is the “son” of red and blue, so it is normal for red and purple to combine. Similarly, since the two are strong and somewhat aggressive colors, it is advisable to apply them carefully, and even better some of them, in accessories or as an accent.

Here we can see the colors that best combine with red.


A rug that combines blue and purple

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The other “father” or “mother” is purple in blue. So the combination of blue and purple is successful. In this case, purple, in dark and light tones, works equally well with blue.

Here we can see the colors that best combine with blue.


A bedroom that combines purple and green

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Another color we can use with purple is green. Both light green and dark shades of purple and green go together. As we have seen in these examples.

Here we can see the colors that best combine with green

Other shades of purple

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The other color we can use to use purple indoors is purple itself, but down, or different shades of purple, like lilac or violet, as we see in the picture above these lines, where dark purple combines perfectly with light lilac.

Bonus: Wood

Living room that combines purple with wood tones

It is not a color; It is obviously a material, but purple has a special affinity for wood tones. For this reason, it seemed more than appropriate to include wood as a complement to purple for interiors. And dark wood tones, and especially light wood, such as pine, beech, birch, ash, or bamboo, are called a few light tones.

As I always say, although these are the colors that combine best with purple, as long as any other color is added with style and in the right dose, it can still work. And you, with what color do you want to combine purple? I read you in the comments.


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