Little by little we explore colors in decoration and today, as the title of the article says, is time to see colors that best combine with pink in decoration.

A color that comes from red, the primary color, but with a low tone value.

That is, when red is mixed with white, reducing the tone, then the standard pink appears.

In this regard, let’s learn a little more about it pink, the colors that best combine with it, on the walls, textiles and accessories; in short: in decoration.

Let’s start with NO colors, more precisely, achromatic colors:

The bedroom is decorated in pink and white

Photography and project Deleite Design

All colors are combined in white. Some better than others; and, in this case, pink is one of the best combinations, creating fresh and vibrant spaces, full of energy. But not only pure white, but all broken white, are also properly married. So, the next color is:

A bedroom that combines pink and broken white

Mom and design clubs

The atmosphere created by the combination of pink and slightly broken white in the decoration is very similar to the combination of pink and pure white, but with a more pleasant touch, due to the warm shade that neutral tones have. In the end, the union is not so cold.

Pink color combined with gray tones

Gray is another achromatic or colored color according to some masters of architecture; therefore it is another color recognized by either partner.

Naturally, she gets along better with some than with others, and pink is the one she gets along with perfectly.

The combination of pink and gray decoration guarantees a bright, cheerful environment due to the pink color; but with an elegant and sophisticated touch that only gray knows how to bring into spaces.

Combine pink and black in the decoration

There is another achromatic color, black, yes.

And, in the same way as it happens with gray and white, it also combines perfectly with pink.

In the decoration, pink and black contrast different shades, creating a carefree, but elegant and modern environment.

A room that combines pink and green on the walls

Designed by architect Ana Virginia

If we take a look at the chromatic wheel, and we must, since it is a practical guide that never manages to combine colors, we see that pink and green are opposite, which means that they also combine; as well as all opposite colors.

Naturally, we must take into account the great variety of shades of pink and green, some marry better than others; but, standard green and pink, equally standard, always combine and do so very well.

Discover colors that combine with green.

A living room that combines brown in the walls and pink in the decoration

Some may be surprised, but brown combines very well with pink in decoration.

Whether applied to walls or textiles and accessories, as we see in the picture above these lines.

The sobriety and elegance of brown color exactly contrasts with the vitality and shine that pink has.

And is brown one of the colors that combines best with others, as we saw in this article: colors that combine best with brown.

Bedroom in pink combined with blue

Hole Plutarco Project Photo by Asier Rua

Returning to the chromatic circle, we see that blue, like yellow and red, is one of the three basic colors; Therefore, blue, almost necessarily, must be combined with pink, because if we remember, pink is born from red.

Discover colors that combine with blue.

Pink and copper

Todo – Maisons du Monde

Copper is not a color unto itself, it is a finishing touch; but today it is so fashionable and combines so well with pink that it had to be included in this list of colors that best combine with pink.

Since last year, Pantone has chosen quartz pink for the color of the year, along with the cheerful blue, we have seen hundreds of different combinations with pink, but the one that locals and foreigners liked the most are pink and copper.

Not only copper, in that sense we could put other colors like champagne and gold in general.

A room that combines pink and yellow

Photography and project Love you Room

Before we saw that blue is one of the basic colors, along with what other colors? true, along with yellow and red. So, yellow is also combined, whether you like it or not, with pink.

Shared bedroom that combines pink and turquoise

Photography and project Estudio BMK

The turquoise color arose from a combination of green and blue, and if we go a little further, we will see that both blue and green are on this list of colors; So turquoise is another color that combines best with pink.

Combine pink and beige in the decoration

Photo ShutterStock

Warm, hospitable and mostly bright, earthy tones, practically all but especially softer tones, also marry pink.

Living room in shades of pink

Photo At home with Ashley

As with other colors, a monochrome palette, but with different tone values, is always successful in decoration.

That is, choosing other shades of pink, lighter or darker to combine them, always gives good results.

Of course, you have to be very careful when filling the whole room with pink, even if we use a monochrome palette, you always have to add another medium color like white, for example, to soften so much pink and not overload the space.

Of course there are other colors, shades and finishes that also match pink, but the ones that fit best, the ones that fit best and with which we will surely decorate and paint the walls, these are the 12 we just saw. Which combination do you prefer? It’s hard to pick just one, isn’t it?

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