Among the brown colors, in the middle range, there is a color that I like and that is widely used for painting walls and decorating with it: brown.

A calm, elegant color that can be painted in any environment if combined properly. While it is true that it is not very difficult to combine, just the opposite.

Anyway, to play it safe, I have prepared 11 colors that combine with the brown color of the walls and decorations, in case you want to paint your walls with it, and you are looking for inspiration and learn how to combine it.

Let’s see them.

Pink and coffee color

A youth bedroom that combines pink and brown walls

Photography and design by Jenna Burger

One of the best colors for a coffee combination. Why? Because it adds the spark that is missing.

If you want to paint a child’s or youth’s bedroom, choose more vivid shades of pink, like the one we see on the walls of this upper bedroom.

However, if your intention is to paint the living room brown and combine it with pink, because it is an “adult” environment, I advise you to choose darker and stronger shades of pink like fuchsia.

He is less childish and more sophisticated.

In addition, I also advise you to make coffee in the dominant color, and add pink to add color.

If you don’t overdo it with pink, the combination will be better.

Yellow and brown

A bedroom that combines mustard yellow and brown walls

One of the colors I like to combine the most with coffee. Well actually any shade of brown.

And if the yellow mustard is yellow, it looks better, because it is more elegant than the standard yellow color.

If you are looking for, in addition to colors that combine with coffee, and a warm atmosphere, there is no better color than yellow to combine.

Black and brown

Living room that combines brown and black walls

In all the articles where I talk about the colors that are combined, black comes to the fore. That is normal. It is one of the neutral colors, it lacks any shades, like white or gray, so it combines with all other colors.

With coffee, of course.

It also does very well, because as black is not a warm color, coffee gives it the warmth it lacks, compensating for the palette and balancing the environment.

Look at the room upstairs. It is a modern living room where the walls are painted brown and the front of the TV remains in black.

If it weren’t for the brown color, the living room would be a very cool space.

Wood and coffee

Bedroom with brown walls and wood paneling

I always like to put wood in the middle, even if it’s not colored.

But since it’s a material that there’s a lot in the house, I always like to put it on these color lists that combine so you can see if it’s recommended or not.

And, well, as you can imagine, wood tones, whether light or dark, like the ones we see in the bedroom above these lines, combine with brown, no problem.

Neutral and brown tones

Bedroom with brown and gray painted walls

Gray, broken white colors, stone colors … And all neutral colors also go with coffee.

So, if you want to add gray or dirty white color to the walls in combination with the brown tone on the walls, you can do it without any problems.

As with black, because neutral tones lack heat, coffee will provide it.

In fact, the bedroom we see above is a good example of the heat that coffee brings to neutral tones and how cold the bedroom would be if it didn’t have this or that warm color.

White and brown

Living room with walls painted in brown and white

White also goes well with coffee, as well as with all other colors.

But as with the neutrals, who lack shades, it lacks warmth and that’s why they make such a good pair of white-brown, because coffee gives it the warmth it lacks.

In addition, and this is on a personal basis, a contrast is created with these two colors, which I consider the most elegant.

More even than black and brown.

Green and coffee

Living room with walls painted in brown and green

Brown is a shade of brown. And brown is a color associated with nature.

We see this in the forest and the land.

Green in turn is another color that is also associated with nature, we see it in plants and trees.

That’s why these two colors combine so well.

Do you like coffee and greens? Paint and decorate them without fear.

Red and brown

Bedroom with walls painted red and brown

DIN Interior Design and Photography Arturo Chávez

Red is a very intense color that must be applied to walls or decorations with knowledge.

It’s always handy to put it down and calm it down.

That is why it goes so well with brown, because it provides it, both for the color and for the space in general.

Blue and brown

Living room with walls painted in blue and brown

You may or may not like this combination. But chromatically speaking, it is a very balanced combination.

Blue is the tone that is in the cold part of the chromatic circle, and coffee in the warm, for that reason they combine well, because they balance each other and provide what they lack.

So things, blue and brown, are a successful combination.

If you do not like to apply them to the walls, as we see in the room above, you can paint all the walls brown, and in the rest of the decorations, textiles and others add blue accents, you will be right for sure.

Beige and coffee

Living room with brown and beige painted walls

Beige and brown are almost part of the same color family, except that one has a higher saturation and shade than the other.

But combine, they do it very well, always and without problems.

They are bright, hospitable and warm.

If you are going to paint your living room, bedroom or any other room with beige and coffee, add cool tones to the textiles to create a successful contrast and reduce that warmth a bit.

Orange and coffee

Living room with orange and brown painted walls

Photography and design by Jenna Burger

Another color we can use with brown to combine it on walls and decoration.

As you can imagine and as you can see, this color palette, like red and brown, is very strong and extremely warm, so if you add a touch of cool colors in textiles or decorative elements to the equation, much better.

There are other colors that combine with coffee, but with the ones we’ve seen do particularly well.

As I said before, it combines a very simple tone and it usually doesn’t create problems.

Anyway, if you have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

And if you need to combine colors for your home, you already know that you can request my services in the landscaping consulting service.

And don’t stop there and take a look at this second article, with colors that combine with brown, which will surely interest you as well.


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