One of the basic elements of a garden is vegetation, especially plants. They decorate, beautify, purify and humidify the air creating fresher spaces … These are all blessings.

And the best thing is that you don’t have to be far from a botanical expert; Just choose the right plants, which are hardy and require minimal care, to be able to enjoy a magnificent garden full of healthy plants.

If this is your intention, join me and discover these 10 types of garden plants that we have chosen because of their easy care, resistance and, of course, how decorative they are.


Peonies A hardy plant for the garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

Peony is a popular plant, beautiful colors that can give the perfect color in any space. In addition, the plant is very easy to grow, which tolerates frost and heat well, and if properly cared for, it can last for many years.

Do you want to add a touch of color to your garden? Peonies may be what you need. You can buy them in physical stores because they are easy to find or you can find them in online stores where you can buy plants and other resources for the garden and outdoors. Move on.

Wild carrot

Wild carrot.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

Very economical and easy to find, this plant that produces small and beautiful white flowers is perfect as a filling plant, to cover large areas of beautiful white in the garden.

It is a plant that adapts to all types of climate, from the coast to the mountains, without problems passing through the dry and hot indoor climate, which is why it is considered a very resistant variety.


Lavender.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

The perfect perennial for the garden, because it is practically indestructible, beautiful, decorative, aromatic, very easy to grow and easy to find. All of this makes it an ideal candidate to occupy a hole in your garden.

In addition, you can decorate the interior of the house with twigs, especially the bedroom, because, as we have seen, it is one of the plants that helps you sleep better.


Dragonaria.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

With a wide range of colors in the leaves under a variety of leaves, Antirrhinum, popularly known as dragonaria, is a plant that will provide color and decoration to our garden.

From pink to yellow to medium tones, its beautiful leaves create idyllic exteriors.

It is a bit more “excellent” than the previous ones we have seen, but the colors are very worthwhile.

Regular but not copious watering is needed. It prefers a warm climate, although it adapts to the cold, and prefers the sun, although it can withstand the shade.


Holly.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

It is not a plant, but a shrub and can help us cover large areas. This shrub is drought resistant and can withstand both shade and direct sun exposure. A very hardy species that will leave a red mark in our garden in winter thanks to the red berries.


Bamboo.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

Nothing better than solid bamboo that gives your garden an exotic touch. Depending on the sex, they can reach a height of 40 meters. More than enough to create a wall between your garden and a neighbor, or a winding hallway in the shade.

Bamboo is a very hardy plant that tolerates the sun perfectly. It needs continuous watering and moist soil, but its high resistance makes this plant pleasant and easy to care for.

Echeverias / Succulents

Juicy.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

A versatile and extremely resistant plant that makes the task of care very simple. It does not reach large size, but has one of the most beautiful shapes of all succulents, with which we can decorate any corner of your garden with great style.

It easily resists lack of water, direct sunlight and other extreme conditions, such as the contrast between daytime heat and mild night frosts.

If you need a hardy plant to decorate your garden, succulent echeverria is the plant you need.


Hibiscus.  Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

Hibiscus is a shrub in which beautiful flowers bloom, in a wide range of bright colors.

This bush from Asia does not tolerate frost, so if you decide to have it in the garden, you must insulate it from the cold in winter if you do not want it to die.

Despite this, we chose it because it is a plant that tolerates the sun very well. Its favorite climate is warm, especially Mediterranean, hot and humid, and, as I said, it supports high temperatures well.

Climbing vines and creepers


Photo A thousand ideas for decoration

Types of climbing plants or vines are very popular in gardens because of their characteristic way of vertical cultivation if we help them, with the help of grates and other resources. It is a plant that will decorate the garden and the trees in them, if we want, as well as the facade of our house.

Of course, depending on the area we live in, we will choose one or the other species, depending on the climate. Because there are varieties to choose from.

It generally thrives well in the shade, although if we want a flowering species, such as bougainvillea, it is better to put it in a sunny area.

If we live on the coast, some species of these plants are not well adapted to the salinity of the sea, and in the coast can burn. But if we like it in our garden, we can plant a honey species that is extremely hardy.

And if we live in an area where temperatures are very low in winter, we need a type of climber like ivy, which will handle them with no problem.

If you are interested in this type of plant, here you can learn about different varieties of climbing plants.


Geraniums Resistant plant for garden and outdoors.  # Garden # plants # decoration

And we end this list of resistant plants perfect for the garden with one of the most popular and decorative: geraniums.

A hardy plant that loves summer and looks beautiful if we take good care of it, which is not difficult, because it is a very grateful and undemanding plant.

It supports the sun well, although it should not be overexposed. It is ideal to plant in an area where the sun receives in the morning, while in the afternoon it is covered with shade.

Watering must be continuous, but moderate, because excess water will rot the roots and kill the plant.

These 10 resistant plants that we have just reviewed are perfect for planting in our garden and decorating it, without spending excessive time caring for it.

Of course, depending on where we live, there are plants that will do better than others, but most of this article is a good hardy plant for the garden.

If you have come this far, this article will surely interest you: Fashionable houseplants.

And you, what plants do you have in the garden? I read you in the comments.


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