What is the doubt about the importance of flowers for decorating a house or any other event? Whether on time or regularly, decorating the house with flowers and plants is a fantastic habit that makes the house smell and look better: prettier and happier.

But everything has its “buts,” worth the excess; And cut flowers, naturally, take quite a while, so I prepared these 10 tricks to make the flowers last longer.

Not that it will last you forever, but they are it will look better and longer. Let’s get started.

flowers in a basket

Cut the stems at a 45 degree angle it will make the surface on which the flower takes water larger and therefore “drink” more and better. Do this every 3 or 4 days, when you see that the cut end has swollen and become rubbery, because when placed like this, they practically do not absorb water.

Vase cleaning. Sure, it’s a habit we all make before putting flowers, but in case some don’t, a vase or vase may have some bacteria that kill the flowers before they should.

Avoid direct light. If we put flowers directly in the sun, it will wither sooner. Nor is it convenient to give them a lot of heat or a lot of air. Although they need a lot of light, it is not direct.

The water in the vase is always clean. There should be only flowers in the water of the vase. No dead bugs, no leaves or anything. Anything other than flowers will rot, favoring the appearance of bacteria.

The water in the vase or vase should be warm, neither cold nor hot; and change it at most every two days.

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Dallas food. Not only do flowers live in the sun and water, but they also need food. To give them everything they need, prepare two tablespoons of squeezed lemon juice in half a liter of water, a tablespoon of sugar to feed the plant and half a tablespoon of low chlorine to prevent the appearance of bacteria. In this way, the flowers can last for more than a week.

If you don’t cut flowers, as soon as they are cut, put them in water. The less time they spend without water, the longer it will last.

It’s you Travel and you can wear flowers carry them in a damp newspaper or tie a bag of water to the stems.

If there are flowers hollow stems can be filled with water and cover the top with a piece of cotton, and then put them in water, as we would otherwise do.

Don’t put too many flowers together. They have to breathe inside the vase. In addition, if there are many of them, the petals will crumble, shattering the beautiful aesthetics of the flower itself.

And now that we’ve seen how to extend the life of flowers, let’s take a look at some style tips to look better, prettier.

In order for the flower to open as soon as possible, we can immerse it in hot water for a minute and then put it in cold water. It will open in half an hour or sooner.

If the vase in which you are going to put it is shallow, we can hold the flowers vertically, creating a “net” with transparent adhesive tape on the mouth of the vase. It is a very simple process and helps us to present a beautiful bouquet, as we see in the next video we have prepared.

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If you want to put flowers at a certain time, for example for fun, and you have already cut it, keep it in the refrigerator. Then it will look like new. It’s an effective way to keep them intact for a while.

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