Happy Museum Day!

Now that we have the freedom to go where we want and when we want again, it’s the perfect time to knock on museums.

If you think about it, they now have everything you need:

  • A plan different from anything you’ve been doing in recent months.
  • A place where you will find it difficult to find other people.

Because although the most common museums are very visited, the ones you will visit today are … individuals.

Museum Day

IF I’m talking about culture, Spain is the world standard.

No doubt.

We have some of the most important museums in the world, the history of our literature speaks for itself … and even in cinema and series we understand that.

But about what another culture? With the one you don’t see every day, but which gives hours and hours of conversation at the bar.

We are talking about that today.

Because there you will find dozens of articles about the Prado Museum, the Reina Sofía Museum or all the others …

But I assure you that no one will reveal to you the places you will know today.

I apologize in advance. You would like to know each of them.


  1. Museum of Microminiatures.
  2. Vostell Malpartida Museum.
  3. Botijo ​​Museum.
  4. Can Ginebred Erotic Forest Museum.
  5. Ratoncito Pérez House Museum.
  6. Urinal Museum.
  7. Bandit Museum.
  8. La Encantada Beret Museum.
  9. Museum of Salt and Pepper.
  10. MIBA Museum.

# 1 Museum of Microminiatures

Museum of Microminiatures

Have you ever heard of him?

It is located in Castell de Guadalest, a small town in Alicante with only 236 inhabitants.

But its small size did not prevent it from being considered a good of cultural interest for its historical heritage.

In this museum you will find a collection of small objects that can only be seen through magnifying glasses.

To get an idea of ​​how impressive this is, you’ll find some of Goya’s most prominent works, like Maja Gola Y. Executions on the third of May.

Worth a visit.

# 2 Vostell Malpartida Museum

Malpartida Museum

If you want to know that, this time we have to go to Cáceres, more precisely to the city of Malpartida, which gave it its name.

It is a museum opened in 1976 by artist Wolf Vostell, of Spanish-German descent.

To get an idea of ​​what you will find inside, highlight:

  • Why did the proceedings between Pilate and Jesus take only 2 minutes?, a large sculpture made of the fuselage of a Russian plane, two cars, several computer screens and three pianos.

If you can ever find something so impressive in a museum for a lifetime, tell me …

# 3 Botijo ​​Museum

Batijo Museum

There is no doubt here. The name alone tells you what you will find inside: jugs through history and the world.

This museum is located in Leon and was founded by Jesús Gil Gibernau, who showed the world the largest collection in the world.

It was founded in 1991 and has had many visits since then.

# 4 Can Ginebrada Museum of Erotic Forests

Erotic Museum of Can Ginebrada

If you want to visit it, you will have to travel to Girona. Specifically in the city of Porqueres.

In it, the sculptor Xicu Cabanyes set up an exhibition with part of his sculptural work on erotic themes:

  • Penis.
  • Vagina.
  • Fellatio
  • Butt murals.

All very large and explicit.

If you want to treat yourself to joy and see something you don’t see every day, take a look.

Br. 5 Dental Fairy House Museum

Ratoncita Pérez Museum

A few years ago we already told you about this museum on the Globaliza blog.

El Ratoncito Pérez appeared in 1902 when Coloma wrote his story for King Alfonso XIII, when he was only a child.

After becoming part of popular culture, his small house was founded in 2003.

In it, everything is focused on the character of the Tooth Fairy and his usual job of collecting baby teeth.

It is worth a visit, especially with children.

# 6 Urinal Museum

Urinal Museum

This is even more explicit.

Have you ever imagined that someone would visit a museum full of urinals?

Neither do I, but this one located in Rodrigo, a town in Castilla y León, has a lot of visitors.

It is a museum founded by José del Arco Ortiz and which today has more than 20 landscapes of various sizes and materials.

If you’re wondering, don’t worry. They are completely empty.

7. Bandit Museum

Bandit Museum

The first thing I want to clarify is the following: What is a bandit?

Although it seems silly, many people do not know what this word refers to.

So let’s go there.

The robbers were people who traveled the Iberian Peninsula.

Some with good intentions, others with worse …

But what they all had in common was that they walked from one place to another.

In 1995, this museum was created in Ronda (Malaga), which pays tribute to his life, his stories and his time.

Do you know him?

8. La Encantada Beret Museum

La Encarta Museum

Of all the museums I show you today, this one is one of the oldest that exists.

The Beret La Encatrás Museum opened in 2007 in Balmaceda, a town in Vizcaya.

And yes, as its name suggests, it is a museum dedicated to the world of the beret, and the famous hat without a visor, round and flat.

If this garment has ever caught your attention, it is worth visiting.

9. Museum of salt and pepper

Museum of Salt and Pepper

Are we going back to Castell de Guadalest?

If in the end it will be the city with the most museums per capita, I’ll tell you …

And especially the strangest ones.

But tell me the truth, would you resist visiting the Salt and Pepper Museum?

I’m already telling you I couldn’t help if it passes.

It is a museum founded in 2001 by Andrea Ludden, which collected these devices as a hobby.

After they no longer stopped at his home, his family asked him to get rid of them …

… But she preferred to create the world’s first museum on the subject.

10. MIBA Museum

MIBA Museum

Did you know that it is one of the oldest museums in the Gothic part of Barcelona?

Unlike the previous ones, this museum was created with a very specific intention: to invite thinking about creativity.

To achieve this, he displays futuristic creations, reasoning from different points of view and all this in an absurd space.

Trust me, words are not enough to explain what you will find inside if you dare to visit it.

Now that you know which are the 10 strangest museums in Spain, in the celebration of Museum Day you have everything in your hand.

If you live near any of them, the time has come to surprise your family by taking them to a place they will never forget.

By the way, do you know any more museums that deserve to be on this historical list?

If so, leave me in the comments and I promise to add it to the list.


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