There are many colors for painting interior doors. Everything we want. It is enough that we like one to decide for it. But just as there are many colors, it is also true that there are some that are more appropriate in nature. The colors for painting interior doors are perfect.

And those colors, what we can achieve with them by painting the doors and their combinations by painting the walls, are the ones we will know at the moment.

Want to paint an interior door and don’t know which color to choose? They act almost always.


Door painted white

Photo of the White Nest

If you have doors in a wooden finish, painting them white will make a big change in the aesthetics of your home. Both the doors and the space that surrounds them in general will look lighter and more modern, and the house bright.

The enamel that works very well for water-based door painting is the Tollens brand, and you can also buy it here at a very good price.

If the walls are also white, the feeling of visual lightness will be enhanced, and also, visually, the space will look more spacious.

If the walls are any other color, the contrast with it will be more current, more modern. White is usually a wise choice for painting interior doors. It combines with all the other colors and all the feelings it conveys in this case are positive.


Doors painted blue

Photo taken by Carli

Another color of interior door color that works great in most cases is blue. For interiors for adults, I recommend a medium / high tone blue color, for younger spaces a lighter blue color will be better, like the one we see above these lines.

If you like this color, you can use Bruguer blue chalk, which you can buy here.

Painting the door with blue and white walls will intensify the white and create a fresh and rejuvenating focal point.

In addition, blue is a color that often looks good with many wood tones, so if we have flooring, it won’t be a problem.

Dark blue

Door painted dark blue

Photo by Emily Clark

Dark blue works very well for interiors that require a more sober, elegant and adult aesthetic. It can be placed in any environment, but in these interiors it fits like a glove, as we see in Emily Clark’s house.

If the walls are white, it will create a strong contrast, while if the walls are gray or have some shade of blue or some other cool color, the contrast will be less.

If you like this color, you can use the lime night blue color you can buy here.

Light gray

Door painted light gray

Photo by Fox Hollow Cottage

Gray is a very elegant and modern color that is used to paint interior doors. If you want, you can paint the door with the same color of chalk, especially this smoky gray Bruguer that you can buy here.

As we will see, we can use either soft gray, as we see above these lines, to create a gentle contrast, or medium gray, for greater contrast.

If your environment is relaxing, serene, bright, light gray, as we see in the picture above in these paragraphs, it looks great, it adds an environment without creating much contrast.

Medium gray

Doors painted in a medium gray tone

Photo by The Sweetest Digs

For more serious and elegant environments, where sophistication and elegance are superior or sought after, a medium / dark gray tone works better than a gentle gray. In The Sweetest Digs we can see how they painted the door and their step by step, in case you are interested in this idea with London gray chalk, like this La Pajarita color that you can buy here, you can leave the door so beautiful.

Matt black

Door painted matt black

Photo by Pinterest Addict

Another perfect color for painting interior doors is black, especially if the walls are bright. In addition, it is currently very fashionable to paint the interior doors in black.

If what you are looking for is a modern environment, black is perfect. It also works wonders in minimalist interiors.

It is an elegant and modern color, but also timeless. With the walls painted in white it looks spectacular, as we see on the A Pinterest Addict blog, although it is an achromatic color, it combines with all other colors, however, I recommend applying black if the walls are white or mostly gray.

If you like this color on your door, you can use the almost black tone of La Pajarita that you can buy here.


Doors painted pink

Photo of pits and entanglements

Pink is currently very popular, both for children and adults. Combined with black, gray or white it creates a very modern and attractive contrast. A medium pink tone, like the one we see, is better than a dark pink or fuchsia pink.


The door is painted yellow

Photo by Kimi Collective

Another very current color that is used to paint interior doors. Yellow is a very vital, warm color with a huge presence.

By painting the door yellow, we can add a great injection of color and vitality to the space by covering very little of the surface: the surface of the door. Adding black accents, like the Kimi illustrator from the Kimi collection, will create a very attractive look on the door.

If we don’t want letters, we can add black to the button.

This color works best with white, black and gray. So if you have white or gray walls and love yellow for doors, you’ve found your color.

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Tip: If you intend to paint a hallway door, and they are very close to each other because it is a narrow hallway, so much color can saturate and create a bad feeling. This happens with both yellow and any color other than white.

So, if you have a very small hallway and several doors in it, I advise you to paint the side of the door leading to the hallway white, and the other side of the door the one leading to different rooms, the color you want.

Pale pink

The door is pale pink

Pompeli Photography

There are many types of pale pink, and most work very well for painting interior doors. Especially if the walls are painted white or gray. Although he also gets along great with the blues.

This color is calm, modern and sophisticated, goes great with shades of black, and you can create a beautiful focal point by painting your door with it. If you liked this color, the La Pajarita chalk in Capricho Pink tone that you can buy here is the color you need to paint the door.

Aquamarine green or mint green

Doors painted in aqua green or mint

Photo In Lakehouse

Not for all spaces, much less for all tastes. But it is a color that, if you are looking for a fresh and current environment, combined with white will achieve that atmosphere.

And as these two adjectives are widely sought after in interiors today, they seemed to be the perfect color to add and close the list of colors for painting interior doors. If you loved painting your doors, you need Mint ton La Pajarita colored chalk which you can buy here.

And now, if you’re interested, you can watch a video of me putting the doors back on and painting them with a spray gun so you can see how to do it step by step. The video was shot a little badly because it was a few years ago and it was shot in almost any way, but you can still see the result and the steps to follow perfectly. And if you want to read it and see the materials you need, read this article on how to paint doors, materials and step by step. Now let’s see the video:

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As I say, there are many, many more colors for painting interior doors. There is no rule that says which color to choose. It is enough to love each other, because we will enjoy it. But the ones we just saw in most cases work very well, but they are also quite popular for that purpose. Who are you staying with? Do you have any other door paint color? I answer you in the comments.


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