The color in the bedroom where you want to practice feng shui is essential. Why? Well, because this is the base on which the rest of the Feng Shui decoration will be designed, and if the base is wrong or inappropriate, it doesn’t matter what you do next.

In Feng Shui, you can use any color to paint and decorate the bedroom, depending on what you are trying to improve, find or subtract.

But if you are looking for a suitable color with which you will surely strike and have a good base for adding decorations based on feng shui, you need a neutral tone, better if it is not cold, among other colors we have prepared, and we will know now. We started.

Earth tones

Bedroom painted in earth color suitable for Feng Shui

Earth tones are perfect for adding to a bedroom that requires this practice, as they are warm, which can favor a relationship with a couple, creating a cozy and serene atmosphere, attributes necessary for a feng shui environment.

There is a large selection of them to choose from, in case you don’t like the middle tone, like the one we see above these lines. And if you like it, the Bruguer Kenia Intermediate Brown color you can buy here is perfect.

If you’re looking for something softer, more neutral, the following color, which is also among the earth tones, may interest you.


Bedroom painted in beige color suitable for Feng Shui
Interior Elvira Rubio de Fit Your House

Beige is another earthy color according to Feng Shui with which we can paint the bedroom. Bright, warm and comfortable, but calmer than the average tones of the country.

If you still find it too intense and looking for something more neutral, the Bruguer Nepal Beige Soft color you can buy here is the color you need.


Bedroom painted green suitable for Feng Shui
Dulux Photography

You can use any type of green paint, but if you’re looking for a safe one, apply soft greens, almost pastel or pastel colors, to the walls, which don’t stand out too much, but are serene, wrapping, zen.

In addition, the brighter the green, the more accents of other colors you can put on textiles and the rest of the accessories, without saturating the space, which should not happen in Feng Shui.

Let’s look at another color.

Soft earth tones

Bedroom painted in gentle earth tones suitable for Feng Shui

Photo by @Vanessa Valderrama

As you can see, it is still a warm and attractive color, but this shade is more neutral, which makes it ideal for creating a base to which we can later add colors, if we wish.

If this option seems more convenient to you, I recommend that you write down the following color so that, whenever you can, you can see the pattern in the paint store.

Bone color

Bedroom painted in bone color

Wonderful design of the house of Barcelona

Undoubtedly, the most elegant color of all soft tones is bone color. Combines with all other colors, it is warm and bright, but also neutral, which makes it the perfect base for decorating feng shui.

The room on these lines, designed by Nice Home, combines off-white with blue tones, which improves relaxation and favors meditation.

This color is perfect when you’re looking for a tone to dress the walls, but you don’t want to highlight it, just dress the walls. This color is off-white, which breaks the coolness of white and obscures the walls, but does not stand out, the presence is subtle and elegant, allowing the rest of the accessories to dominate the space.

If you like this color, you are interested in Bruguer Alaska Intermediate White color which you can buy here.

If the earth tones we see are not of interest to you, it doesn’t matter, in Feng Shui you can use many other tones to paint the bedroom, and following the line of 10 perfect colors, the next, off-earth tones are also on this list.

Purple / violet / lilac

Bedroom painted in lilac color suitable for Feng Shui

Photo by Edith and Evelyn Vintage

Very bright purple or lilac tones are also suitable colors for the bedroom according to feng shui. These colors consist of red and blue: red is a warm color and blue is a cool color.

So purple or lilac have the best of both spectra: on the one hand they are relaxing but also warm.

As long as it doesn’t amplify the tone too much and we get an excess of purple, gentle tones of lilac, violet or purple are perfect for the walls.


The bedroom is painted in pink, suitable for feng shui

Interior design Wonderful design

It is a modern color for years, in addition, as long as it is in pastel tones, avoiding fuchsia pink or other sharper tones, it is a suitable color for painting a bedroom according to feng shui.

Pink is born from red, the most passionate color that exists, but also a color that conveys urgency and aggression, so it must be soft, a few shades lower, until it reaches pink, which has positive shades of red but not negative red.

Gray, king of the neutrals

Bedroom painted in gray suitable for feng shui
Photo by @ida Ryding

This color is another perfect shade, but as long as warm tones are added to the rest of the decor. I explain:

Gray does not add shades, so it is a color that can create cool, empty spaces on its own. But combined with other warmer tones, wood, natural fibers and other materials that add warmth to the bedroom, gray becomes one of the perfect colors.

Although if you like gray and want to be sure, the next color interests you more.


Bedroom painted in gray color suitable for Feng Shui

Gray is a mixture of gray and beige, so it has an advantage in two tones: it is a neutral and elegant color that creates a solid foundation for the bedroom according to feng shui, but it also has the warmth of beige.

If this color seems too much to you … So, to put it in a way, you can use a more cheerful and vital color, but also a calm one, without much sharpness, like the next one we will see.


Vanilla-colored bedroom suitable for Feng Shui

It belongs to a series of yellow, but in very soft tonal values, with little saturation, which makes it an ideal color for the room according to feng shui, because it gives a certain brightness and vitality, but without excess, and the leaves combine very well.

See: 11 ideas for more zen houses.

Feng Shui is a practice that is influenced by many factors, so a good base is always needed and, although they are not the only ones, these 10 colors for painting a bedroom based on Feng Shui are some of the most suitable for it.

But if none of them interest you, and you like the other and doubt it, leave a comment that you already know I’ll be happy to answer.

And if you want to learn more about this discipline, I recommend the following book which you have it for free on the Amazon Kindle if you register hereor in paperback for 29 €.

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