If a regular bed is already the main focus of the bedroom, a hammock this piece of furniture falls into the category of decorative art.

Maybe if you haven’t heard much about it hanging beds, when someone talks to you or suggests this concept as I do now, it sounds extravagant, very expensive and / or just for large spaces. But it’s not that far off.

In this article we have prepared ideas for making or installing a hammock in the bedroomWe’ll see how anyone can have a hammock, whether they have a lot or a little money, a bedroom size or DIY knowledge, well, a little yes. Let’s see those beds.

Hanging bed outside

A photograph of a rough canvas

Although it is outside, we can perfectly extrapolate the idea to the inside. Some ropes that pass through the bottom of the bed and with the help of knots prevent the bed from falling to the floor and, of course, securely attached to the ceiling.

Hanging bed made of wooden pallets

Hanging bed made of wooden pallets

Photos and project Barasona Design and communication

As I said before, money is not a problem to produce and install a hammock in the bedroom. As you can see, in this case only some wooden pallets were needed which can be bought even for free, 4 strong and resistant ropes and a little skill to build a base with pallets and hanging on the ceiling. Nothing difficult if you have basic tools like a drill, screwdriver and wrench, nails, etc.

Hanging bed made of wooden pallets

Hanging bed in a small room

Cardinal Designs project

Like I said at the beginning, you don’t need a lot of space to put a hammock in the bedroom. In these cases, the main thing is to have a firm support on the roof that supports the weight.

Welcome Desgin project for Casa Decor 2019

It is not hanging, but hanging, which has a greater effect than a hammock. It can be hung using a structure designed so that it can withstand weight by attaching to a wall. Regardless, this bed model, in general, also has a thin foot in the middle of the bed to help the main carrier.

Hanging bed attached to the ceiling at ground level

A hanging bed with a minimalist design

Project by Renata Arriga Photo by Maria Teresa Furnari

Minimalist cut, and almost at ground level, but with four wires like pillars that “hold” the bed and turn it into a hammock. Excellent visual and decorative effect. Black strings also contrast with the neutral tones used in the decoration.

Hanging bed attached to the ceiling beams

Hanging bed attached to the ceiling beams

Loft project – log cabins

If you are so lucky that your house has exposed beams, you can imitate this idea and hang the bed on those beams in a simpler and faster way to get an original hanging bed without much effort.

Hanging beds for children

Hanging beds for children's bedrooms

Proyecto Notting Hill Interiors

Children’s bedrooms can also benefit from the attractive aesthetics of hammocks. In addition, as their passengers weigh less, we will have less trouble being able to use them because there are ceilings that do not withstand a lot of weight.

The hammock is attached to the ceiling and sits on the floor.

Hanging bed

Bangtel Photography

For one reason or another, you may not be able to set up a hammock. But maybe if you can mount the bed in such a way that the support keeps it in the middle at the bottom, supporting practically all the weight, and then hang it on the ceiling, which, although it doesn’t really hang completely, will get the same visual effect.

Minimalist hammock

A hanging bed with a minimalist design

Photo by Sonali Shah

In the same way that the previous bed was a bed with a large frame, a completely different hammock can be made, ie a minimalist hammock. With a thin but resistant base that hangs from the ceiling. This bed offers visual lightness, something very important if we don’t want to recharge the environment or if we already have it recharged and want to make it lighter.

Although it may seem simple, setting up a hammock requires safety and efficient installation, first checking whether the ceiling or the supports on which it will be hung will withstand the weight of the bed and its occupants. For this reason, it is better to have an expert, such as an interior designer or architect, who will advise you and guarantee that the bed can be hung and in what way.


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