Recently, a client wanted to use a small wall in her house to set up a TV cabinet there. The fact is that the standard TV furniture we saw didn’t make full use of the wall, and that had to be done because the space was just right for it. So we finally decided to mount a wall cabinet made of plasterboard built of brick, taking advantage of every inch of that wall.

I found it to be such an effective, definitive and versatile solution that I had no choice but to make an article with ideas for making gypsum board furniture for the whole house. Let’s see them.

It occupies the entire wall

Plasterboard shelf

If you want to make the most of the space on one of the walls of the living room and create a TV cabinet, one of the plasterboards adapts to your taste, your storage needs and there is no better way to use the space than installing one.

This of course requires a bit of work, but drywall is a fairly clean, fast and relatively inexpensive installation system. If you dare, you can request free estimates here in Zaask.

Let’s look at the following idea to put drywall furniture that I really liked.

Install a fireplace

Plasterboard shelf

As I told you, the versatility of drywall has no limits. If you need to integrate a wood-burning fireplace, plus a TV cabinet and shelf, with drywall you can do it. I especially liked this idea. It seems to me a nice solution to place several important elements in a room in one place with enough elegance.

Let’s continue with another idea:

To separate and limit zones

Plasterboard shelf

Currently open and communication spaces must be closed. But this does not mean that every space is well demarcated or defined. In addition to the furniture and decorations that help us in this purpose, depending on what the space is, we can also install plasterboard furniture to delimit certain areas and add functionality to the space.

Move on.

To find a desktop

Plasterboard shelf

We’ve already seen many ideas for setting up a desk or home office on the blog, but not this one. As I said from the beginning of the article, drywall allows us to create the desired structure. If you have decided to mount gypsum board furniture, you may be interested in desk space and thus save most of the furniture on the table and integrate everything into one space.

Made of plasterboard and wood

Plasterboard shelf

Another advantage of assembling plasterboard furniture is that we can add all kinds of materials and perfect it, such as niche lighting, of course, as well as finish with wood in the form of doors, drawers and envelopes, as we see above these lines. If you liked this idea, you can easily search the internet for hundreds of photos that will inspire you.

To get the most out of it, talk to a drywall installer, he will help you design or draw it yourself and show him a sketch to report, because once assembled there is no going back. Here you can request free estimates for assembling furniture, and if you are moving to your new apartment where you want to assemble plasterboard furniture, you can also request estimates for removal here in Zaask.

It doesn’t have to be natural wood, we can also use lacquered or painted wood in the same color as drywall, creating a highly modern piece of furniture.

With glass

Plasterboard shelf

In addition to wood, we can add glass on the shelves in the shape of a door or on the niche itself as an envelope. The top cabinet of these lines also has glass doors that give the cabinet a very elegant touch. Naturally, all this must be done by a professional.

But it is a definite piece of furniture that will last us a lifetime and with which we can change the look whenever we want, changing the material of the door or painting the furniture itself.

Locate the shelf

Plasterboard shelf

Photo by Mauricio Fuertes

This is usually one of the most commonly used solutions. Integrate the shelf in which the fireplace is located. But beyond the idea, I like this solution and recommend it because of the appeal and the possibilities it offers us, depending on where the fireplace is located.

In this case, the interior design studio The Room Studio placed the fireplace in the center of the wall, leaving space on each side to create a symmetrical wooden shelf thanks to the space created by the plasterboard.

Leave the corners unlocked

Plasterboard shelf

Although they take up less space than traditional standard furniture, gypsum board furniture is still another piece of furniture in the house. The trick to have less visual weight consists, as we see in the picture above, of leaving the corners unopened, in this case corners, which gives the furniture the same storage space, but visually much lighter and not completely closed.

Just decorativePlasterboard shelf

Usually, when making drywall furniture, it is done with the intention of giving it practical use, but drywall can also be used to create interiors in an architectural element that adds decoration, as we see in the picture above.

In this sense, decorative niches are the winners in popularity, either with an electrical installation to install lighting or without it, simply to install a variety of decorative parts.

As you can see, drywall is an extremely versatile material with which we can increase the decorative power of our home, as well as its storage capacity, all under a clean, fast and efficient solution. Do you have plasterboard or drywall furniture in your wall? I read you in the comments.

And if you found it interesting, I advise you to take a look at this second article with 25 ideas for creating a TV cabinet combination with Besta from Ikea.


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