Needless to say, the need to keep a closet in the house. What is not necessary to say is that it is not necessary to spend a fortune on closets, if of course we do not want to.

You have stated the reasons why you did not spend a lot of money making a wardrobe or a closet for your home, we put ideas to not spend it.

As it is, if you will closet cheap closet, or want it at all do it yourself to save more still cost, look at them 10 ideas for making a cheap closet or closet. In some you will only need a few tools and wood, in others, not even that; it all depends on what you need. ¿Looking for how to make a closet or closet at home? Here are 10 ideas.

How to make a wardrobe or closet for the home

Photo by Ana White

With exposed structure. If we choose a nice wood that looks good, we can leave the wardrobe skeleton in sight, saving many dressing costs. Also, if you are a master, you already know how to make a wardrobe yourself in a relatively simple way, right?

How to make a wardrobe or closet for the home
Shelves and more shelves. The one you see on the shelves in the picture above may not seem like enough space, but the general concept of this idea is what interests you. Choose an empty wall, a few shelves or shelves and fill them with a wall until you satisfy your appetite for storage. You can buy these shelves here.

If you have a lot of pairs of shoes, you can take a look at them solutions for storing and organizing shoes at home which we collected.

How to make a closet or closet for the home

Photo by funkyjunkinteriors

Do you have a hole in your closet? Then you can complete it as you wish. Plan it on paper, with the exact dimensions of the closet; allocate and allocate spaces for what you want to store in the closet, then move on to work. Wooden boards, shelves, baskets, everything goes.

Cheap wardrobe or closet made of rods, coat racks and shelves

The solid structure of the vertical and horizontal bars can serve as a closet or closet, cheap and dreamy. Considering that the structure is modular, we can create a wardrobe only to the necessary extent.

The organization of clothing is essential for the proper and efficient use of closets, open or closed, and you can see here 25 ideas and tips from professionals for organizing clothes in the closet

Open cabinet or cabinet made of pipes and wood

Project by Walter Warren of Vecinogroup

Solid shelves that take up the entire wall can serve, and very well, for storing and organizing our clothes and shoes. Choose the ones that match the style of the bedroom as it will look.

They are made of plumbing pipes and wooden planks, and if you want, you can see here how they are made using blueprints.

A closet or closet made with stairs and wood

This second way of making a closet or closet involves creating structures with wood as a ladder, then adding shelves and more.

I searched all afternoon, but couldn’t find the original publication, in which the guy who built this closet shows us step by step how to do it.

As soon as I find it, I will put it on because there is no waste, as this cabinet was built with a little wood and some basic tools.

Move on.

Cheap open closet

When I said earlier that we bring ideas for making cheap wardrobe, I meant, in particular, the one we see above these lines. As you can see, with the right shelves and modules you can build a very practical and functional open wardrobe for very little money.

In fact, you can buy these bars and brackets here on Aliexpress for $ 120

Donkeys and open coat carriers from IKEA

Donkeys, racks or coat racks can also help us get a closet for very little money. Basically what stands cost. The ones you see above these lines are the RIGGA model from IKEA.

Photography and IKEA furniture

Forget the door. If you do it to save money, if you do not install the door, it will save you. In addition, if it is open, it will provide a greater sense of depth to the bedroom or the room in which you are installing it. You can even book a space to create a desk and have your own office at home.

How to make a wardrobe or closet for the home

Photography and design by Holly Marder from Avenue Lifestyle

Don’t have the money to set up a closet? You see, the two racks you can buy here and the table that serves as a shelf, installed on top of the bracket, are enough to have your own storage space where you can store and organize your clothes. This solution may be temporary, but it is an excellent solution.

As you can see, making a closet or closet at home is feasible and for very little money.

If you liked this article, don’t miss these others ideas for making an open closet or closet.


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