Because of the situation we live in, I am still looking for free resources to spend these days in the best possible way.

So, in addition to these free decorating books and courses that I have put together, today I will show you how to get all the books you want, for free and legally. And then I show you 10 books on decoration, interior design, Feng Shui and ordering at home, for free.

How to get these free decorating books?

They are all from Amazon in Kindle format. To get them, you need to register here for free, create an account for Amazon Kindle Unlimited and you can download and read them for free for 60 days. You just have to register and, like I said, you can download all the books you want for two months. And the best part is that you don’t need to have a Kindle e-book:

What do I need to read these books?

Even if they are in Kindle format, you do not need to have a Kindle reader. You can read them with any desk or smartphone. You just have to download the free Amazon Kindle app for Android or iOS and from there you can access all the books I present in this article, as well as thousands of others. So sign up here for free and start downloading books now.

Now that you understand how to get them, we will know these 10 books on decorating:

10 free decoration books to download

Free book on interior design

Interior design. A Beginner’s Guide. An excellent book that gives us a complete introduction to interior design. Very valuable information for all those who love this world, both for beginners and professionals. Sign up for free and download your book.

Book for lighting in decoration for free

200 lighting tricks. With this book, you will learn how to properly illuminate your home by knowing what kind of lighting each space requires, because each, depending on its use, needs a certain amount of lighting. The book comes with real photos that illustrate tricks in lighting. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book on Feng Shui decoration

Feng Shui Home Interior Design. In this book, we will see the steps and strategies on how to use Feng Shui in your home and, according to its author, invite happiness and success into your home. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book on decorating a bedroom for girls

Step by step, decorating the girl’s room. A practical detailed guide in which we will find the principles of decorating, choosing fabrics, patterns, colors, textures, we will learn to create harmonious and balanced color palettes, tips for applying proper lighting, choosing floors, furniture and styles, and many other tips for decorating children’s room for girls . Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book on decorating a children's bedroom

Step by step, decorating the girl’s room. The same concept, the same ideas, the same tips, but also applied to decorating a children’s bedroom for children. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book on professional decoration

Learn to decorate like a pro. A book that resolves our doubts, which encourages us to decorate by answering some of the most common questions and concerns that arise when arranging a space and in such a way that we can successfully implement it. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book of decorations

The power of objects. A book that shows us the decorative power of objects, how and where we place them, helping us find their ideal place. Secrets that Mexican interior designer Elena Talavera accumulated during her career. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free interior design guide

Interior Design Manual. More than a manual, this is a book that looks at the history of interior design from a different perspective, where it explores this world as it is: an authentic discipline, separate from architecture or decoration. Sign up for free and download your book.

A free book on clean and tidy houses

A manual for a clean and tidy house. Under the correct premise that the condition of our home crucially affects our state of mind, Pepa Tabero, author of this handbook, teaches us to keep the pantry up to date, clean routine, sew and recycle clothes, bleach together, hang clothes wisely, organize cables and many other tricks to keep the house tidy and clean. Sign up for free and download your book.

Free book of decorations

Decoration as an energy change. A book that transcends physical decoration, which has a deeper approach in which the feelings and emotions of the people inhabiting the home are to be arranged a frame on which various decorative techniques are supported so that they can transform your home by being absolute protagonists and achieving decoration completely in in line with its essence. Sign up for free and download your book.

And if you think this might interest a friend or relative of the reader, share the article so you can profit and download the books. Have you downloaded them yet? I read you in the comments.

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