If you refuse to install a ceiling, wall or recessed light in the ceiling and you want the lamp to beautify the decorative scene of your living room or bedroom, even if my ceiling is low, su 10 designer lamps which we shall see next, are perfect for low ceilings.

Not that they are designed specifically for low ceilings, but their design allows them to be installed in this type of ceiling, as well as in today’s standard, where the height is about 2.45 or 2.60 meters. So let’s see these 10 lamps for low ceilings.

Vertigo ceiling lamp

Vertigo ceiling lamp

The lamp of contemporary design, which everyone has been wanting lately, was created by designer Constance Guisset, and edited by the company Petite Friture, which has a large structure of Ø200 centimeters. Its design extends in a horizontal plane, hardly taking up vertical space, making it an ideal candidate for low ceilings.

In addition, its size covers a large ceiling area, which makes it perfect for living rooms or large spaces with wide but low ceilings. There is also a smaller version of Ø140 centimeters, in case the other model is too big for us.

Its price ranges between approximately 752 and 1097 euros, and can be purchased at Ambiente Direct, among many other online stores.

Or if not, replicas, like this one from Maisons du Monde for € 129, or this one for € 49, or a set of three small ones for € 59.

Cooper Shade ceiling lamp

Bathroom ceiling lamp design: Cooper Shade

The great Tunisian designer Tom Dixon, has an infinite number of lamp designs; Among them is this copper gem called Cooper Shade, also available in bronze (Bronze Shade).

Elegant and modern, it fits into many environments as well as different spaces. It comes in two sizes: a large model, 45 centimeters in diameter, and a smaller model, 25 centimeters.

It is a lamp that barely takes up vertical space, as its cable is a maximum of 40 centimeters, can be installed closer to the ceiling and makes it perfect for the center of the living room, bedroom, and for corner installation on a small table.

Its prices range between € 375 and € 574, and we can buy it in various online stores, such as Amazon,, Direct environment, O,,replica, for 21 € here on eBay.

Trhee Arms MLC R1 Ceiling lamp

Three Arms lamp
French master Serge Mouille designed this beauty lamp in the 1950s, but also others with the same design for the wall and floor, which today look the most sophisticated homes. You just have to look at social networks with pictures, like Pinterest or Instagram, to understand that this beautiful lamp does not stop being a trend.

Some models consist of one arm, others, like the one we see above these lines, have three, and there is also the MCL-R6 model with 6 arms.

The lamp, which occupies a large horizontal surface, hardly touches the vertical plane, making it ideal for low ceilings; A mid-century industrial design that fits all types of decorative styles.

Its price is high, as the original 3-spoke model is priced at € 4,932, and we can buy it at Uber Modern.

As for his replicas, here on the amazon We have it from 132 €.

Caboche ceiling lamp

Lamp design for bathroom ceilings: Caboche


Our most international designer and architect, Patricia Urquiola, in collaboration with Eliana Gerotto, created this beautifully elegant pendant, they say, inspired by a 1930s bakelite bracelet.

It looks spectacular on any ceiling, giving it elegance and sophistication, like everyone else, but its design makes it suitable for low ceilings, because it can be placed close to the ceiling and its structure does not fall too much.

It is available in 3 sizes: Large model, 70 centimeters in diameter; the medium model, 50 centimeters in diameter, and the small model, 31 centimeters in diameter.

In terms of price, the Caboche lamp ranges between 480 €, a small and transparent model, up to 1700 €, a large model, where the main metal is gold, and we can buy it in Ambiente Direct, as well as in other online stores.

We have replicas of 139 € with a diameter of 50 centimeters, here on the amazon.

Ceiling lamp PH 50

Lamp design for bathroom ceilings: PH 50


Another classic design, this time from Scandinavian design, with almost 100 years of life, created by Poul Henningsen for the manufacturer Louis Poulsen.

The combination of numbers corresponds to the diameter of the lamp, different designs, such as PH 50, which we see above these sections, diameter 50 centimeters, PH 80, diameter 80 centimeters, and others with double numbers, such as PH 4/4, which models are created for hanging on high ceilings, which we are not interested in this case.

But the PH 50 model we see in the pictures is the perfect design for low ceilings, which can be installed close to the ceiling, without taking up almost vertical space, either for the center of the living room or bedroom, or for hanging closer to the floor, on a table in the corner for reading or on the dining table, for example.

The price of PH 50 ranges between 700 and 900 euros, and we can buy it in various online stores, such as Ambiente Direct.

Replicas, we have them at much cheaper prices, from 165 €, here on the amazon.

Ceiling lamp with plates, from the Bubble collection

Bubble Lamp

The Bubble series, created for Howard Miller in 1947 by American designer George Nelson, the Bubble series consists of a multitude of different designs, made possible by the stretched plastic screen, an innovation at the time.

This classic is not going out of fashion, quite the opposite; today it stands out in the most exclusive and modern homes, thanks to its simple and sculptural form that provides abundant diffused light and gentle white tones.

Like most lamps in this article, its structure grows horizontally, making it perfect for low ceilings. In addition, it is available in various sizes, with the ability to choose the perfect model according to the space we need.

Their prices vary greatly because as I said, there are different designs and sizes. Small model, we can find it from approximately € 512, to € 2,300 XL model, in various physical and online stores, such as Amazonor in the Domestic Shop.

I did not find a replica of this lamp.

Acorn ceiling lamp

Designer lamps for bathroom ceilings: Acorn

It is the youngest lamp of all that we see. Born in 2012 by Norwegian designer Atle Tweit for Northern Lighting, who, like many of his compatriots when designing, was inspired by the beautiful Nordic forests and in the shape of an acorn; hence the name Acorn = acorn.

This Nordic beauty, with organic lines and soft shapes, this modern lamp has a diameter of 48 centimeters and a height of only 38 centimeters, and can be installed close to the ceiling and thus become a perfect candidate for low ceilings.

Its current design makes it perfect for Nordic, minimalist and other modern style interiors. In addition, it is available in two colors, white and black, which makes it a combination with any other color, making it easy to integrate into many decorations.

Its original price is € 389, and we can buy it at Scandinavian Design Center.

It is also one of kitchen table lamps perfectly what I chose in this article.

Breathe ceiling lamp

Disa Lamp

Designed by Spanish architect José Antonio Coderch in 1954 and marketed by Tunds, this lamp has become a classic icon of Spanish design.

Reissued a few years ago, in 2015, it received a lamp more similar to the original model, and with LED lighting it adapts to a variety of decorative styles; from the harvest, where it seems to be found in its natural habitat, to the most eminent of them.

Available in two different models, one with traditional Oregon pine shade and the other with white methacrylate, it is only 30 centimeters high and 48 centimeters in diameter.

For those who want to know more about this gem in the form of a lamp, in Diario Design you can read a very complete article with more information.

We can find it from 550 € in the Luze store.

I also didn’t find a replica of this designer lamp.

Eos ceiling lamp

Eos de Vita Lámpara / Umage

Photography The most beautiful things

Created by designer Søren Ravn Christensen for Vita, this lamp has the special feature that its lampshade is made of goose feathers and paper.

Available in a large number of sizes, it is perfect for both high and low ceilings, as it can be hung close to the ceiling and has a relatively small frame that does not fall too much towards the floor.

Another interesting thing about this modern lamp is that only blinds are sold, without cables or suspensions, because you can use any other one we have at home, reducing the price of the lamp.

In addition, the same shade can be used for floor, table or ceiling lamp.

Since there are many designs, their prices vary greatly, but it is a cheap lamp or shade for which we can find the original from € 71 to about € 400, the largest design, in stores like Scandinavian Design Center.

Beat the ceiling lamps

Lamp design for bathroom ceilings: Beat


Again an outstanding designer Tom Dixon, the Beat lamps belong to the Beat Shade collection, which consists of a total of four ceiling lamps, simple and elegant cut, inspired by copper pots, traditional water glasses and ships sailing the Ganges, and handmade by craftsmen from Moradabad in northern India.

The four models are: Stout, Wide, Fat and Tall, the Wide model, the model we see in the picture to the right above these lines, the one that best fits low ceilings, as it has a height of only 16 centimeters and 36 in diameter.

It can be installed individually or together, with others of the same or different model, creating a beautiful and elegant combination.

It is available in various finishes, such as black brass, traditional brass, white or gray, and its price ranges greatly, from 400 to more than 1,000 euros, depending on the model (Stout, Wide, Fat and Tall) or finish . and we can buy it Direct environment.

As for their replicas, we have several prices, but we can find them from 50 €, here on the amazon.


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