One of the most effective resources for to make the space look bigger is the use of paint to paint the walls.

Colors are generally divided into two main groups: warm colors and cool colors.

First, the tones that belong to the hot part of the color wheel, increase and approach the objects, creating the illusion that they are bigger and closer to us. That is, they visually reduce spaces.

On the contrary, cool colors, dwarf and move objects away, creating the illusion that, in this case, the walls are moving away, making the rooms visually larger.

So cool colors and especially very bright tones like the ones we’ll see below, and have a bit of saturation, will help make the space, whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom, living room or any other living room, look bigger.

Come with me and discover this 10 selected colors for painting the walls that will make your house look bigger.

Standard blue with very low saturation

Blue to make the house bigger

HomebySoph Photography

Inside the blues we have standard shades of blue with very, very little saturation, perfect for creating larger spaces, like the one we see above these lines.

If you like this shade of blue, Alma blue from Bruger’s color chart is the shade we need.

And if we combine it with white, we will also make the living room or bedroom brighter. You just have to look at the bedroom above these lines.

If you don’t like white, don’t worry, here you can see the colors that best combine with blue.

Grayish-lilac with low saturation

Color to make the spaces look bigger

Ikea Photography

Another color we can use to make the bedroom or any other space look bigger is the grayish lilac tone, which we see in the bedroom above this section.

An elegant, sophisticated and very bright color that will also achieve this effect.

If we want to paint in this tone, we can order the Nieves del Kilimanjaro tone in Bruguer.

Aquamarine green with low saturation

Living room painted in mint green

Photo and design by Souraya Hassan from the house of Binti

Natural green also belongs to the cool part of the wheel, and aquamarine green, a shade of green with low saturation of blue pigmentation, as we see, is another very suitable color to achieve the effect of making the space look bigger.

In Bruguer we can find him under the name Brisa Marina.

Light aquamarine green

Children's bedroom painted in mint green

Handmade photo in Heartland

If the first aquamarine green we see seems too unimportant, we can increase the saturation a bit and use a second tone a little more “powerful”, like the one we see above these lines, and it will create the feeling that the space seems bigger.

In Bruguer we can find this tone under the name Fiordo.

And if you want to combine it with other colors, take a look at this article in which I explain the colors that best combine with mint in walls and decoration.

Light purple

Living room painted lilac

Photography and colors Bruger

Light brown, with low saturation, is another color we can use for this purpose.

It is also one of the relaxing colors.

And if you don’t like how it combines in this room, here you can see the colors that combine with the pale yellow on the walls and the decoration.

You can find this tone in Brueger’s letter under the code: A0.03.83.

Light gray-green

Living room painted in gray-green color

Interior design by Jeanette Trensig

A color that is widely used in Nordic interiors to enhance the little light they receive, a few meters of some homes, and the unusual aesthetics of this decoration.

It is gray with green pigmentation and low saturation, very light and sophisticated.

You can find this shade of grayish green in Bruguer under the code: P5.05.81

Grayish blue with medium saturation

Living room painted in gray-blue color


It is a shade of blue, but with little saturation, which makes it grayish blue, very cool, relaxing and serene.

In addition, when it receives light, it becomes very bright in color.

This tone is found in Bruger’s letter under the name Cardo blue.


Living room painted in white

If the space, be it the living room, bedroom or any other room in the house, is bright, then white will make it brighter and more spacious.

But be careful, if the living room or space does not receive a good amount of natural light, or the space is dark, then this color does not work, because as there is no light to reflect, it remains dull and sad.

If you have a living room, bedroom or any other dark room, here you can see bright colors to paint the house.


Living room painted in light gray

Design and photography @frugulsrud

But not any gray.

If you are going to use this color to make the living room or room look bigger, use a very gentle shade of gray with a bit of yellowish pigmentation to give the space warmth and make it brighter.

Well yes.

Gently green

And to finish this list, we do it with classic green, gentle tones, which is a fresh and relaxing color that is also very modern, though not a few years ago, but what we want is to create the feeling that the space is bigger, it serves us perfectly.

And if you’re looking for more colors to color your living room, you can highlight this range of warm colors, or if it’s for your bedroom, check out these 100 room colors.

Some last points to clarify:

1. Colors vary depending on the support we see, and it’s not the same to see it on a computer screen or smartphone, like in a physical color chart or in a pattern on a wall. So before you buy a paint, first look at the color chart, in case some other tone fits your demand better, and, if possible, make a pattern on the walls, before painting the whole room.

2. Although I compared it to every color we saw with one of the Bruguer companies, these colors are available in any other brand. I simply said Bruguer, because here in Spain, it is a well-known brand that is easily accessible to everyone. Naturally, and because it is a company that has very good images.

3. All the colors we have just seen, as I have already mentioned, are colors that belong to the cold part of the color wheel. This, in addition to making the spaces look bigger, also means that the environment they create is cold. If you are looking for a warm and pleasant space, they are not the most suitable colors. In fact, even if you are not interested in a warm room, it is appropriate to add some color or material, such as wood, in warm tones, to counteract this feeling.

4. Although colors create effects, as in this case, and can visually enlarge spaces, they do not do it alone. In order to achieve this effect, it is necessary for the eye to notice the contrast with the cold color, for the effect to occur. To achieve this, it is best to complement these colors that we have just seen with neutral tones, such as white or gray, although wood tones also work. In this way the eye can contrast the two colors and then the movement effect is present.

If you have any questions, I will be happy to read you in the comments.

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