Nink color is one of the most elegant and timeless colors that exists because it is a mixture of brown and gray, or gray-brown, to put it another way.

As brown and gray are neutral and elegant colors, a color that is born from a mixture of both is by nature a sophisticated and neutral color.

Therefore, it is one of the most suitable colors for painting and decorating any space, whether the color of the walls, furniture or decorative elements is applied with mink.

So if you like this color and want to paint your house with it, follow me as I tell you how colors best combine with mink color and how to combine them, whether on walls or sofas, furniture or decorative elements. We started.

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Pantone recently chose gray and yellow in 2021 for certain reasons we have already seen in the published article.

And that is that gray and yellow have always been one of the best combinations. Thus, the color of mink, brown-gray tone, also combines perfectly with yellow tones.

Mink is a dull, “sad” and blurry color, while yellow is just the opposite. That’s why they combine so well, because they give each other exactly what they’re missing, and that results in a balanced color palette.

Let’s look at another color that matches the walls of mink and more.

Colors and design made by Benjamin Moore visualizer

It’s not one of my favorite colors to combine with mink, but if added in small accents, it has to be recognized that the blue color combines very well with the mink color.

Blue is a relaxing and fresh tone, so it adds that freshness and lightness that mink colors lack, creating a balanced color palette as well.

Let’s continue with the second combination:

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If pale blue or pastel blue go well, darker blues like navy blue or gasoline blue, a trendy color, fare much better.

And, as we’ll see in this article, the darkest and strongest colors combine much better with mink color than gentle or pastel tones.

All in all, the room above these lines we need to see only with an accent wall painted in mink color, how well it goes with another wall painted in gasoline blue.

The following color is soft, but also goes well:

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I think there are few or no colors that don’t match the beige color.

This is certainly because, although it is not a neutral color by definition, as it has yellow and / or ocher pigmentation, among others, it is a calm and grateful color.

This means that it can be successfully combined with practically other colors, including mink in color.

Look above these passages at the two painted walls of the living room, one in mink and the other in a beige, how well they combine and you will see that what I say is true.

Move on.

Colors and design made by Benjamin Moore visualizer

If you have read this much, you will know that gray must combine well with the color of mink, because they are almost from the same family.

Of course, if you decide to paint or decorate your house with mink color combined with gray, I advise you to put other bolder and more colorful colors to add a little contrast to the palette, because gray and mink are very neutral colors, full and flat.

In the living room we see just above, a wall is painted with a mink accent, which combines perfectly with the gray sofa, and all moldings, corbels and other coffered ceilings are painted in a soft gray color that perfectly matches the color of the mink. true?

But had it not been for the accent in the color of the curtains in a coral tone, the space would have been too sober, dull, flat.

So while these two colors combine well, if you use them, add a stronger color accent to your textile or any other decorative accessory.

Let’s look at another color with which we can paint the walls next to the mink:

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As I said before, the strongest colors are the ones that combine best with the mink color.

Purple is one of them.

Add it in small or large doses, as you wish. Fearlessly add it to tiny accessories like pillows or paint an accent wall.

Purple and mink go really well.

Another powerful color that goes great with makeup is the following:

Colors corresponding to the color of mink: orange

Colors and design made by Benjamin Moore visualizer

With this combination, orange and mink, the same or very similar thing happens with the combination of yellow and mink.

Orange is a powerful, aggressive color, strength and personality, and it all adds to the color of mink, which lacks all of this because it is a neutral and very sober tone.

In this case, and as we see in the upper room, it is better to apply the orange in small doses, while the mink is left as the protagonist.

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It is always a successful combination, although rare, because I do not advise you to paint the walls in black and only in mink.

However, if you have black furniture or something in black, for example, a fireplace or a door, and you are looking for a good color for your walls, then mink is a complete success.

Although it must also be recognized that any color is successful when it comes to combining with black, as this is a neutral color, like white or gray, that allows for any combination.

Colors and design made by Benjamin Moore visualizer

Another strong color that we can use to combine the color of mink on the walls or decoration is red.

Well, I read through the reds.

From standard red, to beautiful English red, through burgundy, pale red, terracotta or tile color, or even coral color.

Red and mink go wonderfully together.

Just look at the rustic living room above which the accent wall of the fireplace is painted in a soft soft red color, and the rest of the walls in a standard shade of mink and everything looks spectacularly balanced.

Colors and design made by Benjamin Moore visualizer

As you can imagine, white is also one of the best colors you can use to match the color of a mink.

As we can see in the picture above these lines, white accents enhance the color of the mink and make the space brighter.

But in addition, we can see how much the color of mink is combined with wooden and brown furniture, whether it is dark or light wood furniture.

So if you have furniture in these tones and are looking for a color that combines well with them, mink is one of them.

As you can see, mink is a neutral color that can be followed by practically any other color, whether it is applied to walls, furniture, floors or decorative elements.

Let’s take a look now at some colors of some popular color brands, in case you’re interested in buying them.

Bruguer Mink color

Bruguer mink color

See Bruguer Soft Mink colors

Bruguer has several shades of mink on his menu. One of the most popular is Soft Mink, a very elegant and warm light brown mink shade.

Valentine’s color mink

Valentine mink color

Take a look at Valentine’s color Mink

Valentine for colors and paints has a very nice tone of makeup with its color table Relevation 2020, elegant and present. It is more than a neutral tone, it is a color that attracts attention with its elegance.

In fact, the color is a taupe shade called Taupe # E679.

In addition to these two color brands, other companies have their own mink color tones, which you can see on their respective color charts.

I put these two on because they are some of the most famous and are easy to find in virtually any paint store.

If you want to use this color in your home and have any questions, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

If you don’t want to buy it and prefer to do it yourself with paints and colors, I’ll explain how to do it:

How to make mink color

  1. You need to shade black on white to turn white into a medium shade of gray.
  2. Once you get the gray color, you have to shade it brown or brown until the gray becomes grayish brown.
  3. And that is it.

Easy isn’t it?

Depending on the amount of black shade and brown shade that you put on white, you will get a different shade of makeup: Darker, gray, brown, lighter … It all depends on the type of color of the tone you are looking for.

And now, if you liked this color, I advise you to see the color of the stone as well, because it is a very similar tone, with which you can achieve great decorative results.

And if you think this article might appeal to a friend or family member, share it. Thanks!


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