At first it may be so if they suggest us brown paint for painting and decorating the house, let’s be a little reluctant, unless we like this color, because for many people it is boring, even ugly.

But today I come to break the spear in your favor, because despite what you think about this color, if properly combined, it is one of the best colors for interior painting.

And that’s exactly what I want to teach you: Combine brown. How?

With these examples of colors that combine with brown in different spaces.

So keep in mind the colors, let’s get started.

Living room that combines brown and blue walls

Photography and colors Bruguer

Brown and blue. I wanted to start with my favorite color, and combine it with brown, blue.

Both are representative colors of nature, which is one of the reasons why they combine so well.

Also, blue gives you joy and liveliness that brown does not have.

You can see it here 14 colors corresponding to blue >>

Living room that combines brown with touches of fuchsia

Photograph of furniture

Brown and fuchsia. One might think, without seeing them together, that fuchsia pink and brown have too many personalities to be together, and while it is true that these are two colors that contribute a lot, together, they create a perfect pairing.

If combined, one of two in small doses, as in this case fuchsias, are perfect.

Spicy honey and yellow yellow color

Photography and colors Bruguer

Brown and yellow. There are few colors that combine well with yellow, but without a doubt one of the best colors is brown.

Yellow is very strong, it gives off energy and vitality, and therefore the calmness and sobriety of the brown color is perfect.

The tones you see above are the sweet and trendy spicy honey from the bruger and one of its beautiful yellows.

If you don’t want to paint the walls in both colors, you can apply brown on them and put yellow accents on the pillows, textiles, decorative accessories and other elements, creating a successful decoration.

A bedroom that combines brown and brown

Brown and brown. Not all colors accept the same color, but in different tones as brown.

But brown naturally accepts them.

Therefore, if we like this color to decorate the house and do not want to add it anymore, we can easily mix it with other softer brown shades and create a monochrome palette, always successful.

Bedroom that combines brown and white

Design: VIVE Estudio | Photo by Alexander Oliver

Brown and white. As you can imagine, a scene where brown and white combine works.

White is an achromatic, neutral color, so it combines with all other colors.

But somewhat cold, combined with brown it gets the warmth it lacks.

So yes: white and brown is a sound yes.

To see more colors, there are many more.

A bedroom that combines brown with gold

Photo Life on Virginia Street

Brown and gold. Brown is a sleek, sober color, ideal for when you’re looking for sophisticated and elegant environments, so it’s no surprise that gold combines so well with it.

And not only gold, but also bronze, silver and other decorative metal materials, because although they are completely different from gold, they have that touch of elegance that so favors the color brown.

Living room that combines brown with orange walls

Design and photography by Jenna Burger

Brown and orange. Another of my favorite colors combined with brown is orange.

Brown gives the energy, strength and joy she lacks.

Although we see it in this room in combination with a light brown color, it does so with darker browns as well.

And if you want to add it properly, add brown in large doses, for example to the walls, and then accents bright orange.

Definitely a hit.

A living room that combines brown in the walls and pink in the decoration

Brown and pink. Before we saw how fuchsia pink combines very well with brown.

Well, it has to be said that pink and pale pink tones do it equally well.

This combination is ideal for creating softer and sweeter environments.

Here you can learn more colors that combine with pink, in case you like this color to decorate your home.

A bedroom that combines brown and turquoise in the walls and decoration

Photo by Marty’s Musings

Brown and turquoise. The perfect color combination that combines, on the one hand, the sobriety and elegance given by brown and the freshness and vitality provided by turquoise.

If we add turquoise in small accents, even better.

Here you can see colors that combine with turquoise.

Let’s move on to the next color.

A bedroom that combines brown with mint or mint on the walls

Brown and mint green. Mint green is another color that we can easily use if we want to add color to brown.

It is a gentle color, but a subtle strength that goes well with brown.

In addition, it is very fresh in color, so it contrasts very well with the leaden and serene brown color.

And if you like this color, learn to combine it with these mint green colors.

A bedroom that combines brown with gray walls

Brown and gray. Gray could not be missing from this list of colors that combine with brown.

As you well know, gray is a neutral color, rather than a neutral color, and combines with all other colors.

But why does it go so well with brown?

Well because it is gray, which is a neutral, cool color, and when combined with brown, a warm color where they exist, it gives the necessary warmth that gray lacks.

Even if you use dark brown like the one we see above these lines. It always works.

Here you can also see more colors that combine with gray.

A bedroom that combines brown walls with wood

Brown and wood. As you can imagine, wood tones work great with brown as well.

And I put wood as a material that combines with brown, because we all have a lot of wood at home, in furniture, floors, doors, etc. and it is worth saying in case anyone doubts.

So brown combines, and does so very well, with wood.

In addition to these colors that we have seen combined with brown, there are many others, and if you want to combine brown with any of them and have doubts, leave a comment that I will be happy to answer.

And if you like warm colors, write down this range of warm colors for painting the walls, with the advice of some interior designers, who reveal their favorite colors.


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