First of all, it should be noted that any color, and I say any, can be used to paint the living room or any other space as much as you like. It would be ideal to take into account many other factors, such as lighting, space and other elements, as well as the feeling you want to achieve, but if you were in love with color, let no one tell you that you can’t paint with it.

Still, there are some colors that work better for the living room than others because of their characteristics, because of what they express, because of the way they combine, and because of the environment that can be achieved with them. And it is precisely these colors, with their inherent advantages, that have become the best colors for painting the living room. Let’s see them.


Living room painted in white

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It is the most important color for any space. Of course, for the living room it is one of the best colors we can use to paint its walls.

It combines with all other colors, as it is an achromatic, neutral color, which has no hue or saturation, so any other tone, as you can imagine, fits perfectly into it, creating top combinations.

In addition, white is the color that reflects the highest percentage of light, so, as you already know, it is the perfect tone that makes the space brighter, but also visually larger.


Living room painted in beige and white

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A color that has fallen in love due to its noble characteristics, which is used by the best decorators and interior designers in all projects where a warm and pleasant environment is required, but also light.

But not only the standard beige shade is suitable for painting the living room. A full range of earth tones, from pale beige to powerful terracotta, are suitable tones for their elegance, warmth and comfort, as they warm and decorate spaces like no other color or range of colors does.

On top of all that, they are colors that can be combined very well with others, whether they are warm like them or cool, like blue or green, easily creating interesting combinations. Here you can see the colors that best combine with beige in the decoration.


Living room painted in gray

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Greige is a mixture of gray and beige. A very popular shade that appears in the most prominent interiors lately.

Being semi-gray, it brings the advantages of this color: elegant and neutral. Being semi beige, it adds to the benefits of beige. All this makes the greige a bright, elegant and warm color. Perfect for painting the living room.

Similarly, it is a color that can also be easily combined with many others.


Living room painted gray

Another of the best colors for painting a living room is undoubtedly gray. The king of neutral things that combines fantastically with any color, achieving very attractive schemes. An elegant and solid tone that is always conformist and adapts perfectly to any space.

In addition, as we have so many shades and shades of gray at our disposal, we can always find the one that best suits our requirements. Dark, medium or pale. With yellow, bluish or brown pigmentation. Anthracite gray, aluminum or ash. Cloudy, cold or graphite. Extremely versatile color.


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When I say ivory, I also mean all broken white colors with yellow pigmentation or very, very pale yellow colors.

This color is like beige, but lighter, so it is lighter, but with all the advantages of beige, so it had to be yes or yes on this list.

With it we can create very cozy and bright spaces, as well as warm and enveloping, but without excessive color.

Of course, it is a warm color found in the hot part of the color wheel and can be combined with many other colors because it is easy to combine and match.


Living room painted brown in combination with beige and pink tones

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If you liked other colors, but they looked too … loose, to call them that, and you’re looking for the perfect color for your living room, but with a little more power, brown is another one of the best colors to paint life out there, and already, with much more presence.

When I talk about brown, I mean practically its entire range.

It is a warm tone that belongs to the family of earth tones. Elegant and sophisticated, sober and serene. It blends well with many other colors and evokes feelings of nature as the color is reflected on trees and earth.

Although it is an ideal tone for the living room, with strong brown tones, such as chocolate brown, it should be combined with moderation, as it has a high presence that could saturate the space. Here you can see the colors that best combine with brown.


Living room painted green

Without a doubt, green must be on this list of colors, because, in addition to brown and blue, it is another color that is associated with nature. It is the color of hope, life and health, fertility and good hope.

It is a cool and serene tone, as it is located in the cold part of the chromatic circle and with its help we can create a modern, attractive and relaxing environment; positive features for the salon.

It is also a color that is becoming increasingly modern, even in the most aggressive variants like the green carriage.

Most of the standard shades of green, such as olive, pistachio, turquoise, leaf, mint and other shades of green that we all know, have these characteristics and they are all perfect colors for painting the living room.

It is also a versatile shade that allows for a wide variety of combinations with other colors without much difficulty. Here you can see the colors that match the green.


Living room painted blue and beige

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Blue and green are visually different, but they are very similar in terms of characteristics.

Fresh, relaxing, always in fashion, connected with nature and available in a huge range of shades that we can use.

It is also a very versatile color, because depending on the shade of blue and its combination, all types of environments are achieved, from a fun environment for a children’s bedroom, to a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere for a classic and adult living room.

Here you can see the colors that are decorated in combination with blue.


Living room painted in pink

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One of the most popular colors at the moment. Fresh, bold and wrapped. Pink is the color of optimism and positivity, charm and kindness. A color for which no negative feelings are associated and about which a little bad can be said.

Sparkling in its lower tones, like elegant quartz pink, and aggressive and powerful in fuchsia variants, for multi-personality environments, pink is another perfect color for painting a living room.

It is rooted in red, which makes it a warm color, and blends well with many other colors, which makes it versatile. Here you can see 12 colors that match pink.

The color used to create the most beautiful children’s environments or the most sophisticated and elegant rooms. Forget boring clichés and keep pink in mind when painting your living room. Of course, as long as you like it.


Living room painted red-white

The color of passion, motivating, aggressive and with great power. Well combined, you can create the most modern and prominent spaces. That’s why it’s on this list: This color is perfect for coloring the living room as long as it combines properly.

In addition, it is on this list, unlike others, because its various shades, such as burgundy, English red, garnet or Persian, to name a few more shades of red, are extremely elegant and have been used to decorate living rooms for centuries.

With this color it is easy to achieve a modern and elegant living room. Apart from being very easy to achieve a younger and more dynamic environment, for younger rooms.

All of this makes red another very versatile color that is, as I said before, if combined well, the perfect color to paint a living room. Here you can see 10 colors that combine with red.

As I said at the beginning, every color is worth coloring the living room. Without exception. But when we talk about the best colors, we have to take into account characteristics such as brightness, feelings, possible combinations and possible environment, among other factors, and these ten tones that we have just seen extremely meet all these requirements.

Although if you didn’t like any of them to paint your living room, I invite you to take a look at this second article with 45 ideas for painting the living room in two colors, or this other one, with 40 color combinations for painting the living room.


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