It’s your house boring?

Before you take offense at the comment, please read the article you just opened. I assure you it will be worth it.

In recent months, we at Globaliza have conducted a very strenuous investigation into some of them the strangest constructions in the world.

He stares like that when you see it.

While we still can’t reveal everything we’ve discovered, I’ve been given permission to spend a good time discussing the most extravagant houses on the planet.

If you want to see them, get to know their history and make today the day you take over smile, keep reading.

Peter’s Garden in Pobla de Benifassà, Castellón

Strange house Castellón

In Spain we have wonderful places full of stories. This house in Pobla de Benifassà (Castellón) is one such example.

Does the name Peter Buch ring? He is a person who has been working in his garden since 1991 and who has now become the center of all eyes.

Tell me the truth.

It would be impossible to pass by and not stay to observe a few minutes of decay creativity What’s under these walls

Please confirm that I am not the only one.

Steel House, Texas, USA

A steel house in Texas

Are we going to the United States?

If there is a country in the world where there has to be more madness, it has to be American. Even if only for statistics!

If it has more than 350 million inhabitants, it must be creative minds ready to forget what they have to say and be guided by their passion.

After all, such a strange house can only come from an immense passion for steel and extravagant architecture.

Look at this.

It is located in the state of Texas and was designed by the famous sculptor Robert Bruno.

But do you want to know drama What is behind this story?

Later more than 34 years – You read that right: 34 years. THIRTY-FOUR—, the architect died 8 months after completing it.

To keep his legacy alive, you can now visit this home every day. So, if you pass Texas today, you know what a must stop is.

Stone house, Portugal

Stone house in Portugal

If you are planning a trip to a neighboring state, put this place on your list.

It will stop you stone.

OFFICE OFFICE. Is it too early for a joke? MEA culpa. But before you close your browser and don’t want to hear from Globaliz anymore, let me tell you this story.

It is a structure designed with four stone blocks – four large stone blocks – which you will find in Fafe Mountains.

You will not deny me that the place has a name fairy tale which could be the perfect setting for a fantasy novel.


The most impressive thing is that once in the house you find a home with all the comfort you can imagine.

WiFi included.

In fact, if you opened the back door, you would find it pool to entertain and relax you.

Now spring is coming Shall we take a bath?

Teapot House, Washington, USA

Boiler-shaped gas station in the United States

Would you like a cup of tea? They say it fills you with energy … especially if it acts as a gas station.

If you ask me, I think of all the houses I will show you in this video I will no doubt take this one.

Is that what it is teapot shape.

But did you know that in addition to its characteristic shape, there is a story behind this construction?

You already know that everything improves when it is accompanied by a good narrative.


This teapot home was erected in memory of the corruption cases surrounding President Warren G. Harding, related to the Wyoming oil reserve, which were dubbed the “Teapot Dome Scandal”.

Good story, wow.

Transparent house, Japan

Transparent house of Japan

Would you live in a house transparent?

Even if they paid me all the money in the world. But there are people who would be willing to do it without question.

If not, ask these Japanese. (Note for yourself, we have a lot more content about Japan. It’s full of interesting things).

It’s a house from 914 square meters «Almost nothing — which allows you to live with more natural light than any other house in the world.»

Light or privacy? Let me know what you would prefer below.

Now that you know the 5 weirdest houses in the world, can I suggest something? Leave me in the comments if you would move to one of them or would rather live in your own boring home during your life.

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