Although for finding people interested in buying or renting a home, platforms like Globalize work perfectly …

… It consists of the biggest challenge for any professional in the real estate sector understand the properties which you can later sell or rent.

In this post you will discover how to create the ideal personality for the customer to specialize in providing outstanding service.

What is a Persona customer?

How to define the personality of your customer

«Buyer Persona» is the way traders refer to you «Ideal customer.»

But before I continue to study this concept, let me ask you a question … Do you have your well defined?

After working with many professionals like you, we at Globaliza have recognized this The main difference between those who have a lot of possessions and those who only have headaches is right here.

Knowing how to direct your efforts to the right people in an intelligent way and become a specialist for them.

If all this sounds like Chinese to you, calm down, we will continue further in this post.

Why should you create an ideal customer or client?

How to create your ideal personality for the customer

I know this may seem silly, but not all people are worth it when it comes to sales.

And I know what you’re thinking:

«Carmelo, if I limit the number of people.» attack I’ll get less sales.

But let me tell you, you are confused.

Think of it this way. Imagine you were a collector of historical coins.

Did you visualize that? Great!

Now think about how it would be easier for you to become an expert on these currencies, specializing in Spanish currencies or trying to know the currencies of the whole world.

– No further questions, Your Honor.

The power of specialization for a particular client

The best way to record properties

As I told you with the previous example, in the moment of truth you have two great possibilities.

  • Know a lot about something very specific.
  • He knows something about everything.

And the reality is that you would not want the best GP to have a heart, but one who has dealt with similar situations day in and day out.

What is the key to finding your potential client?

This is the key to finding your potential customer

If you focus on a very specific type of client, you will be able to offer them a much faster and more efficient solution.

The more you define this value proposition, the more likely a customer is to choose you over everyone else.

«But, Carmelo, it has become very clear to me how important a customer’s persona is, but how do I find my own?»

This is the next step.

How the customer creation process is created

This is the process of creating the personality of your customer

Most people make the mistake of looking for it through a series of demographic segmentations. That is, gender and age.

However, reality has taught us that two very different people are likely to have very similar aspirations in this regard.

And you can really put your finger there.

Try to define what the intention of your potential client is and from there create the best possible proposal.

That way you will find those perfect owners so you can sell them.

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