Happy World Star Wars Day!

On such a special day as today, at Globaliza we want to carry the emblem of strength to share with you the best ideas for decorate your home in Star Wars style.

If you woke up today thinking about what let the power be with you, this is the post you requested.

Why is Star Wars Day celebrated on May 4th?

Although we all know the word word, someone had to use it for the first time.

To tell you the truth, I was not clear before writing this article, but we conducted research to provide you with the best answer.

Like a good Jedi, wow.

In a press release published in the London Evening News, members of the Conservative Party in the UK congratulated Margaret Thatcher for her appointment as Prime Minister as follows:

«Let the fourth be with you, Maggie.»

A phrase that will come up a few years later May the power be with you It will mark sooner and later in the history of cinema.

Star Wars and Decoration: You choose the style, and I give the recommendations

Do you think the only way to decorate your home is Star Wars style with posters and lightsabers on the walls?

It may have been the case before, but today the reality is completely different. There are decoration elements for any style you can imagine.

And in fact, within a few lines you won’t have to imagine anything anymore. You will have them here. Of flesh and blood.

Everything for you to choose what you want for your home, your room or a small room in the house:

  • Minimalist star wars.
  • Let the lightsaber illuminate your home.
  • Vinyl: discreet, elegant and on the side of strength.
  • Eat furnishing products.
  • Little things that make a difference.

Do you want us to see them?

Minimalist Star Wars: let what makes a difference be with you

As we told you above, sometimes the only way to decorate a Star Wars-themed house seems to be with thousands of action figures.

Nothing is further from reality.

In this section, you will discover some of the keys to give your home a unique touch without sacrificing its sobriety.

Vinyl Star Wars

Have you seen this vinyl mural?

If you’re a true franchise fan, I don’t have to tell you what it’s all about, but in case you’re confused today, let me explain it to you.

This is what the protagonists see when they jump into hyperspace at the speed of light.

If you want to give your home the decoration of another galaxy, this is the best alternative.

Cuadros Star Wars

Another option? Frame and hang a few posters of the most legendary ships in the series.

I don’t know about you, but watching them already makes me feel very powerful.

Who needs LED strips with lightsabers?

A few years ago they might have attracted too much attention, but today they are a very interesting option for any room.

Whatever you do – and even more with remote work – good lighting is the key to achieving it.

LED light sables

Choose the colors of lightsabers that you like best to choose the atmosphere of another galaxy in the room of your choice.

But be very careful, depending on the color they will know which side of the force you are on …

PS: Why is Rey not yellow in the picture?

Vinyl is a discreet and wonderful ally

You may not want to attract too much attention, but you want to feel like you live in a home dominated by force.

If so, vinyls are the best ally you can have. Discreet but always present.

The best vinyl from Star Wars
The Dark Side of Star Wars
The vinyl of Darth Vader

Whether for walls, sockets or bathrooms … it will allow you to add a unique touch to your home.

I don’t know if the same thing will happen to you, but the fact that Darth Vader watches me every time I get out of the shower is something that doesn’t convince me too much.

I will replace your voice with a hair dryer!

Eat furnishing products

If you don’t want to accumulate without more, try to make the decorative items you choose from Star Wars useful for your daily work.

Look at them.

Best Jedi Equipment Articles
Star Wars lamp
The best Star Wars showers

There you can find anything, from a pouf to a coffee table, through the R2D2 shower head.

I’m sorry, but I checked and the lights don’t come on. Shame!

Little things that make a difference

While not everyone notices them, the existence of some details of the saga around your house can change, what do you think of a book with Yoda for holding saga books? Or a flowerpot in the shape of a death star? Or the carpet with the Millennium Falcon?

Star Wars decoration

Now it’s your turn to say: how do you plan to celebrate today? Will you dedicate it to Star Wars or will you deal with your life without paying attention to the threat from the dark side?

Either way, leave me in the comments what your favorite suggestion is and if there is one you would like to add.

And you know …

May the power be with you!

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