You’ve seen them, haven’t you? We all fell in love for a while.

Small houses or small houses were born in Japan in the 90s, but only flourished around 2007 in the United States we all began to know them more deeply.

Now it seems to be this movement arrived in Spain to stay, especially given the need for new generations to find a place where they can live without borrowing.

In addition, the whole secret situation seems to have led to a new wave long distance travel it can be done from rural cities, right where this type of house suits you best.

Not everything will be bad in this situation, right?

Small houses, the most sustainable way of life

Except it’s a lot more cheap than buying a conventional house, small houses have become one of them greener homes.

And today we want to tell you everything reasons why it is possible

  • They use materials buildings environmentally friendly.
  • They need to less space buildings.
  • The interior space is very reduced.
  • They are much more effective energetically.
  • They installed systems from exploitation.

Let’s look at them one by one.

They use environmentally friendly building materials

This would not be the first time that a small house was built from recycled materials.

For example, they are used in the most impressive case industrial containers as the skeleton of a small house, helping to reuse a durable material that will no longer get the main use.

In other cases when a small home is built from scratch, builders prefer to use materials that do not generate waste, they minimize the environmental footprint and pollution and are ultimately beneficial to the environment.

For example, use a different one forest recycled or from the same environment, sometimes a small house can be turned into a unique and different place.

Other materials used are PVC i metal.

They need less construction space

As you can imagine, a small house takes up very little space, well its placement in the world is much less invasive in the environment.

It is much more likely that you can live surrounded by nature as it is than if you have to build a traditional home: adapt the land to foundations, installations, cut down trees, and so on.

In the case of small cottages, they just need it small corner and for life.

The interior space is very small

And it’s not just the universe that suffers the least because of small houses.

Because since you have barely a few habitable meters in you, that matters be much more aware of what you have, what you use and what you buy.

Therefore, you will unconsciously help the environment by making your actions more environmentally friendly.

No more compulsive shopping that pollutes the environment. Now is the time to know that the four pieces of clothing you have left have their place, and between one more, it is over.

You will be sustainable with the environment and with your economy.

They are much more energy efficient

Their size also helps them to be much more efficient power issues.

Having better insulation and should less space for heating or cooling, becomes one of the most energy-saving models.

In addition, it is very well used in a small house natural light, so that means using artificial lighting for longer than ever.

Harvest systems have been installed

And in relation to the previous point, one of the advantages of owning a small house is that you can install systems of use that are sometimes unfeasible in a traditional home.

We are talking, for example, about solar panels, system water restoration, rainwater harvesting and even use toilets compostable.

So you see that small houses can become one of them more efficient and ecological way of life, not only in keeping with the environment, but also at the height of your pocket.

We would love to know if at some point you dare to take this way of life as you imagine the interior of your perfect little house.

Leave it in the comments.

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