Live in Valencia i Valencian Community that means once yes excellent quality of life.

It has everything you are looking for in a big city, but without the hassle – or price – of Madrid or Barcelona.

You are perfectly connected to any part of Spain using the AVE network that is envied by many other cities.

On top of that, you no doubt have some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

And if you want to live in Valencia, we want to show you one of the best suggestions that are at your fingertips today.

This time we travel to Rocafort, a neighboring capital city that has everything needed to build a life project.

In particular, we want to show you Culmia Rocafort Gardens, a place designed for families who want to take root.

I hope you have a place to target right now, because you may be in front of a house where you will be able to live the rest of your life.

The time has come for dreams: can you imagine living like this?

Imagine that.

Imagine waking up one weekend and want to surprise your family with breakfast churrosa with chocolate.

Imagine being able to move in instead of taking out a car bicycle parked with all necessary security.

Imagine being able to reach her a walk through green and landscaped areas that they managed to awaken a smile even in the worst days.

And now, for the end, imagine that after you put on your boots you can enjoy one day poolNow that the heat is getting so hot

Culmia Rocarfot Gardens: a place to take root

Culmia Rocafort Gardens is housing development 36 homes composed of options 2, 3 and 4 bedrooms «Garages and storage included.»

As we told you above, these homes have:

  • Bicycle area.
  • Community pool.
  • Landscaped areas for walking and playing.

Now go back to the previous section and imagine everything you dreamed of at a price that starts at 158,880 euros.

Where is Culmia Rocafort Gardens?

As its name suggests, it is located in the city Rocafort.

Rocafort is a city that communicates perfectly with Godell and Valencia:

  • Both by road.
  • Like the Metro, from where you can reach Plaza España in Valencia.

But most importantly, you won’t need to move to Valencia to enjoy everything you need to build a great life, because you’ll find around the house:

  • Schools and public kindergartens.
  • Health centers.
  • Public administrations.
  • Shops.

This means that during the day, you and the rest of your family will find everything you need in a comfortable and easy way.

Want to know the gardens of Culmia Rocafort?

We assure you that you will not be sorry that you visited her. When you see it, you will fall in love so much that you won’t want to wait another day to live in it.

You can book a visit via this link and enter in the calendar in red the day when everything will change forever.

Will we be introduced to the Culmia Rocafort Gardens soon?

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