Although we recently saw an article with ideas for painting and decorating a narrow hallway, today I will not focus on the decoration, nor on the lighting, accessories and other elements that can be placed in the hallway, but on its colors.

Only in some beautiful ones hallway colors which we can use for coloring, whether it is a narrow, dark, large or light hallway, because it doesn’t really matter what the hallway is like, as long as it is applied with style.

Let’s see them.

Yellow colored hallway

Design: Zukkini

In cream yellow. A color that works very well in both large and bright hallways, amplifying light, and in narrow and dark corridors, also amplifying artificial light.

In dark blue. It is an extremely elegant and topical color, and if the hallway receives the least light or is moderately wide, we can apply it without any problems.

And in a narrower hallway, but it should be combined with more white and ensure that the hallway has good artificial lighting, or it can be a little stressful.

Hallway painted greenish blue

Photo by @ninettehaug

In greenish blue. As we will see, blue in any tone is a color that works very well in hallways. Well actually, blue works well in any room.

Dark blue colored hallway

Photo by Sarah Greenman

In dark blue. Like I said, any shade of blue fits perfectly. And even more so when the door is white, not wooden.

Hallway painted white

Design and photography Manhattan Nest

In white. Obviously the goal could not have been missed. Sophisticated, bright, thankful and elegant white. For both large and small hallways.

Hallway painted in earth tones

Fotografía @myfirsthomebyclair de My first home, Clair

In earthy tones. These colors work very well in hallways where the doors are made of wood. It does not mean that if the door is white or other colors, they do not fit, but with wood tones it is better.

Hallway painted in pearl gray

Photographic ornaments of Marrupe

In pearl gray. If you are looking for an elegant decoration for the hallway, gray is one of the colors you should look at, in dark or light tones, gray works best in hallways where the doors are white or at least where combined with white ceiling or moldings, as we see in this hallway painted in pearl gray with doors, moldings and part of the floor in white.

Hallway painted gray and ivory

In gray and pale yellow or ivory. Pearl gray is a medium shade of gray that combines and fits into the living room, as well as enhancing the elegance and sophistication of the hallway, light or dark.

If you find it too dark or muted, you can combine it in the form of a pedestal with a bright and pleasant ivory-like tone, as we see in the hallway painted in two colors above these lines.

Hallway painted dark blue and wallpaper

Photo @houselust of House Lust

In wallpaper and dark blue. Not everything will be in color. Of course, wallpaper also applies, and if all the paper walls seem too heavy, you can always combine them with a colored base so you don’t overload the hall as much.

If you liked this idea, here you can see more ideas for decorating hallways and entrances with wallpaper.

Hallway painted in gray and white

Photography @myhandsomehome

In light gray combined with white. It is about painting the long walls of the hallway in a very gentle shade of gray and leaving the fronts in white. In this way, we visually extend the corridor.

Hallway painted orange

Orange. It’s another controversial color in terms of its strength, but it reinforces my assumption that any color acts on the hallway. Here you can see the colors that combine best with orange.

Hallway painted black and mustard

In black. It may seem crazy, but like I said, if the paint is applied with style, to blend in with the other elements, even a color as dark as black can be applied to the hallway.

Obviously the characteristics of the hallway greatly affect this color. It is not the same to apply it in a narrow hallway but in a wide one that receives natural light. But still, it can be done even if it is done elegantly.

If you find it too much, try combining it with a lighter tone like mustard, also in the form of a pedestal, so that the hallway doesn’t look like a cave.

Design and photography by Esther Hershcovich

In red. Another controversial color, but very suitable for hallways when combined properly, as you can see in this red hallway above these lines.

Here you can see the colors that best combine with red.

Corridor painted turquoise

Photo by Dkorinteriors

In turquoise. It is true that the hallway is not painted turquoise but with doors, but they cover so many vertical surfaces that it is enough to get an idea of ​​how the hallway would be painted in turquoise and white. Great, of course.

Hallway painted gray-green

In grayish green. Relaxing and cheerful colors like green combined with gray get a sophisticated and modern color to apply in the hallway. This color works great with a wooden or white door.

Passage painted pistachio green

Design and photography by Noah Architects

In pistachio green. Of course, pistachio green is another modern color for painting hallways. It works better with white finishes, but if we have a door in wood, no problem. Here you can see the colors that best match the green.

If you haven’t found one you like in these hallway colors we just saw, think that any color we’ve seen in many shades works just as well.

And if you need to see more colors, don’t miss this article with ideas for painting hallways in a variety of colors.

If you still have doubts, something that seems very normal to me, don’t worry, leave a comment in the color you would like to paint and describe a little of the characteristics of your hallway and I will help you to be delighted.

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